Mythical Zodiacs - Aquarius (Book #2)

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In this series of Mythical Zodiacs you will read about Witches, Werewolves, Fayes, Vampires, and many other creatures considered to be ‘mythical.’ There will be tales of love, hate, birth, death, and so forth. There will also be realistic towns mentioned in the books. I might change the names and actual locations based on the facts and research I have collected. I will do my best to update and add chapters in my spare time. I am a full time mom, wife, caregiver, and have a full time job. My time is limited but I hope you enjoy the reading.

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The Curse

[This is book 2 of a series. If you haven’t read the first book then it will not make sense. This book starts up where book 1 left off. If you have read the first book of this series, thank you. Also please feel free to like, rate, and comment. This is the first time I’ve ever tried to write a book and share it to the public so along with the books, I’m a work in progress. Hope you enjoy.]

I find myself somewhat dazed. As if I’m in a dream state and not fully aware of my surroundings or what’s going on. There’s a woman sitting across from me asking me something. What did she say? Did she just ask me if I am Genevieve’s mother?
Suddenly I’m aware of everything. This woman has tried to use magic on me and because of the curse from the Underworld King it’s not working. I smile at this woman and say, “Yes, Genevieve is my child. My only child.” As if the woman thinks I’m still under her spell she says, “Very good Cathrine. Now did you give birth to this child, or did you steal her from another witch?”
What the hell kind of question is that? Is she completely mad?
“Yes Matriarch Veronica, I gave birth to Genevieve.” I say, trying to make her believe I’m still under her spell.

Matriarch Veronica smiled as said, “If you’re her real mother then where is her father?” Did you really kill him?” I looked at her and said, “Genevieve’s father is dead. I killed him just by wishing it.”

Matriarch Veronica raised her eyebrows at what I had just told her. She looked down at her hands holding a glass of scotch. I watched her bring the glass up and take a big gulp. When she had finished off her drink and began to pour herself another one she asked me, “Why did you wish Genevieve’s father dead?”

I simply stated, “I was a jealous woman. I was pregnant with Genevieve at the time and he had spent his time warming other women’s beds. I couldn’t control pregnancy hormone enraged emotions so one night I had had enough so I wished he’d die. The next morning police officers showed up at my home to inform me that he had been killed in a car crash.”

Matriarch Veronica looked at me with raised eyebrows and said, “If her father was the threat to you then why after giving birth to her did you leave her at an orphanage?” I smiled and said, “I did that to try to protect her from this world, from magic, and from people like you.”

Matriarch Veronica gave me a look of hatred then downed her scotch glass and refilled it before asking me, “Now why would you do that? You can’t truly believe she wouldn’t have been found out eventually. What I really want to know is her bloodline. Obviously you’re not that powerful so her father is definitely where most of her powers comes from. So tell me Cathrine, what’s her fathers bloodline?”

I should have known she was after something in particular. Why else would she have tried to spell me to get information. She’s trying to find out about Genevieve’s powers. She feels threatened.

I frowned as I described my deceased husbands bloodline, not telling her anything about the Underworld King being her true father. My deceased husband was an elemental earth witch, nothing special or extraordinary. I then said, “When I left Genevieve at the orphanage, her powers were bound. I’m guessing my binding spell had weakened over the years I spent imprisoned in the Underworld and her powers must have grown as she grew.”

“That doesn’t make any sense, if both of you are weak elemental witches how is it that she was able to soul surf for five days? Only the strongest witches have ever done that and it’s very rare. It’s been over a hundred years since the last one. There has to be more, but it just doesn’t make sense. How is this possible?” Matriarch Veronica said.

My daughter soul surfed for five days?! She is definitely graced by the Gods and Goddesses with their powers. I’m so proud of her but I’m also scared for her. Everyone is going to try to come for her and try to steal her powers. She’s not safe here in this secret coven realm. I need to find her and get her out of here. Especially away from this crazy Matriarch.

I responded to Matriarch Veronica saying, “I don’t know how it’s possible. Maybe you’re mistaken about her powers.” She stood abruptly and came directly in front of me. She slapped me hard across my left cheek with her right hand. She had a look of pure hate in her face as she said, “I’m never wrong you wretched weakling. How dare you think of speaking to me in such a manner! Your daughter has powers she doesn’t deserve. Those powers will be mine. I’m more deserving than her. I’ve been the leader of this secret coven for longer than all others before me. With her powers I’ll never have to step down and I’ll lead this coven how I see fit. I’ll be Queen Matriarch Veronica.” She then smiled to herself as she swiftly turned away from me and finished of the entire bottle of scotch.

It took every ounce of strength in me not to attack that she devil where she stood. I can’t blow my cover. Not now when I’m learning so much about this woman and her evil selfish plans. I sit there feeling the sting slowly disappear on my cheek as my curse swiftly healed the whelted skin. I watched Matriarch Veronica begin to pace back and forth muttering to herself. When she came to still in front of the fireplace. I could only see her back but she started laughing maniacally and turned to face me.

“I have the perfect plan! Since you’re her mother she would never suspect you as the person to betray her. Especially after all these years of being without her true birth mother.” Matriarch Veronica spewed in between her manic laughter episodes. She stopped her laughing and came in close to my face with a smile so wide I could see a hint of dimples on either side of her face.

“Oh Cathrine dear, would you be a good girl and finish this bottle of wine off so I can make you some more truth serum? Will you also be a good girl and drink the truth serum every time you need a drink so my plan will go smoothly? I don’t need you to remember any of this so you’ll need to drink up my dear.” said Matriarch Veronica.

To keep my cover I only answered, “Yes, Matriarch Veronica, I’ll drink the wine and the truth serum for you.” Now I’m formulating my own plan. As soon as I lay eyes on my daughter I’ll quickly open a portal to a different realm and push her and myself through it. Then as soon as we get to that realm I’ll do the same thing to throw off this evil woman in case she tries to follow us.

I felt the glass touch my lips as Matriarch Veronica poured the poison down my throat. I drank it all knowing I was still in control. The curse is now a blessing to me and I intend to keep that part a secret for now.

Matriarch Veronica smiled when I had swallowed the last drop. She then said, “Cathrine, go shower and go to bed. Tomorrow we will continue the truth serum tomorrow. Also I’ll be putting a spell on you to keep you from telling your daughter my plans.” Then the invisible restraints were removed from my wrists and ankles. I stood and walked to the room I was staying in.

As I closed the door I went into the bathroom to work on a rejection spell for myself. There’s no way in hell I’m going to let that evil witch put a spell on me to keep me from telling my daughter of her plans to steal her powers. I lit the candles and began the chant.

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