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My Merciless Alpha Mate

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Before known as 'The Night's Howl'. It all started that one fated night when she ran in the forest only to met eyes the most feared and merciless Alpha the world of werewolves have ever known. Alpha Zayden Dimitri Anderson was the is most ruthless and merciless Alpha in history. Everything he has, his good looks or his wealth fails to hide the beast that lurks within his being. His name alone causes everyone to flee; trying to escape. However, this is until she walks into his life. Filled with purity and kindness, and yet a cunning nature, it almost annoys him, yet want him needing more of this dark-eyed beauty. How such dark eyes held so much light he did not understand. And she did not understand the sudden feelings that erupted in her for him. Their worlds clashed; a human for for a werewolf. She could be someone who can be described as an angel, when compared to him. Will this angel succeed in bringing the devil to his knees?

Fantasy / Adventure
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His world:

The walls were coated in blood. And now fresh blood was about to be stained on the walls. Blood will drip down the walls onto the ground. Blood needed to be split tonight. A heavy calling for blood rang in his ears as he strode towards the two men who were tied up and blindfolded.

His heavy footsteps alone caused them to shiver. They knew then and there, the Alpha has arrived.

With every step he took towards them, it was like death calling them. Those very steps were their countdown to death.

Their shaky breaths and pounding heartbeats only brought delight to him, making his finger itch for blood. Even the men that stood around guard were fearing for their lives. They respectfully bowed before their leader. One thing the Alpha will not tolerate was disrespect! And they should know, that was the reason these two men were about to face death, rather mercilessly.

The Alpha pulled the wooden chair towards himself. Smirking when the screeching of the legs of the chair caused the men forced to knee down in front of him to cringe. He sat down quietly and looked at the blind-folded men knelt and tied up in front of him. Both shaking and shivering feeling the powerful aura that radiated off the Alpha.

They say it only took his name alone to bring someone to his knees begging for their lives. They say he didn’t show mercy. They say didn’t even know what mercy was. They call him merciless.

And now coming almost face to face with that powerful man, it was like death itself knocking on your door.

He signalled his men, only with the clicks of his fingers; no words. He didn’t want to waste any more time. The hunger inside needed to be calmed. The hunger for blood.

The blindfolds of the two men were taken off. They gasped as their eyes set upon the man that sat high and mighty in front of them.

“Alpha! Forgive us! We didn’t-” The man started, but he immediately cut himself off when the Alpha leans his elbows on his knees and brought a finger to his lips. His eyes spoke with fire in them. Such fiery and anger in one look, it made them shut their mouths in a second. Hell, itself, burned in him. A beast lurked within his being. If released, then running or even trying to escape would do no good, death will be welcomed, whether you like it or not.

With another click of his fingers, a larger metallic bar was hit against the head of the man that spoke. Blood swept from his head and fell onto the Alpha’s feet coughing out blood. The man beside him gasped in fear and squirmed looking away.

It only made a smirk, decorate itself on his lips once again. He leaned down and wiped a bit of blood of the man’s head. He rubbed soft liquid within his thumb and finger. Such redness, such exotic scene, such desire for more

“You have betrayed me, Adam..” His voice was calm, too calm. He spoke to man coughing out in front of him, never taking his eyes off his hand, where he felt blood and his claws soon drew out wanting more, much more.

“F-Forgive me Alpha! I had n-no choice!” He spoke spattered out his blood, sitting up again. The man had gotten his attention. The Alpha turned to him with a raised eyebrow.

“No choice...” He repeated the man’s words, almost like it was a different language and he was sounding it out. He chuckled darkly and slowly wrapped his hand around the man’s neck, not strongly. He didn’t want to rush this. He wanted to see the pain he was about to feel in his eyes. He wanted to see him begging for mercy. He wanted to watch in amusement. “Well...” He leant in close, towards the guy’s ear, “You won’t have a choice here too..” He whispered dangerously. The man gulped, and his smirk widened. He looked into the man’s eyes, they were wide in fear and begging him to spare him. And he loved it.

“Goodbye Adam..” The Alpha whispered, before the clenched the man’s neck and twisted it. The sound of his bones cracking was heard throughout the room. The man fell onto the Alpha’ feet again. Only this time, lifeless.

He stood up and walked across the man he just killed and towards the other one, who was shaking and trying to get away. It only brought the Alpha a sense of amusement, before he kicked him down and placed his foot on the man’s chest, hard. He stepped down harder until the man could no longer move.

“A-Alpha! I-..” He tried to speak, but no words came out. He knew, either way, the Alpha would kill him.

“I twisted his head, I need to spill more blood from you..” Was all he said before he leaned down and scratched over the man’s face with his claw, his eyes clawed out in the process. The man screamed out in pain, and blood decorated all over his face. He lost his sight and now he will loose his life. He struggled underneath the Alpha’s hold.

“Well Josh, it’s goodbye to you too..” He said as he held out his hand. His Beta placed a cold metallic weapon on his hands. A gun. Usually, werewolves don’t need to use such weapons, but the Alpha lobes the torment it brought. He stood once again, stepping hard on the man’s chest. The man still struggled, screaming.

The Alpha pointed the gun straight to the man’s forehead. Once his hand was securely wrapped around the black weapon, he pulled the trigger. The bullet flew straight into the man’s forehead, silencing him, for good.

“I hope I have clear to everyone, what happens to ones who betray me?” The Alpha let out a humourless chuckle, as he asked his entire pack through his mind-link, and returned to the metallic weapon to his Beta.

“Yes, Alpha!” They all answered at once without hesitation. He closed his eyes listening to every pack members’ voices swirled in his head, as they worshipped him as their Alpha.

Sometimes, he could hear their whimpers and pleas for a Luna. So there could be a more gentle touch to the pack.

But there wasn’t much he could do for that.

He hasn’t found his mate.

Perhaps, the Moon goddess refused to give someone like him; someone who took pleasure in killing and causing torment, someone like him didn’t deserve a mate.

But he rather be mateless than be weak for someone...

Her World:

The day she was thrown into the world of werewolves and met eyes with the ruthless and stereotypically merciless Alpha was when everything changed.

She was any ordinary teenager with problems any other teenager would have, but the situation got worse when she lived far from what she treasured in her heart as home. Her new place brought bullies and mockers, perhaps that’s why she always hid away making no friends as she pulled herself through the mess and tortures.

She dreamed of a friend or a prince charming to help, but that was only in a story book, where you can write anything in blank pages. And she wrote, but in songs and melodies with hidden meanings and symbols of what life brought her.

Her world was her family, the ones that stood by her side no matter what. Her family is what she would live and die for, perhaps that’s why she kept strong and ignored the torment school brought her.

Christmas..that was her favourite season, these days she’s free from angry words and mocking laughs, the days where she could spend her times with the ones she treasured and cherished. So perhaps it was fate that brought her to the cabin in the woods..to forest covered with snow.

Running away from the cabin where her parents had fought about her well-being she found herself lost deep in the woods, surrounded by trees that all looked the same as the one next to it.

The first time she met those midnight blues of the silver wolf, she knew she would see them again but she didn’t know in what form.

As the colour haunts her day and night, she finds herself drawn into the silver sparks that floated around the blue flame. The name the wolf wrote in the snow and the need to her name, all drew her into his world. It was dangerous, everything about the man screamed danger, and she fought against the invisible thread and pulled her, but fate is not so easily broken.

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