Wild Animals

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When Kat takes on a job at a research center, little did she know what she was getting into. When strange things start happening to her she can't understand if she is dreaming as everything feels so real. All the men behave weird around her and it's only later she discovers why. (This story has not been edited and is only a rough draft.)

Fantasy / Erotica
Arri Stone
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Chapter 1

Kat Ellington is a very smart girl, just turned 21 years old and today she starts her new job It's been said that not many people get to work at this place and Kat feels she is very lucky as she got the job helping with the research. After finishing her university degree in science and biology this was the largest scientific research company in the country.

And trust it to be the day she starts her new job she comes on her period. she was hoping that it would be at least a couple more days before she came on.
Packing extra tampons and pads for her day starting at the research center, she's going in for 10 am. Kat thought it was a late start but the owner of the company insisted that was her start time.

She has a little car and makes the 45-minute drive, it's a half-hour out of the city and another 15 minutes down a side road to the research centre. Still not knowing exactly what she will be doing when she arrives there. All she has been told that it is something to do with finding a cure which she wasn't told for what, but that comes from different animals and working the different strains together.

As she arrives there a few cars are parked outside, but not as many as she would have expected, and she could see that behind the large research centre that there was a forest. It was a beautiful drive up seeing this made her feel better about being here as it is far out and pretty secluded, but it's what you would expect from a research facility.

Parking her car up and getting out she heads for the main doors and walks into the vast building. Taking it all in as she walks up to what looks like the reception desk area with a cute young guy with bright blue hair.

"Hi there, I'm meant to be starting work today."

"Please wait over there."
Without lifting his head up to look at her he points over to where there is a set of white lounge chairs. Thinking to herself. Oh great... White... I Feel really uncomfortable now. Kat sits down, she's just glad she put a pad on as well.

Sitting waiting a couple of guys walk by in lab coats, she can't help but look at them, they have the most amazing blue and green eyes she had ever seen. They just stare back at her as they walk by.

Kat is brought out of her gaze when she hears a voice next to her.
"You must excuse them as they are not used to seeing many women in here."
The blue-haired guy is at her side, she hadn't even noticed him move from the reception desk to where she was sitting.

"Oh, really? so there are not many women that work here then?"

"You must have impressed the boss if you are working here."

"Thank you I guess."

"Well, he will be down in a minute."

"Ok thanks."

Looking back at the two guys who had walked passed her they had already left. Kat turned back to say something to the reception guy but he was already back at his desk. She thought to herself that he must have moved that quickly and quietly she didn't notice him leave. I mean he was right there a second ago. She shakes it off and sits waiting.

"Good morning Kat."

"Oh Good morning Sir."

Jason is the boss of the company and hired Kat after several qualified students came for the same position but as soon as he saw Kat he knew there was something about her that she was meant to be the one.

"Please follow me."

With no time he turns and starts walking. Kat has to move quickly to keep up with him, making their way through a couple of laboratories that are segregated off you can see the workers behind the glass, Kat didn't notice their heads moving but she was sure their eyes were following her as she walks past, it almost felt creepy.
As if it was like he was reading her mind.

"Don't worry about them, they won't bite you... much."
He leads them through to another room, where there are several workers all in white lab coats, he takes Kat to a station.

"Right this is where you will work, I'll assign Ryan and Bambi to help you out to start with."

Two guys are now standing right behind her, two very sèxy looking guys Kat can feel the heat creeping up her body as these two guys stand so close to her. Her mind is going a hundred miles an hour.

"Fuck...I've got to control myself when I'm in here." She's hoping that she said that in her mind so no one could hear her.

"Sorry, but why is he called Bambi?"

"Because when he started out here he was a little shaky.... and when you see him run.. well he runs like Bambi."

"I do not run like Bambi."
His beautiful big blue eyes gaze into Kats and she almost feels that she is being drawn into him.

"He still gets pissed because we call him Bambi." Ryan's voice was much deeper and his alluring amber eyes. Kat found herself already struggling to hold his gaze without feeling that he was about to pounce on her or something.

"He's also the youngest in our team." Jason's voice was quick to bring Kat back into the room.
That over there is Ruffalo try to stay out of his way.

Ok so the look he gave her and she was sure she heard him growl or something telling her to stay clear of him.
"And that's James, Dallas and Brendan."

All three of them grunt at Kat in unison... and their eyes just linger over her. Kat's starting to feel very self-conscious about being here.

"I'll leave you in the hands of Ryan here, he will show you what you will be doing." With that Jason walks off.

Why when Jason mentions that he was going leave Kat in Ryan's capable hands she saw his eyes flash changing colour and his nose flare...Thinking to herself that maybe she is just imagining things as she feels super sensitive with all these guys around her.

With several pairs of eyes on her, Kat feels like they are ready to eat her...or do something unimaginable...

Thinking how has she just arrived here and she is imagining very naughty thoughts about all of them... 'wow...I wish they would stop staring at me.'

"Here let me take that from you."
Ryan leans over, taking her bag and placing it down under the table, as he comes back up Kat is sure he just sniffed her...

"S...so... y...your meant to show me what to do?"

Ryan looks at Kat and licks his lips as a sort of moan comes out of his mouth.

"I can smell from here." A voice from across the room makes Kat blush as she now wanderers if she smells?

The one who was called Dallas made a funny growling noise.

Ruffalo who she was warned about staying away from grunted. "Fùcking animals."

"Sorry about them, it's been a while since they've been near a female in heat."
Bambi is so sweet and innocent when he talks but Kat definitely heard him say that she was in heat?

"Sorry.... what did you say?"

A voice from the back of the room tells Bambi to shut it. Kat thinks that this is just getting stranger by the minute. Ryan brings her attention back to the table and what is on it.

"Right... well, I suppose I better show you what your to do here."

"Can...can I go use the bathroom first please?"

Bambi offers to take her to the bathroom. "Here I'll show you where it is."

Kat thanks him then bends down and pick up her bag and a unison of growling comes from them... but when she looked at them they were all looking busy.... with a puzzled look she follows the guy they call Bambi to the bathroom.

Thanking him as he walks off and she goes use the toilet and change herself, washing her hands after and as she is finishing up the bathroom door opens, in walks one of the guys that I saw in the reception area when I arrived.


Kat keeps it polite when he talks but he lets out a couple of things that she thinks is strange.
"Mmmm.. I can see now. You smell nice."

"Oh..right..errr.. thanks I guess."
Picking up her bag she turns to go out the bathroom when the door opens on her banging her face with the door. It's Dallas and he apologises to Kat

"You have a little cut on your cheek.. let me clean it up for you."
He takes Kat's hand and leads her back to the sink where he gets a paper towel and wets it from the tap and gently dabs her face, his eyes are so close to her and she knows they did something funny, but he was quick to look down. When he was done, the move was so quick but Kat was sure he just licked her face.

"Did...did you just lick me?"
He leans in closer, "Would you like me to bite you instead?"

A flash of red crossed his eyes. What the hell was that?

Now Bambi has just walked in. Kat thinks this is getting very awkward in here.

"Fucking hell Dallas" Bambi is pissed off at him. "Let's get you out of here and back to your work station."

He leads her out of the bathroom apologising for Dallas's behaviour. Kat feels the air as she gets back into the laboratory and realises that she was holding her breath in there.

This is turning out to be certainly a strange first day and she hasn't even started.
Now its Ryan's turn, he stands right behind Kat and starts explaining things and what she is supposed to do.

She can feel his breath on her neck and it's as if his lips are almost touching her skin sending goosebumps over her body, especially when his hand's guide her's, it's like she's going into some sort of orgasmic ecstasy. She can't concentrate on what he is showing her and, her eyes flutter and breathing gets heavier.

Having no idea what is happening but Kat feels like she is the experiment here. Kat can't control herself, Ryan's hands are caressing her's and his lips on her neck kissing.
Moaning to herself. " oh god I think I'm going to cum."

A clatter of glass smashing on the floor snapped her out of it and she looks around seeing everyone working away.

Ryan is standing next to her and smiles then continues on explaining her job. After he has finished he leaves Kat to it and she sits down getting to work. Did she just imagine that happening? What is happening here?

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