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Love Like Magic

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When love is like magic, it's as if it never happened.

Fantasy / Romance
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Smiles Too Much

I sat in my room, sneezing uncontrollably and making sparkles fly. I couldn’t control my allergies let alone my magic. I hated when I can’t control anything. I got up, still sneezing, and put my books back where they were supposed to go. I would be late for school but I didn’t even want to be there, I would just cause a whole lot of trouble if I can’t even control my powers there. I was struggling.

I tripped down the stairs but I put a pillow at the bottom to break my fall. That’s the only thing good about magic, I can cover up my clumsiness. Mom heard all my sneezing and coughing and gave me a bottle of what I assumed to be orange juice. But she gave it to me anyway.

“That’s what you get for messing around with cats, Nicholas, I told you that it isn’t good for you.” she said.

“I’m sorry that they’re attracted to us,” I murmured sarcastically, then braced myself for another sneeze that was on the way. I heard glass cracking as I closed my eyes. I feel like I’m getting a work out in my lungs.

“That’s why you send them away,” she said.

“That’s animal abuse.” I commented. Putting animals into a portal to go somewhere else is awful, I don’t even like transporting myself because of the pain that comes with it.

“Believe what you want.” she sighed as I walked to the door. I sighed when I saw all the snow, it makes me feel even worse. I walked in it and didn’t like how it felt so I decided to move the snow out of my way so I could walk on the sidewalk. No one is supposed to catch me using magic then again, I’m sure people would be too stupid to believe what I’m doing. None the less, I kept it to myself, making a little walk way so I could get by.

I sneezed and there was a flood of snow that just dropped on me. I froze immediately from how cold it was. Why does this keep happening to me? I warmed myself up and soon the snow melted and leaked to the ground. I can just keep myself warm for a while and then stop. With every step I took, I heard the snow melt instantly. This is better. I walked my way to school, catching up with some of the kids taking the same way I was. I had to stop using magic and pretend I was just another human boy but there’s a few people who are just like me. I saw Ryan with his friend and I could sense his energy moving, he’s not supposed to be using magic in the presence of humans but no one cares. I pushed my glasses up when he saw me and he nodded in response.

Today, he predicted that the worst was coming. There’s a such thing as bad people who use magic for their own good. There was dark energy everywhere so I assumed a couple of them are here on campus. I never encountered someone who could be evil but my parents told me it would be coming one day. And its my job to kill them before they kill me. I never thought of it that way, I’m just a fragile little kid who can’t do much. I barely even try to use magic unless I want to get by. Fighting isn’t my style and I would like to keep it that way.

“Hey Nick, do you feel that?” Anneli asked me quietly.

“I do.” I whispered back.

“This isn’t good. We weren’t told we would be encountered this quickly. I thought we’d have more time.” she panicked silently.

“Maybe they’re just here like us, only to pretend we have normal lives.” I shrugged. I couldn’t pinpoint where the energy was coming from but there was a giant mass of it. I’d say thirty to forty people here are dangerous.

“Pretending is no fun when we can fly, Nick.” she said.

“I haven’t figured that out yet.” I complained. Apparently, I’m a bit behind because I don’t really understand how it mostly works. I think I know what I’m doing but then I get it completely wrong.

“C’mon, live up to your parents, you can’t just slack off.” she said. Its not my fault I was born to powerful parents. Cut me some slack, I can’t keep up with any of that anyway. My parents know I won’t do anything, but they still expect a prodigy like it might happen. It won’t. I’m useless.

“I’m going to the library.” I passed her and headed the other way. I don’t need to talk to her after that, it would only make me unhappy. I’m always being compared to my parents and I hate it.

I kept sneezing and I thought it stopped; my eyes were watering and every time I sneezed, tears fell down my cheeks. I hate allergies. My nose was now stuffy and I could barely breathe anymore. I wanted to go home but I can’t now. I trudged into the library and went towards the fantasy area. I hid one of my own books in there just so I would have something to passed the time. I waved my hand a bit to find out where it was. I kept doing it until I saw a book glowing purple. Its been moved, probably by the librarian. I reached for it but someone else was doing the same. Why would they want this book? I looked over to see who it was that was out reaching me. I didn’t recognize him in the slightest. He took the book from the shelf but handed it to me.

“Sorry, you just looked a little small so I wanted to help.” he said and smiled. How rude, if I wanted to be taller I would be but I can’t be.

“Uh, thanks.” I clutched the book closer to me chest. Why is he smiling so hard? Is it natural for him? I felt awkward, he looks pretty damn hot with a smile but I don’t know why he’s smiling at me for. I’m not that special.

“I hope I didn’t upset you.” he said. I opened my mouth to say something about it but I ended up chickening out. Why is he talking to me? I know their types, I’ll be thrown in the trash in about a second.

“You didn’t,” I murmured. “I gotta go,” I said quickly and scurried off to find a seat in the back. I hope that never happens again, it was awkward really.

There was something wrong with my book. There was so much dark energy radiating from it. Who touched it? I flipped through the old pages to make sure nothing else was wrong. I might have to bring this home and check it before I say anything from here.

"Invisibilitatem.” I said quietly and the book disappeared. It was only invisible though. I closed it and put it in my bag as I got up. I could still feel its energy and I know some of the dark wizards could too.

I was overwhelmed with so much dark energy in one day, it was practically killing me. I started to have visions that I don’t usually get and its messing with my health. I could never stay in reality for two seconds, anytime someone walked by, I could see the destruction they would cause. I was starting to get a headache from seeing all this and it hurt. I should’ve stayed home and play with stuff but no, I just had to be here to do things I don’t want to do.

“How you holding up, Nick?” Ryan patted my back.

“I swear if the next person that walks by has dark energy, I think I might throw up.” I complained.

“That bad huh, sorry.” he said. I closed my eyes and breathed to calm myself down. “But we got profiling on everyone we could identify.” he said. That’s a good thing I guess. “Most of them are from the north, I’m just not sure why they came here.” he questioned.

“I’m guessing the prophecy.” I shrugged.

“Oh, that person is here? Is it me? Its probably me.” he got cocky. This this ancient prophecy that’s actually pretty correct. Every hundred years, there’s always this one spell caster who becomes the most powerful being there is. My grandpa was it, that’s why my parents are so powerful but I’m not. But there’s always a most powerful spell caster that has the darkest energy around. We have to do our best to destroy the other side before we’re completely wiped out. I hated thinking that I’m about to be part of that hundred year mark, soon those powerful spell casters will have no choice but to reveal themselves to the magic world.

“You look awful, Nick.” Anneli said loudly, that wasn’t going to make me feel any better anyway. I sighed and she saw how distress I was.

“At least my allergies are gone.” I said.

“That’s what you get for messing with cats,” she mocked, sounding just like my mom. She knows how to copy cat, a skill I’m still trying to work on. Its hard to focus out of the blue like that but I still have to practice.

“I’m sorry that cats are attracted to us.” I snapped.

“Just send them away.” Ryan said.

“Sounding like my mom right now.” I complained. They always do that and I hate it, its weird when they get like that. Is it some parallel universe I get switched over to or what? They began to laugh at me and I just got annoyed, I looked away and ran my hand through my hair awkwardly as I waited for them to stop making me look lame.

That blond guy I met this morning walked by with a couple friends, most of them emitting dark energy. My stomach twisted and I really felt like I was going to be sick. But I held what I could before they walked far enough away. I was still nauseous though.

“Mmph, I would love to say that erotica spell just to have him on me.” Anneli watched them walk by, not even ashamed of what she said. I dry heaved when she said that, I think I’m going to die.

“Can you not?” Ryan asked.

“What, he’s hot.” she shrugged.

“That guy is weird, he smiles too much,” I murmured.

“But he’s beautiful.” she swooned, her eyes basically turning pink just because of him. What kind of nonsense is this? I don’t know about beautiful but I’m just a guy, what do I know. “I just want to know him.” she grabbed her red hair and freaked out.

“Okay, you’re weird.” I said.

“Tell me Malichai isn’t hot,” she tested me.

“Wow, his parents must’ve hated him.” Ryan laughed. His name sounds like a traditional wizard name. I can see that. But he isn’t, all there is that’s radiating from him is regular human emotion. Its being masked intensely by the people he’s around.

“That is very rude,” She nagged Ryan. I think I might go home now. I walked away when they started to fight about it. Its just a name, seriously. I took my glasses off since I didn’t need them anymore, my allergies are long gone and I probably shouldn’t get near any cats for a while.

I walked outside and on to the grass. I prepared myself because there was ice everywhere, if I’m going to slip, I might as well break my fall somehow. My foot slid on the slippery plane.

"Nix nebula," I murmured quickly. But I never made it to the ground. I knew the snow was still there but I didn’t fall. Someone was holding me and I wish they weren’t. Is this Ryan? I’ll kill him. I leaned my head back to see that blond guy. Malichai. Isn’t this convenient. He smiled at me as he helped me stand up straight. This is embarrassing but I wasn’t going to say anything about it, he decided to help me....even though I didn’t need it.

“I hope you don’t mind but I didn’t want to let you fall.” he said. Why is he so polite for, its scary actually. He was smiling still and all I could do was stare at his face. Anneli was right, I guess he is beautiful. He has a nice face I guess, and bright blue eyes, some of the biggest ones I’ve ever seen. And a smile as wide as the world. Not to mention he was bigger than me, and more built muscularly. He puts me to shame.

“Its fine, thanks.” I said quietly. Talking to any other person that doesn’t have magical abilities makes me a bit anxious.

“You aren’t the clumsy type are you?” he asked.

“I am actually, you’ll see me falling down the stairs or slipping a lot so don’t mind it.” I said, looking aware. What spell can I use to tightly shut my mouth. I can’t start rambling with a person like him, it will kill me.

But he laughed. I made him laugh. Is that the right thing to do? Is that a good thing? Do I get special points for that or what? I was starting to burn the ice at my feet and it literally wasn’t something I said to do. I hope he doesn’t notice, please don’t notice.

“I guess that means I have to stay around you more,” he said. Oh no, that can’t happen. That’s how secrets get found out and that’s the last thing I want to let loose. A horrid secret. I laughed nervously and rubbed the back of my neck. “I’m just messing around, I didn’t mean to make you nervous.” he said. Did I show that off or did he just know? “Well I should get going,” he smiled at me. How does one keep their face muscles working like that. Did someone spell him because that’s not possible at all.

I didn’t have anything to say but I watched him walk over to his friends that could have basically been brought of from hell. This is ridiculous. He could at least pick the good people, why them? I sighed and turned away, heading home. I burned ice and snow that was in my way. I wanted the sun to go away so I could stay outside at night but I have a couple hours. My parents are sort of concerned for me, always wanting to be in the dark but that’s when magic is at its best and I wonder if they understand that. They should know its much cooler then. Great, I get to go home to parents who are going to nag me about not keeping up with my generation. I learn at my own pace. Its like being home schooled, I can do it myself.

I walked inside, drying my shoes off before mom had anything to say about it. I wanted to go into my room and I was hoping I would be able to. I ran upstairs when I heard foot steps coming out of the kitchen. Not right now, not ever. I ran to my room and locked the door. Finally back in my safe haven. A book came flying right into my hands and I opened it up. Its time to have a little fun.

"Meris tenebris," I said and now it was pitch black. I was standing on nothing, I was nowhere, it was just darkness. I let the book drop from my fingers and started to imagine colors. A bunch of glitter and sparkles formed in the darkness soon showing light. Red consumed everything until I wanted green to over power it and then blue and then red again. I flew around it, letting my imagination run wild for a while. This is what I do instead of studying. I just graffiti in the dark until I’m satisfied to my hearts content. Its nicer than anything. I blew glitter from my hands and it flew lightly and the air, the more I blew the more that came and filled up the space. So many colors.

"Ceciderit.” I said quietly. Everything dropped to the ground, lighting it up. I lowered myself until I could walk on my own. The colors molded and made rainbows of combinations. I walked on it, thinking I could end up somewhere but I’m basically going nowhere, but still, its pretty cool.

“Is this what you do for fun, son?” I could hear dad’s voice. I turned around to face him.

“I thought I locked the door.” I murmured.

“You should be focusing, the hundred year mark is almost near and you should be preparing for war.” he said sternly.

“I’m prepared enough at the moment, let me just have some fun for once.” I complained. Fire came out of his hands after he said a spell and was on its way towards me. I thought of a shield spell that could defend me but I didn’t have time to say it which makes it much more difficult. I moved my balled up hands over my face and thought hard. I wasn’t burnt to a crisp like I should have been.

“See, oh~, I told you.” I jumped around. He was able to make me stop that which infuriated me. Only parents are allowed to control their kid, but no one can use that spell to control anyone else. Now there are those who specialize in controlling others but that’s not me.

“Its not funny Nicholas.”

“Relax, I got this under control, I promise.” I assured. He stared at me with cold dark eyes. I wanted him to stop that, that ugly stare of a parent. He finally disappeared but I could feel his cold presence still in my room. I sighed.

"Revertere,” I said quietly and I was put back in my room. I wonder if the blindness spell is the same as this one, but I don’t know if the reverse spell would even counter a disable spell. I’m not even going to try it. I sighed again and looked at all the books on my floor. I should get to work at least, I only got so many days left, might as well make them count.

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