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-Chapter Seven. “Trouble brewing.”-

The caravan gets closer and closer the guard asks me to go into the tavern to keep out of official business, but I know dang well after hearing what he whispered to me I’m going to hide. In the alley close to where they may go. I first walk to the tavern and enter its empty no one inside.

I look out the held door to see the caravan stop at the gate, the looking tense still guard walks up to the carriage in the middle, a door opens, the guard stands aside looking so tense he may snap in half. I exit the doorway of the tavern and hide in the alley to the side of the tavern peeking out to see a black robed tall hunched over man exit the carriage the hood is up but the two Pigs that opened the door turned towards me as if sensing movement.

I freeze hoping they do not see me. I’m about fifty yards away from them. Some good luck hits my side for once. They snort and go back to helping the old official out of the carriage the other Pigs start to spread out and head to the middle of town.

I hide in the alleyways darkest part as they pass, not looking into the alley. About the middle they are holding the official in a chair on holding sticks. The hooded official kind of looks right a little almost as if he feels that’s me there when they pass me.

I drop my energy levels concentrating it all into the necklace given to me by Ior he looks upward as the last of the Pigs cross the alley and I exit the back around the tavern to follow in the alleys leading behind them it seems we are headed to the middle of this fortress of a city. Soon after following them through the alleyways, they stop looking up to see a giant castle. I see a man, young clad in armor on a balcony looking down at the official

I go down an alley which is close to the Pigs but they are all looking up. I hear the official say in a loud chilling voice. “We have come to this city for me to take your place in the name of the exalted one you will resign your position as king now or die where you stand. The king I’m guessing in armor yelled back.

“This city will never surrender to the likes of the dark one soldiers attack!” As he said this five soldiers come from behind me in the all one says to me. “You should run!”, but I run forward as I see more soldiers exit alleys. “This must have been planned.”

I think the soldier says. “It’s your head.” I see the Pigs form a circle around the official. I slam into the first two that left the circle while running out of the alley drawing dads dagger touching the symbol as I slice both on the throat; Before they knew I was there. Dropping what They both held which was flintlock rifles they were concentrated on aiming.

They dropped easy, I picked up a rifle and fired into the circle one drop with blood welling from his chest armor dying. I point trying something new at the bleeding Pigs around me saying concentrating my energy from the three dead bodies saying.

“Hemobuleh!” Three large blood needles rise from their corpses to my open palm. I then in my mind pick out three Pigs occupied in the battle around me. The blood needles slam into three of them in their head injuring others behind them as they fell dead.

Collateral I guess the soldiers are losing men quickly one comes running at me right as I notice this small circle exit with the high official in the middle they are trying to escape! I’m occupied though the battle ax of my opponent who stepped forward comes down trying to turn me into gore.

I dodge left grabbing the other rifle firing, but I only hit him in the leg. “My luck, damn!” I instantly grab an Evaa flicking it into his chest. He is unfazed by this coming at me bleeding profusely with this look in his full black Pig eyes. I’ll never forget its that look of rage, berserk, the “i’m going to kill you if it kills me.”

The ax comes down. I move, but I’m not fast enough though he is weak with blood loss. My left arm is slashed open. I step forward doing something unexpected in battle and drive my blade at close range into his heart, grabbing the Evaa from his chest while I’m close, he crumbles gurgling blood. I see the smaller circle moving slowly losing Pigs to rooftop archers.

As it goes the soldiers regroup coming to help I look around me seeing soldiers and Pig creature bodies alike dead on the ground. I see the high official, Pigs circle making it to the city entrance. I pull out an Evaa in my free hand mimicking my uncle.

I ignite it with flame red hot and lunge forward throwing hard at the circle guarding the high official it strikes home into a Pig. He explodes into flame catching two next to him on fire also a high wail of Pigs in pain fills the air. He runs around slashing with his ax at air connecting once wildly into another on fire next to him. He drops burnt to a crisp.

I repeat the process sheathing my sword to hold two more Evaas they are aflame in my hands. I flick them like bombs both flying into Pigs they both drop blazing. I then run towards the circle now half gone with the cloaked official standing in the middle the remaining Pigs move to form a crescent moon shape to defend their boss.

They take one look at me and two raise flintlock rifles firing. Time slows for me as the bullets exit the barrels. I see them coming at me. I lean my head to the left and the bullet flies by. The other bullet was not even worth dodging it missed completely.

I then close the thirty feet between the circle and me as I get closer I look pointing to the bodies. I passed that are bleeding though dead from my Evaas and say. “Tri-Hemobuleh.” Then I point and concentrate three blood needles arise from the corpses form then shoot into three Pigs out of the five guarding him they all but one find their mark the one that had trouble because.

I did not concentrate fully. The blood needle went into the second Pigs leg blowing it off the other two clench their chest dropping their weapons with one last squeal and die.

The final two look at me once then turn tail running away with a pathetic squeal of fear. The high official just stands there looking at me, he knows his fate defenselessly. He drops to his knees as I walk up to him drawing my short sword I say stepping over one dead Pig. “You’re going to tell me what I want to know in five seconds or I’m going to put this short sword into your chest and burn you alive stabbing you with my last three throwing knives.”

I put my short sword to his neck as his hood fell revealing a pure pale person with brown hair and his eyes coals of black. “Now tell me why does your leader, the dark one, whatever he is want this city. This is my favorite city. I guard it, it’s practically my home!”

I growl in anger igniting into flame which snakes around my arms. He says raising his hood up again saying with laughter.

“He wants to rule all of Drungeredge if I don’t report back his army which is already on the way to garrison with its five thousand men will kill you all and most of all he wants you dead prophecy hero.“

He then stands drawing a dagger from his cloak; its blade strikes my magic chain-mail. I feel the mail grip the dagger forming around it as he gasps trying to free the dagger, but failing to drop it defeats the dagger and lets go clattering to the cobblestone ground. I draw a Evaa sticking it quickly jabbing it into his chest, following another, and then another as quick as I can then finally my short sword.

I stab through him into his chest out the back I then as the flame aloud. “Burn him with the Evaas at a high temperature.” The throwing knives ignite into a green flame engulfing him now screaming loudly on the ground before me dead before he hits the ground. “Guess he did not want to tell.”

I think as I roll his flaming corpse over drawing my evaas and short sword from him I leave his body burning as I turn walking to retrieve my other three evaas from the now ash pile Pigs. The battle in the town center before the castle. The only thing that is happening is what always happens after a battle in sword combat, injured soldiers being cared for the dead mourned for. The dead and dying Pigs being put down permanently or left to be picked on by the vulture-like creatures already circling overhead they seem to have found a feast.

I walk through all this sheathing my Evvas keeping my sword drawn because I spot a Pig trying to crawl away both legs cut beyond repair. I drop my sword into the back of its neck , I swear almost that I hear the drop of an executioner’s ax onto the victim’s head as I do this. I sheath my short sword hearing no more squealing from the injured Pig I killed.

I step around bodies walking down the balcony. The gate in front begins to lower what surprises me is the king clad in gold trimmed armor is standing there looking at me out of every soldier standing next to me which they all began to take a knee bowing before him. He steps onto the bride gate and is soon standing in front of me looking up at this massive man. I begin to bow down onto a knee, but a hand stops me and a deep voice says to my bowed head.

“Don’t you are above me in class Auma what is your name.” I look up in amazement meeting his short cut hair, sandy green eyed face. “Jordan, but how am I above in class?” I just saw in battle you’re the prophecy hero most Auma's would have collapsed into a coma you’re amazing!”

He then bows before me, the soldiers gasp! I say. “Stand please no need to bow to me either king.” he stands running his hands on his leather knee bucklers as if they were sweating from nervousness he says. “Call me Richard the fifth or just Richard.”

Offering his hand. I grasp it squeeze hard showing my manhood in the handshake you can tell alot about a man by his handshake he then proceeds to crush my hand this is a swordsman’s grip wow! He must have been in many battles! I then say.

“Nice to meet you Richard so about the high official he did not tell me what I wanted to know so I killed him, I simply asked why does the dark one want this city my partial home.” His eyes widened at the last part.” He then said.

“My scouts say an army of five thousand are coming to garrison here no matter what whether he reports back or not.” he then gasps saying.

“I only have about two thousand here and five hundred archers tell me will you help in the upcoming battle you're welcome to stay in the castle come with me.” He turns waving a hand to follow. “You must be tired, get some rest you! Soldier.” He points to a soldier next to the bridge. “Show this man to a chamber in the castle.”

Minutes later i’m in a room elegant to the tee. I then lay in the bed acting as if I’m asleep thinking on what to do about the war coming up. I then awaken to the morning sun coming through my window. I lay and think in the reality of home glancing out my window I think. “I need more training. I’m doing all these battles on the fly soon I will mess up and lose my life!”

Just as I finish that thought the phone rings downstairs. I throw off the covers running to answer the ringing stops. Suddenly Uncle Eric must have got it good ol’ Uncle Eric is now telling me with hand motions to go sit down when I find him. It must be a call about mom, but I’m pretty sure it’s good news because Uncle Eric is not freaking out just calmly talking. He puts the phone down and walks into the living room.

his stern face, yet happy in a way. “First question. I’ll ask you, young man, what happened in the Drungeredge last night.” Give a full story of what happened by the end of my story had his eyes popping out of his head specially at my fighting skills he says. “I thought you’d still be wandering, but your skills will be tested in what I think is the war coming to that part of the Drungeredge”

He continues. “We must go train you. I will call you sick today in school.” I gawk in awestruck towards him taking my hand. The next thing I know we are in the circle on the floor of the warehouse with Aickem looking at us. Aickem saying.

“Hi” I’ll be away from home for a couple days with uncle Eric what he says into his cellphone saying I’m “sick” The doctor said to stay out of school for three days then putting the cellphone down knowing I’m out sick in school now. He then does a symbol with his hand, and a weapon rack pops out of the wall filled with swords. He throws me one I catch lightly into my palm hilt first. Uncle Eric and Aickem both say.

“Defend yourself!” These ghostly looking men come at me from the symbols filling the circle floor. I hack at one, but it does nothing but get dodged another ghost man comes at me, sword held high, I slash at his stomach and contact with flesh, he falls to the ground the other three look at him.

I’m winded already, the edge must give me advanced stamina and alot more help, and my body is untrained. One of the three comes at me slashing diagonally. The ghost in the way was too quick to hit, but his blade didn’t cut me “How?”

I notice I have a bruise instantly where he hit me this must be magic work. I hit him over the head with my hilt the ghost man collapses. I then bite my finger drawing blood saying. “Hemobuleh!” I scream shooting one of the ghost men coming at me the last one comes to my side slicing into my ribs while I was distracted and in pain, I dodge away as he tries to then behead me.

I quickly sensing him step out of his reach further and slash his neck he drops like the rest. I turn to Aickem saying. “Easy.” He shakes his head saying. “Young one you still got hit any would could help or hinder you. Your magick is blood and fire and it’s a very deadly combo, but aggressive style of fighting will get you killed, because it’s hard to teach such a rare combo of magick's you could run out of blood in your body! You would burn someone by accident with its uncontrolled nature. So far you can’t even do the green flame, yet just blue.” I

’m shocked the style my father taught me was working well Uncle Eric then speaks up saying. “His father only taught him to fight in childhood to be aggressive he always said. “If you take em down quickly, you have to be smart.” Only people from the family understood it. Uncle Eric says. “Teach him some styles start with the “Fou’do’za” the two sworded style!”

He flips two swords in hand slashing rapidly, but I notice a pattern quickly he stops and tosses one of his swords then the other walks over to me grasping a sword. The evening was much of us practicing the fighting styles and learning about fifteen different ones we stayed up very later when I was worn out I was almost about to pass out. Aickem gave me a berry, also my dragon egg and made a symbol to make a bed come out of the wall. I was asleep in seconds cradling my egg. I’m up in the bedroom. The king’s soldier brought me to sit in a chair. I realize this was the last place I was before I woke up. “The Drungeredge is pretty detailed in the aspect of me being here on their time, or back on my plane the time they must be the same, I guess.”

Thinking deeply then a guard outside the door says. “Sir!, the king wants to speak to you!” I open the door to the guard leading me to a room I call as I see it the “War-room” The king was leaned over a table covered in wooden pieces to represent soldiers and they form in a large amount to the west where they all gather on a map.

Many commander veterans of war are all talking, but they stop when I enter the room then there are the whispers they look wide eyed at me saying. “So young, or so short!” The king takes a draft of ale and belches saying. “Silent!, Enough, yes I know the Auma is helping us in the war.” i’m standing struck silent by his words I speak up saying. “What has changed is i’m working with you guys.

I hear them all agree with some saying. “What a mysterious aum with the training I’ve been receiving. I sense their fear about the war so I say easily. “I could be with any battalion, but your troops need to be trained to fight whatever is out there.” They start talking to one scout who just rushed into the room.

The scout is scared and highly dehydrated his horse run last night must have been hell. He steps up to the king from his staggered tired stance saying. “They are coming from the north they are twenty by ten troops hundreds of groups combined with, “Ogruses”

The ground troops are armored, “Bouares” The back has catapults three each battalion.” The scout then collapses dead as this creature exits his chest. We all stand back the king yells! “It’s a dummy “Au’ga’on” They can be tracked and dispense all info of our plans kill it before it sprouts wings!” instantly. I spark a flame in my hand to burn it alive but it’s too late, and out the window this tentacle covered mass with six wings goes. I run up to the window in anger saying. “Dang it!”

The king speaks up. “They must have waited until he got here the sorcerer’s must have put that in him while he slept any scout that comes in have the cleric see him to get the Au’ga’on out of them”

I look at him, and say. “I’ll go to their smallest encampment and stir up some trouble.” The king looks at me like I’m crazy, but I laugh to hide that I’m nervous, but one of the men next to me pats me on the back reassuringly under my cowl though I was sweating bricks.

I speak to the king telling him of my intentions and plan I thought of when the Au’ga’on flew away. “I’m going to set fire to their kegs of gunpowder blowing up anyone around it while ten soldiers you provide take their rifles damaging the supplies they have, while the chaos of the gunpowder being blown to pieces.” Spoken clearly so the captains understand they ask where I got the information on warfare tactics I simply say. “Video games.” They all seem to be confused until one pipes up saying. “Whats a video game?” I responded gruffly saying before I marked a point on my map.

“Something in my world.” They all finally get my point and shrug confused still understanding i’d rather not talk about my home plane of existence. The king starts making orders calling for two armed men outside the room. He gives orders to round up ten soldiers the king says to me, turning around to look at me.

“Okay, go wait by the northgate. I’ll find you some good soldiers.” I exit the door leading out walking a few minutes later up to the northgate entrance on the way children run from the alleys cheering saying ”Auma savior!” Even adults join in on the cheers wishing me a safe journey. I make it to the blacksmiths to see the ol’ drunk.

I pop in ducking under the sword racks hanging from the roof just made weapons for the army already. “Making those fast, are we old man?” He makes an obscene gesture saying. “Well I’m one of five doing this for three thousand men and that’s just barely covering my ass worked to the bone!”

I turn to see ten soldiers with worn rebuilt armor across the courtyard to rush to the Northgate standing waiting. “Hello again Auma, those are your men.” The king suddenly is at the door as if he knew where I’d be; he continues standing proud. “Coming to check the swords progress, get your five hundred today yet aloof?”

The blacksmith perks up saluting the king as he walks in acting sober as possible. “Yes sir, I have two hundred i'm soon to have another two hundred by noon.” I say to the king sweating bricks again looking at my shabby soldiers. “They seem worn battle born stature.”

the king belts out a laugh then wipes his eyes a little. “Those men could take on the entire five thousand soldiers themselves; they may die in the process but they will always be remembered. They are the best we have in the army. Trust them.”

We both leave behind the blacksmith walking over to the soldiers saying to them as the king walks up. “Soldiers!” They all perk up and salute. One says to the king. “Where is the Auma we will be doing battle with?” The king points to me and two of the ten burst into laughter saying. “He’s kinda young!”

I walk over to him and ignite his eyebrows into flame after snapping my fingers at his arrogance. “I’m nothing to laugh at I could take all of you myself for being young. ” He yells out, as he pats his face standing angry now with singed eyebrows more obedient.

“Fine we are under your command besides the troops leader Levan over there you can’t break him like me.” The king says orderly. “Levan explained to the Auma...what is your name?” I answered shortly by acting tough. “Jordan.”

“Auma Jordan, will be in command of your troops while he needs you for as long as he needs you for combat may you die in glory under him or come back champions” Levan stands forward looking at me as the king walks away leaving. “These men work with ease, just stand firm and combat will be easy with us. The Dirty Ten.”

We proceed to pick up our weapons and start a good trot to the woods toward the nearest camp I marked on my map in the war room quickly earlier. I direct them holding the front of our troop as we jog halfway to the point before the men collapse breathing hard. I call out. “Rest break for the afternoon.”

They all let their gear down and sit on tree bases in this green forest, one going to start a fire, I yell out to him saying. “The enemy will see our fire, no smoke needs to be in the sky.” He stops what he was doing and starts to eat bread sharing with the other five with him while the other five scattered about napping, or training swinging a sword around at each other for practice. I walk over to these two men and say. “Wanna duel?” Both of them looked at me with an interested look before shrugging.

“Join, take him on” One points to the other. I slowly began to prowl the area in a circle with the other man at the end of my blade doing the same. I go to strike and he dodges quickly out of the way next to me in seconds swinging. I block then dodge away to the left swinging out a chain blade he simply deflects it into the ground with a laugh. “Oh so you use those kind tactics.”

The man then swings above his head pulling out a dagger to match his sword in the other hand. He throws it at me. I duck, but not enough in time for the dagger to slice my arm hitting into a tree. “First blood drawn loser Auma Jordan!” In anger I sweep my chain blade back into my arm sheath pulling it lightly to it. “Was an unfair fight, draw!”

I say loudly. They all flinch as my arms ignite into flame serpents flow around me. “You won’t win again. Break over.”

They all groan loudly in anguish standing getting ready.

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