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By NyxShadowhawk All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


Alexandra Wilson- nicknamed Nyx- is a foster child in a new home that she hates. Exploring the Jungian concept of the Shadow archetype gives her solace, but it doesn't improve her situation. Then she meets Astor, an elegant, mischevious, strikingly handsome Shadow boy who has taken an interest in her. Astor will change Nyx's life forever, if she can trust him and his devious, possibly dangerous Shadow nature. This is a Cinderella story with a gothic twist. Do you dare to discover the darkness within?


For those of you who don’t know me, you should first know that I like an easy life. Doesn’t everybody? You should also know that I am a non-conformist. I always have been. Life is boring if you’re doing what everyone else is doing. Know that I don’t like change. No one likes change, but I detest it more than most people, even though I am used to it by now. I have to deal with it constantly.
I’m not an orphan, but I don’t have parents— not anymore. I’m in foster care, and it’s awful. Parents often impose strict rules on me the moment I walk in the door. I told you I’m a non-conformist; I break every rule I can break if I don’t agree with it. I’ve had to sleep in sheds, take cold showers, and even wear collars. Parents grossly favor their own children. I’m often underfed, and beaten. Foster siblings bully me, and even use me as a scapegoat to get away with misbehavior. Parents sent me back to the shelter after about a week, saying that I was “difficult” and “defiant”.
Not that all my foster experiences have been bad, but most have, and all of them have ended. “Cinderella” was my favorite fairy tale as a little kid. I’m sure it’s obvious why. As a child I would dream that a handsome prince would come and rescue me from my terrible new parents and take me away with him to live in his palace. I thought I knew that it would never happen. I tried to change my existence on my own, as much as I could. I became tough, tougher than I’d like to be.
My life was prison.
All of that’s changed now.

My real name is Alexandra Wilson, but I’d like you to call me Nyx, at least while I’m in Shadow form. In these more-than-likely ink-splotched pages, I will tell you my story. Whether it’s true or not, you’ll have to decide for yourself.

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