Impossible Mates

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Savannah Wilson, your typical normal girl, well as normal as a werewolf can be. She soon finds out her typically normal life, is about to get turned upside down. Her older brother Ryan, just packs up and leaves once he turns 16, she doesn't know the reason for his sudden urge to leave town, she misses him but decides to try and put him at the back of her mind. But when he returns a few days before her sixteenth birthday, she learns something that will change everything, even the way she views her "family" She always felt different to the people in her school, even her close friends. She would have never believed how different she really was.

Beth Venning
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Chapter One

I was surfing on a slice of pizza when I felt my body hit a hard surface, I open my eyes and soon discover that I'm laying on my bedroom floor with my best friend Gabbie, laughing her head off on my bed.

"What the heck?" I ask dazed, looking around rubbing my eyes, I thought I'd fallen asleep on the bed.

"I tried waking you up but you wouldn't, so I decided to push you out of bed" she laughs, jumping down off my mattress, which was sideways.

"You know there are nicer ways to wake people up" I say, getting up off the floor rubbing my arm, I look down to see it was red, fantastic! it's gonna bruise a day before my birthday!

I turn 16 tomorrow, everyone is so happy for me but I don't really know how to feel. For those of you who don't know, when a werewolf turns 16 they shift for the first time, which means they're able to find their mate.

"Now hurry up and get ready, we have to leave soon" She tells me, walking out my bedroom, I shake my head annoyed.

Why did I choose her as a friend I will never know, with that thought I start getting ready for school, putting the thought of finding my mate at the back of my mind.

It takes me around half an hour to get ready, I spent most of that time trying to sort my bed out, I make my way downstairs to see Gabbie talking with my parents. My father was eating his breakfast while my mother looked like she was cleaning.

"Good morning family" I smile, as I walk throwing my bag on the floor.

"Morning sweetheart" my dad says, while my mother just smiles at me but doesn't go to speak, something is bothering her but I don't know what, I mean she could just be tired.

"It's your birthday tomorrow!" Gabbie shouts, causing everyone jump from her random outburst, she's a very loud person which this family isn't used to.

I just shake my hand walking over to the fridge to find something quick for breakfast, I decide on a yogurt but I lean against the counter to eat it.

"You're gonna be able to find you mate!" She says happily, but my mum just tenses looking like she was about to throw up, I thought I was meant to be the nervous one here.

"Are you okay?" I ask, she just nods saying she needs fresh air before walking outside leaving me totally confused "Is she okay?" I ask my father, who folded up his newspaper rising to his feet smiling.

"She's fine, she just doesn't want you to grow up, have a nice day at school" he smiles, placing a kiss my head before walking out after my mum, leaving Gabbie and I in the kitchen.

"Ready to go?" Gabbie asks, taking my yogurt off me walking out, I pick my bag up annoyed at her.

"Hey my yogurt!" I shout, following her out the door, by the time I made it outside she already eat it all.

I was walking towards the door after school, Gabbie was gonna come over but her parents said if she wants to hang with me on my birthday, she has to finish her school work, my mum and dad were walking out the door as I walked through.

"We're just popping out for a bit sweetheart to get some stuff, someone's waiting inside for you" my dad smiles, while my mum just walks straight passed me and towards the car, is she trying to avoid me or something?

I smile walking through the door just dumping my bag on the floor, my stomach started to rumble so I make the short journey to the kitchen, my hunger making me forget what my dad said. I walk past the window when someone catches my eye, I look closer and realise it's my older brother Ryan who I haven't seen him in nearly three years! He said he just wanted to get away for a while and hasn't come back since.

I run to the back door but stop just before I was about to open it, I mean do I want to make it seem like I really missed him? He hasn't rang or anything for the whole three years and now he's turning up out of the blue. I decide to put on an act that I didn't care, cause hopefully that would get to him. I open the door slowly to see he was throwing rocks at the garden fence, he always did that if something was playing on his mind, but he hadn't notice I was there yet.

"What you doing here?" I ask, walking out with my arms crossed, this made him jump and turn to look at me, mouth wide open might I add.

"Savannah" was all he said, as I lean up against the wall my arms still crossed.

"Last time I checked, but let's not forget the fact that you ran off" I say still annoyed at him, I haven't had the chance to talk to him about it cause he's been ignoring me for nearly three years! wow I didn't know it annoyed me that much.

"I'm sorry Savannah, but I just needed to get away" he says, finally forming a sentence, he walks towards me I just continue to lean on the wall.

"Why come back now then?" I question, as he comes to a stop in front of me, this makes him smile nudging my arm.

"Why do you think? It's your birthday tomorrow I couldn't miss that" he smiles, making a little smile form on my lips, I never stay mad at people for very long, I'm a lover not a hater!

He opens his arms for a hug, I laugh a little before accepting it, he holds me tightly sounding like he was taking deep breaths like he was taking in what I smelt like, I didn't think much about it and just hugged back, finally given into the fact that I missed him.

We talk for a few hours just about what's been happening here, I was so concentrated on the fact Ryan was back, that I didn't even realise my parents were out the whole night.

"So where did you go?"I ask, sitting next to him on the sofa after, we finished a dinner that was left in the oven from mum.

"Just with friends for a while, but I missed home so much" he says smiling, as he looks around for the remote, it was like he was trying to avoid questions about where he was or what he was doing.

"Why didn't you come back before then if you missed it so much?" I ask, he seems to freeze like he was quickly trying to think of an answer on the spot.

"I just wanted an adventure I guess, break out of this boring town and see the world" he says, making me smile but yawn it was getting late, he finally finds the remote turning the tv to a random channel "You should get some sleep" he says, catching how many times I've yawned, I mean I had school today and that's mentally draining as it is.

"But I'm not tired" I say, laying my head on his shoulder feeling my eyes close, he wraps his arm around my shoulders.

"Goodnight Savannah" he says, as I fully drifted to sleep.


Hey guys I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of my new book, if this is the first one of my books you're reading welcome I hope you enjoy the world that I create through my books. But if you have read any of my books thank you for giving another one a chance you won't regret it

I'll update this book once every week on a Saturday around 2pm UK time if it's any later I apologise but I'll make sure I keep to that

Anyway I hope you're all having an amazing day/night

See you in the next chapter

Much love

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