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At His Mercy

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Chapter 2

As I was sketching on the porch in the garden, I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around to see Damien, my husband. I looked at him for a second before turning back and continuing with what I was doing.

He took a seat and kept eyeing out my sketching. "Go make me coffee" He said after a few minutes.

I nodded my head, placed the sketching on the table in front of me and went inside to make him coffee.

Although I hated the way he spoke to me in, I was relieved that he didn't hurt me. That he just told me to make him coffee.

I returned back to the garden and gave him his coffee and continued with my sketching.

"You know Isabella.... it's weird that you don't get jealous over your husband." I snapped my head at him with a frown on my face. What was he on about?

"Don't you get jealous when you see me with other women?" Why would I? I literally hate him.

"No...." I said when I realised he wanted an answer.

He kept looking at me, then he nodded his head and got up and left. That was very weird.... but it was not anything new. I always knew he was weird and just very hard to understand.

I stayed in the garden for a few more hours, because it was the only thing I could do, really. Going to bedroom would be boring, the garden was more fun.

Then one of the maid came "Mrs Bianchi, Mr Bianchi would like you to go see him."

"Okay, where is he?"

"He is in your bedroom."

"Okay, thank you for informing me. I will be there shortly." What does he want now?

Please be advised that the following events in this chapter will include violence, abuse, sexual assault and rape. Please only proceed if you are 18+ and okay with reading such explicit content.

I opened the door to our bedroom and saw him sitting on the coach.

"You asked for me?" I said as I stood near the door, my hands together and my face down. I always get so intimidated whenever he is around.

"Yes, come here." I walk to where he is sitting, but still stand a few metres away. Just in case he tries to hurt me, I can have time to run, but deep down I know that if he wanted to hurt me, I will not be able to defend myself against him. But either way, standing that far from him makes me feel safer.

"Get on your knees." I knew where this was going, he's going to make me give him head. I hate that part so much, I wish I can say no and make him stop. I wish he will listen to me if I say no. But I know he will only beat me up if I disobey him. He's done it in the past.

I get on my knees, rubbing my sweaty palms against my dress.

"Unbuckle my belt and hand it to me then unzip my pants and pull them down." I knew, I knew.

I do just as he says, but it's a little more challenging to pull down his pants, because he is sitting down. Anyways, I manage to pull down both his pants and underwear.

He puts his hand out and grabs me by the back of my neck, guarding it to his private area. His other hand holding his penis, guarding it into my mouth. I closed my eyes and tried to not vomit it out of disgust.

At first it started slow, but eventually he was pushing my face in more brutal.

"yeah that's right..." he was in pleasure.

Then suddenly I felt a burn on my back, making me scream out but my scream was muffled down as he is inside of me mouth.

I looked up at him to see him hitting me with his belt. I cried out every time he'd bring down the belt and tried to use my hands to protect my back, but it was useless.

I felt as if the skin of my back was being ripped off into pieces. It was so painful and he did not stop until he reached his climax. After he climaxed in my mouth, he held my throat and squeezed. "Sallow" he said in a low voice with clenched teeth.

I had no other choice but to oblige, my face was turning red, I know that because I could feel my face heating up from the pressure he was applying on my throat and I felt like my eyes would pop out.

I tried to nod my head down, but I realised I could not move it, so I sallowed the content in my mouth, feeling very disgusted. As soon as all of the content was swallowed, he let go of my throat and before I can do anything, he put his hand up and smacked me hard across the face making me fall onto the ground.

I was left chocking on the ground, trying to regain my breathing. At the same time, my cheek was throbbing, the slap was harsh. Before I could understand what was going on around me, I felt a kick landed on my abdomen, it felt as if the wind was knocked right out of me. It made me cough even harder. I thought it was one kick and that was it, but no, Damien continued landing kicks on the same spot until I started coughing out blood.

I tried to stop him, but putting my arms around my lower stomach or by putting my hand out and trying to say "Stop", trying to tell him that I could not take any more kicks, but nothing came out, he finally stopped after I coughed out blood and I was relieved thinking he was going to leave me alone, but he did not.

He sat on his knees and pulled me up to him by my hair and said "You are nothing but a bitch, an ugly bitch. Your face makes me disgusted, that's how ugly you are. Do your understand?" I nodded because I knew I will not be able to use my voice, and I just wanted this whole thing to be over. I was in a lot of pain.

He stood up while still holding my hair, making me also stand and dragged us to the bed, he threw me on it and ripped off my dress. He got on top of me and pushed himself in me, I yelled on top of my lungs at the pain, I was not aroused and on edge of losing consciousness. He placed his left hand on the bed post to steady himself and the right hand to cover my mouth so I was not screaming and ruining his mood.

At this point, tears were streaming down my face, I could not breathe because his hand was also covering my nose preventing me from breathing, so I used my hands to claw on his hand to get it off my face. I scratched him making him take off his hand then punch me right in the face making me pass out.

I woke up again, I was in bed and he was next to me. It was in the morning, I quickly realised my face was stinging so badly as well as the same pain between my legs, then I remembered the events of last night. I got off the bed and tried to walk to the bathroom, but I fell on the floor, it was too painful to walk. I stayed sitting on the ground for a few minutes and tried to walk very slowly again to the bathroom. I barely made it, but when I did, I turned the water on and sat on the floor.

I looked down at my body and I was horrified, I was covered with bruises, especially the area around my stomach. It made me cry, it was so painful and I felt so powerful, it made me want to kill myself.

After washing off, I put on the robe on me and as I was walking out, I made the mistake of looking in the mirror. My face had dark blue and purple bruises on it, I truly did look ugly. It made me burst out in tears, I hated this. I managed to walk out and chuck my ripped dress and underwear in the rubbish, because they are no longer useable.

I then dressed up in a loose dress that covered as much skin as possible so that no one sees the bruises and went downstairs to make breakfast, I did not want another beating. The maids had wide eyes when they saw my face and I could not blame them, but it was very humiliating that they know he beat me up. I passed them a strained smile and proceeded to make breakfast.

After I finished breakfast, I started to take out the plates to the dinning the table, Damien was already there. My heart beat escalated when I saw hum, I hope he gets pleased with the breakfast and doesn't beat me up more, I was already in so much pain.

I placed the plates in front of him and I could see him from the corner of my eyes, eyeing me out. I sat on the chair and I saw his hand lift up, I flinched back out of instinct, thinking he was going to smack me again, but he didn't, he was just trying to stroke my cheek. I stayed still, very tense as he was stroking my face lightly and examining it. He then put his hand back and started eating.

I did not really feel like eating, I had no appetite and it hurt to open my mouth anyways. So I just stayed there, pretending to eat by nibbling on my food just so I don't get in trouble. I was looking down the whole time, because I felt him looking at me and it was making me uncomfortable.

"We have a party to attend today, there will be people coming here to get you ready then we're leaving at 8pm." he stated. I only nodded in response, without looking at him. I was too scared to ask anything else, let alone looking at him.

He finished off his food and left, phew! now I can act normal again.

I helped the maids clean up the breakfast mess and then I went out for a little walk in the garden, to smell fresh air. I picked some of the followers, cleaned them up and put them into a bouquet.

As the usual, I spent my time either sketching, drawing, painting or walking in the garden, fixing the plants and the flowers. It gets really boring here, the maids are always busy, I can't really talk with them and Damien terrifies me so I always try to stay as far away from him as possible. But since we're going to that party today, I won't be bored for the night.

At 6 PM, ladies came in the mansion. They had make up set ups and other stuff, they went upstairs into the bedroom and I was told to go up there too.

They did my make up, which hide all the bruises, thank god and they helped me with the dress then fixed my hair. It took them two hours to finish everything but I looked really good in the end.

At 8 PM sharp, Damien came in the room and took my down stairs and out into the car. I haven't left the house in a long time, it feels good to finally go out.

I sat inside the car, near the window, I looked out at the passing trees and cars. I wish if I can be free, if I can travel freely however I liked. I wish if my husband did not treat me so bad, I don't know what I did to him for him to hurt me like that.

We drove in complete silence for around an hour, it was so uncomfortable but I did not really care to be honest, because I was too deep into my own thoughts.

Damien parked the car in front of a mansion where there were a lot of people. I wonder what this party is about, just out of curiosity, it's probably a business related party.

We got out of the car and walked towards the mansion as we were walking, Damien said "This party is for business associations, be on your best behaviour." He warned. I nodded my head, as I usually do.

We walked in the mansion and we were greeted by an old couple. "Good evening, Mr and Mrs Bianchi." the old man greeted. I smiled at him then at the lady that was with him who seemed to be his wife.

"Good evening." Damien replied back.

"I did not expect you to show up, to be honest." The man said to Damien.

"At least not with a beautiful woman like Mrs Bianchi..." He stated as he looked me up and down. My heart dropped to my stomach at his remark, I don't think he was just complimenting me, it sounded very much like flirting....

I looked up at the old woman that was him and she looked just as uncomfortable as I felt. Damien looked angry, which made my anxiety all the worse because I know he will blame it on me, even though I did not do anything, he will manage to blame it on me. He is going to hurt me again, oh God, my bruises from last night are still very fresh.

"Watch it old man, don't cross the line with me." Damien said in his scary tone and with just that, he pulled me and we walked away from them.

Surprisingly, Damien did not do anything, at least not yet. He acted as if that old man did not just flirt with me. When something like that happens, usually Damien beats me up right after, but this time he just brushed it off and continued through the night as if nothing happened.

We walked around, many people came to Damien, spoke to him, mainly about business. A lot of young and old men, couples and a lot of beautiful ladies who openly flirted with Damien, in front of me. Not like I care, I hate that man and deep down inside of me I don't consider him a husband because I did not marry him willingly. He is just a monster to me who hurts me.

Damien stood with a bunch of men, all talking about business, something I did not understand. As I was standing there, so bored, Damien's auntie came up to me. I did not know she was here.

"Hello my lovely Isabella, why do you look so bored my dear." She said to me in her warm tone as she engulfed me into a hug.

"Oh no, not at all, I'm not bored, maybe just a little tired, but not bored." I corrected quickly because I felt that maybe Damien will not be happy with me being bored.

"Yeah with the heels and all, I can understand. Why don't you come with me, we'll have a drink and chat a little?" she suggested as her palm rubbed my back in a soothing way. Aw, she is so sweet. However I could not give her an answer, Damien had to do that.

I only smiled at her and did not say anything, noticing my silence, she realised that she needed to ask Damien and so she did, thank God he said yes and let go of me.

Me and his auntie walked over to the bar, she grabbed me and herself a drink and we sat down on the lounge area behind the bar.

"So... how have you been doing, Bella?" She asked with a smile.

"I have been doing all right, thank you for asking. What about you? How have you been?" I smiled back.

"Good, good. I have actually been very busy, but you know what I was thinking of, I was thinking of maybe we can all go together on a holiday as a family somewhere outside the country, to relax and have fun. What do you think?"

"That's actually a good idea" I nodded with my head as I took a sip of my drink.

Before I was able to swallow, Damien's voice came through.

"What is a good idea?" Damien asked as he raised an eyebrow looking at me.

"Oh, I was telling Isabella here that maybe we should all go on a holiday outside the country for a few weeks to have fun, you know we haven't done that in a while." His auntie explained, thank God.

"No, I don't think that would be possible anytime soon. I am getting very busy with business."

"Oh it was just a suggestion!" His auntie exclaimed as he eyed me out darkly.

"Either way, me and Isabella need to leave, it was good to see you aunt." With that, he took a hold of me and dragged me outside the mansion, I couldn't even say goodbye to his aunt and I was also getting scared because he looked like he was angry.

He kept dragging me until we got in front of the car in the empty parking lot, he raised his hand up and before I had the chance to shield my face, he had already smack me so hard across the face that I fell down on the hard concreat. He pulled me up by my forearm and whispered "Get in the car, you slut"

I got off the floor and quickly jumped in the car, not wanting to anger him more than he already is.

He got into the driver's seat and speeded off, I guess we're going back home.

As soon as we got home, he dragged me upstairs to the bedroom, ripped off my dress and pushed me on the bed. He got on top of me, and opened his pants.

"No! Please no! Not again!" I yelled without being able to control myself.

"Shut the fuck up!" He yelled at me making me flinch then slapped me across the face making tears stream down my face.

He pushed himself inside of me and kept going in and out in a fast and hard motion, it felt as if he was ripping my inside in half.

"Oh God, Please! Please stop! You're hurting me!" I yelled again.

"That's what you're good for, you're just a whore with holes for me to fuck you in."

"You slut, did you like how men were eye fucking you!" He yelled in my face as he gripped my hair in a very tight hold.

"I'm sorry.... I'm sorry.... please... please just stop..... I.... I... I can't..... I can't take it anymore..... please!" I begged him, feeling myself get heavier and heavier.

He took a hold of my throat and applied pressure, making me feel like my eyes will pop out if he presses any harder.

"You fucking whore, you'll take it, you'll take everything I give you." I held on to his hand, trying to pry it off me but I couldn't.

The last thing I saw was his angry face before I blacked out.

Author's Note:

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you like this chapter. If you do please make sure to leave a review and your thoughts in the comments!

Published on the 31st of March, 2021

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