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-Chapter Eight. “Attacking, and a Failure.”-

We trot another five miles before we make it to the lightly guarded tents of above five hundred soldiers. We circle the camp spreading out evenly dropping one man off every couple meters surrounding the encampment observing is all we do for about an hour before we regroup at the beginning marked tree that I slashed on the way in.

They run up saying “Reinforcements are arriving at the camp on the other end adding another seven hundred to the ranks!” I gasp then say. “Well they better be prepared for a storm and be ready for battle! I’m going to destroy the whole depot now. Once it explodes, attack with all your might.”

With that I dash off to the other side of the camp where weapons deposit is. I hear a little protest, but they do not falter. I’m behind the tents with the unguarded deposit of gunpowder behind me. I see no one try to guard it while I’m sneaking in behind in the trees.

Easing forward I ignite two flames in my hands the size of mini-suns I slowly ease forward seeing one of the Pigs finally guard the area hoping they get burned with the gunpowder. “Goodbye camp”

As I say, throwing the two fireballs into the gunpowder instantly. There was a big boom from the blast throwing me back into the forest. Falling into bushes I look up to the sky seeing the huge explosion seen from Fireheart Kingdom! “Holy crap!”

As the Pigs by the camp fly overhead into the forest on fire. I stood and ran into the camp seeing a huge crater where the weapons deposit was the fire was igniting the forest ablaze the other two hundred men ran to the site. Where my men were they began attacking raising arms against the Pig soldiers. They dive into combat as I run catching as much as I can on fire as I go, tents and Pig soldiers. I did not matter, I went full pyro on their camp.

The forest was a fire tornado as I quickly sliced through one Pig drawing my sword in one swell movement falling at least three of the two hundred in seconds I draw my hand up biting my thumb saying softly. “Hemobuleh!” Standing I raise my palm in seconds pushing forward with magick three blood needles. I silently say from what I learned last night. “Tri-Hemoflambuleh!” They ignite hitting home exploding on the targets. I thought out as I slice along another Pig soldiers hide!

The forest is in full blaze around the camp as my soldiers call out for my help I say loudly across the way. “Run for the forest!” As I turn towards the area they proceed to run the forest almost in full flame running for the hills. The Pig soldiers follow us slashing and cursing along the way. We make it to a hill our men make it almost to the top before losing someone close to “Seasal”.

A veteran warrior who was fighting valiantly fell on his bad leg dropping into the horde of enemies following us escaping the blaze. As we run somehow the forest keeps catching up on fire the wind is sailing through our armor burning us up.

Before suddenly there are no flames burning us at all and the Pig soldiers stop in footing seeing a large golden dragon fly downward toward the ground gushing away the flames. “Hello! I’m Julien!” Says the Auma landing hard jumping off next to me.

“Auger, killed them all.” With no even reason this golden dragon flames the incoming Pig soldiers in a ninety degree angle from where we were my soldiers began scouting the forest now reduced to ash for survivors. I speak with Julien individually.

Calling out numbers of dead they must have bet on before the battle, I stand tall saying “Hello i’m Auma Jordan.” he scoffs and says where is your dragon! You are no Auma, what help are you!” I fume inside then say to him slowly

“If you do not help us and recognize me as an Auma I’ll have my dragon eat yours for breakfast, but do not doubt me. I am reasonable, but you seem to be a show off!” He fluffs up in his bear skin coat needles of fur stick up then he scoffs again saying.

“You must be as arrogant, as a fool you must not know, For I am the Auma Julien have you not heard of me?” I scorch inside saying. “You must be a fool, I’m not here to argue. my soldiers need help with fifty more Pig men!”

He just motions with his arm and the golden dragon then suddenly ignites inside its body a beam of light that shines so bright like it had a star inside of it. “Burn them all, Auger” Looking to the side I see all the soldiers jaws drop as I think quickly running by Auger and yelling loudly. “Ig’flam’graen!!” Tapping into the magick reserves, Auger lets out a giant gush of flames. My spell then causes its flames to turn green suddenly the air is sucked away from my breath as into the area of the seven hundred Pigs coming up the hill.

Green flames start to fly towards the rest of the area our enemy resided in. Exploding forth more of the green flames lick the trees soon what litters the now clearing of enemies that were squealing and grunting up the hill following us had been reduced to ash. Julien gasps saying. “Oh we have a flame element user here; wow, what talent!”

I take it as sarcasm which I was not born to read so in my panic to cut the flames down I recall them my soldiers hiding beneath the giant golden dragon cowering in fear at the sight of what I did with the dragons flames as I run back to the area they were supposed to be at.

Julien stamps his foot and laughs loudly saying. “Oh these soldiers are scared to death of Augers skills.” I whistle and the soldiers jog over to where I’m standing. I say in a whisper. “Who is this Auma Julien?” They say with gusto. “That’s the other Auma warrior who saved the city from destruction once, he’s a bit of a show off.”

The other soldiers silence him before he continues. I say quietly. “Well he is an idiot show off that’s all I know” Some nod in agreement. I watch this fool. “Julien″ With just a dagger taking down Pig soldiers storming the hill. Then Julien runs over to Auger pulling himself up onto his back up into a huge saddle suddenly everyone is thrown to the ground as Auger takes off flapping his golden wings once very hard, “What an idiot!”

I say as I run off to take one hundred Pig soldiers on my own as my soldiers follow behind me, but i’m already way ahead. I slice into a group seeing that they are not intelligent creatures. Fighting for what seemed an hour they drifted down to single digit numbers the Pig soldiers left just running.

My swordsmanship was not matched by any of the Pigs that approached me. Thinking to myself as I slash away, “Why does the dark king use these creatures as cannon fodder.” Throwing an Evaa into the back of a Pig quickly in seconds I’m next to him banishing him to wherever he may go when dead. Pulling out my throwing Evaa from its back. My soldiers are doing a mighty job unlike most commoners they fought with gusto and courage.

The sun is settling down behind the mountains off in the distance. When suddenly I hear a call off in the distance a deep guttural yowl. Suddenly one of my men screamed “Rea’vour!”

This giant four legged beast runs quickly into the clearing with its four mouth jowls screeching teeth exposed. Soon as it pulls one of my soldiers away from the group standing on two legs.

I instantly throw three Evaas as fast as I can toward the Rea’vor igniting turn them into green flame saying. “Tri-flam’graen” Still experimenting with new magick words, but The knives fly into its body lighting its body on fire it screeches loudly bashing one of my soldiers into the ground looking at me in anger.

It rushes towards me in a blind rage, but not fast enough. I dodge rolling back behind a tree, and draw my handle brushing the symbol draining some energy of what’s left. I feel weak suddenly, but it still unleashes the jagged flame sword from its hilt. The Rea’vor not seeing me hide looks around the clearing then goes back to attacking my soldiers. I quickly think. “I have seven soldiers left; they can’t hold out forever against that beast. Where the hell is Julien?!”

I turned around seeing above us in the clouds was Julien atop his dragon Auger watching us get killed. “Forget him, I’ll kill it.” I growl in anger aloud. Running towards the Rea’vor I yell for its attention. It just backhands me with one of its large arms thinking I’m a soldier, but in the adrenaline I put the last of energy into my legs.

I run quickly behind the Rea’vor and jump onto its back slicing into its back with the flame dagger it screeches trying to grasp me off its back in panic, almost losing grip on the flame dagger. I decided to put my last three Evva's into its back for climbing. Feeling faint I begin to fall off the Rea’vor, but at the last second grasping the third Evaa I pull up dealing the death blow with my short sword into its neck. The Rea’vor lets out one last yowl dropping into a pile on the ground spewing blood everywhere throwing me off into the grass,

“Rea’vor dead.” I fall down weak fainting in the grass. Apparently I had not noticed a wound on my arm.

The entire four hour battle, and it had not sealed up from shrapnel, or at least I thought it was from shrapnel. When I blew up the gunpowder depot. The soldiers rush to my side, one saying.

“Jordan your arm is hurt bad we must get you back to the Kingdom of Fireheart!” The next hour as I fell in and out of a feverish sleep not returning back to the reality of my world. The wound had begun to seal, but it would not.

They dragged me halfway to the kingdom before a man on a carriage had picked us up on a road saying to me and my soldiers surrounding me that i’m poisoned. My spider companion came out of my pocket after it had been a small pebble again.

I guess they shift from pebbles to the creature that inhibits the pebble for defensive purposes. It starts crawling all over my injured arm spinning a web around my arm in a thick bandage type structure while everyone steps back in fear. My wound starts to feel better finally sealing up. One of my soldiers lean in and say, you have a companion that heals up wounds I see.``

I set up on the stretcher made from two long sticks and a cloth looking at the carriage owner who is now questioning if we saw the fire plume cloud in the sky earlier. We begin a good light walk back to the Kingdom of the Fireheart. Soon it’s fully dark so we camp in a clearing for the night. I was the first to lay down. I awoke to the room around me in the warehouse almost falling off the wall bed.

Aickem is meditating sitting in the middle of the rune circle of the warehouse uncle Eric is asleep still. I get up and walk over to Aickem feeling weak. He pops open one green eye saying. “You are not a sneaky young one. How was your time in the Drungeredge?”

I recall the events aloud as Aickem eyes me still in meditation position. Then stops me in awestruck fashion. “You turned an entire dragon’s flame into a green form which burns hotter than red! Also this Julien Auma seems to be a character who is not very helpful; he likes to gloat, also the wound in this reality on your arm, bandage it.” I respond. “Well I guess the dragon Auger helped with energy to be able to do such a feat.”

I checked my arm where the cut was in the Drungeredge and it only bruised bleeding a little bit, luckily. “I had my spider pet who can heal wounds with his webs that he produces.”

I go to continue, but Aickem speaks up saying. “The dragon Auger may have had a hand in it, but only if it was your dragon your energy levels are almost to your Uncle Eric’s and he’s been an Auma for fifteen years. I think it’s time we had the talk.”

He sits me down into a comfy chair he pops up out of the floor making a symbol beforehand while I’m still questioning where this warehouse hides its food instead of furniture. “You’re not like other Auma, you see there is a prophecy that a warrior would rise to defeat the Dark King. who is so powerful that he could reduce an entire army by himself. That boy is you. Being born with part of the energy Powers that would fill a stadium endless magickal powers collapsing the Dark Kings empire to nothing but rubble; it’s just a myth.”

I try to think of something to say, but I silently think about what this means to me. “I could be a legendary hero or a fluke. From what I’ve seen so far I’m pretty powerful. It’ll just gain over time. Maybe I am this myth.”

I see Uncle Eric get up and stand off his wall bed. I whisper to Aickem “Tell him nothing about our conversation.” He just nods and walks up to Uncle Eric

“Good morning what’s your plans for the day, shall we train?” Uncle Eric just waves his tattooed arm saying. “Me and Jordan are going out to get food.” Walking over to me he says.

“Morning Jordan, want to go get food at your favorite restaurant. I found something last night in the Drungeredge you need to hear about.” He walks me outside first touching the door open symbol of the warehouse we continue over to his car before he stops me taking my arm.

“The Dark Kings army will hold a siege with the Kingdom of the Fireheart, do not get stuck inside with the others with the place surrounded. I know you love the people of that city, but it will lay waste if you cannot help them.” I take my arm from him saying.

“I cannot save them. I can’t abandon them, but I can try something if only I had my dragon!” Uncle Eric says. “Quiet! Hear that.”

I, in amazement, hearing a loud cracking noise as the egg in my pocket begins to shake and heat up, I take it from my pocket and hold it in my hands as its temperature rises so hot, shattering appears on the outside of its shell. Uncle Eric speaks up.

“One more crack in the egg it’s going to hatch. Leave it here with Aickem we cannot risk its next crack in the egg freeing it.” I run inside leaving the egg with Aickem who notices the new crack in the side of the shell saying. “Oh we seem to be having a new friend around soon.” I just say in response. “I can’t wait to meet him.”

Then I run out hopping into Uncle Eric’s car, the drive is filled with amazing music giving directions to the restaurant, we drive into the steak house on the other side of town. We exit his car going inside but before we step in I head to a booth Uncle Eric sits on the other side and says. “So this is your favorite restaurant?” I respond quietly looking at the menu wondering what to order for the waiter who steps beside our table almost immediately.

“Hello what would you like today to eat?” We both quickly order so I lean in sipping my water saying. “What did you find in the Drungeredge?” Uncle Eric starts with. “Your father is not dead.” Gasping as I say quickly. “Explain now!” He follows up with.

“I only have one clue. Calm down I’m not very close to finding him, yet I just heard a rumor of an Auma who is very close to finding him, but he’s on the other side of Drungeredge in the mountains. He’s very old, one of the survivors from a hundred years ago, he’s ancient but he was the last man your father visited on his adventures before the wars.”

I sit back in my seat thinking. “This war that’s coming to The Kingdom of the Fireheart . I need to help the king! He trusts me over this other Auma I met named Julien. I cannot fail the kingdom.” Uncle Eric silences me as our food arrives saying. “Eat your food there is so much more for us to talk about.”

We dive into our meals sharing looks as the waiter returns taking away our empty plates we leave the restaurant outside Uncle Eric lights a cigarette I look at him disgusted. “Smoking cigarettes is bad for you. I didn’t know you smoked.” then Uncle Eric responds. “I only smoke cigarettes when bad stuff in the Drungeredge is going down. The more kingdoms out of the nine remaining the dark king owns four as of now if he takes over the Kingdom of Fireheart.

Which from what I can tell he’s very close do you not agree, but what are you going to do to help there are thousands of soldiers waiting to the east about five thousand coming with Siege Machine and Ogre and Rea’vors you don’t stand a chance!”

I just respond calmly. “I could take on a good thousand myself and the king has a good two thousand at hand of experienced soldiers.” He scoffs saying. “A thousand huh? What a brave statement.”

I just shake my head responding. “Auma Julien has a dragon. When I’m near it my magick increases to more powerful states it has some sort of powers I guess. “ Uncle Eric just nods, tosses his cigarette and gets into his car. I follow hopping in next to him. His cellphone rings answering it quickly. He’s talking to someone for a while saying. “Yes we will pick her up in an hour. Is she ready to come home? Okay, we will keep her rested yes, okay goodbye.”

He hangs up the phone and says with a huge smile. “Your mother is awake. They just need to stabilize her with medication she has to take because of her head injury. We are going to pick her up.”

I just responded. “Is my mom going to be with a head injury permanently?” Uncle Eric shakes his head no saying. “She needs her medication though to keep her brain healing. She just has a concussion.” Looking at my lap saddened by this news. I just nod looking out the window thinking to myself. “Maybe being an Auma is too dangerous for people around me. When I turn eighteen i’m going to get my own home so no one around me will get hurt.” The drive is smooth until mom awoke from her nap looking back at me with a smile saying.

“I saw the largest fire shoot into the sky in these woods filled with bright flowering trees and glowing roots. It was a beautiful dream, Then I woke up in the hospital. All I remember is a car tire blowing out on my car driving home sending me spiraling in the car down into a ditch then nothing except that dream.” Mom and Uncle Eric talk all the rest of the drive catching up. I just stare out the window thinking.

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