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BTS GAY STORY(namjin)(sope)(taemin from SHINee and jimin)(taeKook)

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This is a fanfiction of bts vampires and you know but this is what i think basically my imagination, I am going to add Y/N at the end for it to be the daughter The story is about bts all in love with each other but jimin is in love with SHINee taemin they all are shy but not the vampires

Fantasy / Humor
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I was sitting down with my roommates, I am guessing you don't know what i mean, let me introduce myself. I am jeon jungkook i am 20 years old i am from the biggest boy band BTS i share my room with kim taehyung so we are basically roommates i am gay but none of my members know even though we are close i like tae for a long time but i never told my feelings to him, either way lets just go on with the story.

I am sorry for the introduction this is my first pls support thank you:)

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