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At His Mercy

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Only read this story if you are into dark romance. Trigger Warning: Please be aware that this story involves sexual content, rape, all forms of abuse and inappropriate language. However that does not mean I encourage or condem any of the above behaviours. Isabella Stewart is forced to marry Damien Bianchi by her family for business reasons, Damien who is the most powerful mafia Don and a famous businessman. Read to find out what happens.

Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter 1

Please be aware that this book contains a lot of sensitive materials.
Please only proceed to read if you do not get triggered by abuse or r*pe scenes.

"I'm sorry...... I'm sorry....." I said breathlessly as I tried to get his hands off my neck so that I could breathe again.

He threw me across the room by my neck and I fell on the floor. Even though my backside burned me as it contacted with the hard floor of his office, I was still thankful that he let go of me so I was able to breathe now.

"Go make me breakfast and don't make stupid mistakes like that."

I nodded my head to his words and dragged myself up and out of the office. My head was spinning and my whole body was aching but I knew I had to make him breakfast or otherwise he'll hurt me a lot worse than now.

I made him scrambled eggs with bacon, avocado on the side and a small tea pot. I placed everything on the tray and walked back to his office.

I knocked on the door with one hand as my other hand held the tray. He said "Come in" and I opened the door then held the tray with both hands.

I walked in and carefully placed the tray on the table and stood a few metres away from his desk.

"Would you like anything else?" I asked in a small voice, as I was already so terrified of his presence that I was not able to speak any louder than that.

"No, you can leave." I nodded my head and felt so relieved and walked out as fast as I could.

I went to our bedroom and got the cream, applied it on my neck and laid on the bed feeling so tired. I eventually ended up crying myself to sleep.

This is my life. I got married to Damien a few months ago and this how my life has always been with me. I am only 18 years old, I graduated high school last year, while he is 30 years old.

My family made me marry him because his family is a powerful family, and if I married him, my father's status in the business world will boost.

They did not care that I did not want to marry him, they did not even give me a choice. I knew I did not have a choice.

"You have ten minutes to strip naked and take that make up off your face." Damien said to me as soon as we got to the hotel suite after our wedding party.

I knew I had to obey him, and I was scared not to anyways so I did as he told me in less than ten minutes and there I was, standing butt naked in front of a man that is supposed to be my husband but he is just a stranger to me, I barely know him, we barely even said two words to each other.

"Lay on the bed." He commanded me. I nodded my head and laid on the bed, on my stomach.

"No, turn around. Lay on your back."

I obeyed again.

He took off his clothes and got on top of me, I closed my eyes and tensed up more than before. So scared of what he will do to me.

I felt him part my legs and I put my hands firmly on his chest, trying to push him off. It was out of my control.

"Please... don't... I'm scared." I whispered.

He had a frown on his face at my words.

"Are you denying your husband, Isabella?" he questioned.

"I- I- no..."


"I'm sorry, nothing." I said as I realised I was close to being beaten up. I was shaking on the inside, my palms were sweating and I felt sick in my stomach.

He parted my legs and was about to push himself in when I moved back, I looked up at him and he was furious.

Before I knew it, he lifted his hand and slapped me across the face making my head turn to the other side.

I cried out as I held my cheek in my hand. It hurt and it felt like it was bleeding.

I kept my head down and kept crying. He got off me and yelled "Get up... Get up!"

I suppressed my tears and got off the bed.

"Go in the bathroom and fix yourself" I nodded and went to the bathroom, washed my face and calmed myself down a bit then went out again.

"Lay on the bed, on your back, again. This time you better not stop me, otherwise I will beat you until you lose consciousness. You understand?"

"Yes." I replied back in a shaky voice as I laid on the bed.

He got on top of me again, parted my legs and pushed himself in me. I cried out and held onto his shoulders, trying to ease the pain. But it wasn't helping, he was big and I was a virgin. I was not even aroused, which made it worse.

He kept going as I just shut my eyes and scrunched my face of how painful it was. Then I felt myself being dizzy, I knew I hit my limit and if he wasn't going to stop soon, I would pass out.

And he kept going and going, until I passed out, I was glad when I did. At least I couldn't feel the pain anymore.

This is how my wedding night went, this is how he treats me, which makes me hate him all the more, which makes sex more and more difficult for me.

I was awoken by the maid, she said dinner was ready. I was not aware that I slept for that long. I looked at the window and it was dark outside. I got up and left to the dinning room.

Damien was there. I really didn't want to be in the same room as him, but I had to.

I sat down on the table, put food in my plate and nibbled on my food, I really did not feel like eating. Even though I haven't eaten anything since yesterday, I think, or was it the day before? I don't know.

I avoided looking at him throughout all dinner, I was so terrified of him, all the time. I always felt like I was on edge.

He finally finished his plate and went, I let out a breathe I did not know I was holding in.

I got up and went back to my room and laid on the bed again.

After a few hours of me just laying on the bed, thinking to myself, he came in, I knew it was him, even though my back was to him.

He went inside the closet then to the bathroom. He then made his way to the bed and pushed me on my back, and had his way with me.

I ended up going unconscious, he probably kept going beyond that.

I woke up the next morning, bruises all over my body. Pain in between my legs, just the normal. I took a shower and went down to make him breakfast, I did not want to repeat the same mistake as yesterday, of forgetting to make him breakfast.

I made him breakfast and went to his office, I heard a woman's voice inside his office. I knocked on the door and walked in to see Damien sitting his chair behind the desk as a woman was sitting on the desk in front of him.

I walked in and placed the tray down and asked if he would like anything else, he said no so I walked out.

I went to the room where I keep all my paintings and drawings in. I spent hours and hours there, drawing and painting, painting and drawing are my hobbies, I love doing it. I also love gardening and working with flowers, that's how I spend most of my time as I am locked in here and not allowed to leave the mansion, I'm also not allowed a phone so I really don't have anything else to do.

Author's note:

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Published on the 29th of March, 2021.

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