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Just Be Mine

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Pierce's parents were killed by a clan of vampires when he was younger. He tries to forget about that sick night and continue his life as if it were normal. Kellin happens to be one of the vampires who took his parents' life but Pierce doesn't know that; he has a serious interest in the nineteen year old human despite knowing the fact that he could kill him. Pierce denies everything that Kellin wants but it doesn't last long before he gives in.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

{Kellin’s P.O.V.}

“What are you doing, Kellin? I said stop killing.” Dante shouted at me. He brought me down to my knees mercilessly and pulled my head up by my hair; his giant hand managed to get a good grip. I glared into his red eyes as he snarled. A growl rose from my chest but I had to suppress it as much as I could. This is my fearless leader, someone who has lived for thousands of years.

“If you can’t keep that hunger of yours under control, I think I just might snap your neck.” he threatened lowly as he got in my face, gripping my hair tighter. I was challenging him and he knew I would but I must obey. That’s the law for us.

“Dante, I think that’s-” Layne was trying to say but Dante snapped. He turned to the tall blond and bared his fangs.

“That’s what?” he shouted as he threw me to the side like I was nothing. I hissed and grabbed at my hair. What’s his problem? Layne took a step back just like everyone else did. No one is supposed to try their leader, it will get them killed. I didn’t fear my life much but there will never be a day where I get killed by Dante.

“Never mind.” Layne murmured and looked away quickly. I fixed my hair out of my eyes and rose to my feet. If I really wanted to fight Dante, I would, but I’m not as strong as he is so there is definitely no point. I can hold it out. I’ll break away from his rule one day and be on my own. Its not fun hanging around Dante but its only like that when I kill more than a substantial amount of people just to supply my thirst for blood. So I guess I brought this on myself. Maybe you can say that, I don’t know.

“Don’t let me find you on a killing spree again, Kellin, or it will be your last.” his eyes turned red again as he threatened me. I will take that as a promise for sure. He turned and walked away from us, disappearing into the dark night. Where does this man spend his time? Whatever. When everyone was sure he was out of hearing, I heard the chatter as they disperse.

“Thanks Kellin, all you do is get us in trouble.” Layne was annoyed.

“Welcome buddy,” I patted his back as I walked past him.

“Where are you going now?” he asked angrily.

“Out. I’m bored.” I said but didn’t turn back. He called my name and my only response was a flimsy wave as I walked out of the alley way.

I’ve been watching the black haired human for years now. He was only five when I took his mom’s life. I haven’t been able to get over my attachment for him for fourteen years. I’m not ashamed but I have to keep it a secret from the others. The involvement of feelings with a human is forbidden. No one knows, not even Pierce. I’m not intending on showing myself to him. Though I wouldn’t mind killing that girlfriend of his. It makes me sick to see him with her; she’s bad news. But he “loves” her. Doubt it.

Maybe I should make him mine.

But that’s a dangerous thought. I shouldn’t do anything like that even it kills me. I just don’t like seeing him with someone else. Now how can I get him away from her without actually destroying her existence? I don’t think there’s a possible way of doing that safely.

I watched from a building ledge as they passed by. They were coming back from a midnight rave. How stupid to walk around at this time of night. Any type of danger could pop out at them. A smiled crept to my lips, my fangs poked on my skin. I don’t think I’ll be that terror actually. Not tonight. I won’t consider having any type of fun like that. It would just be too cruel.

Maybe I could kill her one day. Her scent does smell....enticing. But I would love to drink from Pierce. I’d take him any day.

I passed my tongue over my fang as I watched them walk together on the street, giggling and laughing. Soon one day that will end and Pierce will be my human.

Only mine.

{Pierce’s P.O.V.}

“I’m so tired.” I faked yawned and slouched next to her.

“Is that your excuse just cause your not in the mood?” Jesse asked.

“Wow babe, you’re smart.” I smiled. She punched my arm. I laughed at how weak she was; she frowned. How cute. I wrapped my arm around her and brought her close to me, still laughing.

“You know what we could do tonight?” she hinted. All this women is is horny. But who could blame her? I got her good.

“I got class tomorrow morning.” I sighed. I won’t be able to wake up in the morning though, its already one a.m. This will be tough.

“That’s what you get for taking morning classes Pierce.” she laughed. Its not really a problem when she doesn’t call me up at ten complaining that I never take her out. I ran my hand through my hair slowly.

“I would actually like to graduate.” I said, making it seem like she doesn’t. She doesn’t care much actually, classes are just a bother to her unfortunately.

“I,” she started, “would like to come to your place tonight.” she nestled her head on my shoulder. Umm.

“No.” I flat out said. She needs to calm down just for one night, please. “No sex tonight.”

“Humph.” she pushed away from me and pouted as she crossed her arms. Jesse can be such a child sometimes and she’s older. It surprises me when she acts like this. “Fine, have it your way.” She walked ahead of me.

“I will.” I said back to her. She didn’t give me a second glance. She walked on, her blond curls bouncing with every step she took. I bit my lip when I saw that ass in those leggings. Dammit.

“Alright, let’s go.” I gave in. She came running back to me with a smile. She moved next to me, moving my arm around her shoulders herself. That’s fine too.

I met Jesse at a concert in California when I was seventeen. We’ve been together ever since. Some people say she’s just a bad influence but I already had issues before I met her. We both just shared the same problems. Nothing so bad. Jesse is fun and when I’m with her, I don’t have to think about anything I don’t want to think about. I have my reasons.

Its been years. Both my parents were killed by vampires when I was five. I never thought something like that could happen in a world like this but its cruel. I lost them to blood suckers. I haven’t ran into one since and I would love to keep it that way. All they’ve done was ruin my life. If I saw one again, I wouldn’t hesitate to attempt to kill it. Vampires are repulsive creatures. And I hate them.

I shooed Jesse away before my roommate could even suspect she was here. I don’t need to be yelled at or anything, its already too much to bare. When she was gone, I just stayed up to make myself breakfast.

“Oh my gosh, can you honestly not bring your girl here?” Toby shouted. Too early for that. Way too early.

“Relax, you slept fine right? Its not a big deal.” I shrugged as I flipped my pancake.

“Really?” he asked sarcastically. I turned around. He was holding up a bright pink thong that was left in the living room. Oh.

“Could you give that to her when you see her today. That’s her favorite thing to take off for me.” I said and smiled. He made a face and threw it somewhere.

“You are one sick fuck, bro.” he sighed, scratching his head. I turned around to get my pancake that was sizzling on the frying pan.

Toby has been my best friend since I met him on my first day here. He’s hilarious, more importantly, he decided to put up with me. Funny how he thought he could share an apartment with me though when I annoy the shit out of him every single day. I have to apologize every time I remember what a bother I am. I do cause a lot of problems though. Its fine. He’s only one of my roommates. Jeremy is never here, ever, but he pays most the rent. I feel like all he does is throw us money and leave. I mean, I don’t have a problem with it.

“Are you working today or what?” Toby leaned on the counter in front of me and jabbed his fork at my food. I stabbed him lightly with mine in attempt to get him to back off. But he went on like it was nothing. “You promised you could hook me up with someone, man. I’ve been waiting.” he said. I sighed and sat back.

“Its not my fault you’re picky, I keep trying but you just reject everyone,” I argued.

“Every chick you pick has a problem.” he said. “Jesse for example,” he started.

“Dude stop, don’t go there.” I warned. He threw his fork on the plate and pushed off the counter standing up straight.

“I’m still waiting though.” he said and went back to the room. I just stared for a moment. Whatever.

After my after noon class, I go to work. I have a job at a cafe just for entertainment purposes. I play guitar but that’s it. I don’t plan on making a career in music but if it hits me first before I graduate medical school then I’m fine with it. Both my parents were pediatrist so the least I could do is follow in their foot steps and make them proud if they’re up there in heaven.

Toby wasn’t kidding about me setting him up with someone. Today I was going to let him handle everything though, I’ll just be a wing man. I played a few cords on my guitar as a couple girls talked to him. My break could go on for hours if I wanted it to. Everyone goes where I play so it doesn’t matter much to me.

I noticed a guy walk in. He seemed sort of radical for this atmosphere really. He dressed in all black, not a single color was represented on his clothing. His hair was also black but the front was dyed blond, almost white. He shook it out of his eyes as he talked to his friend. He could have been my height but he didn’t seem that muscular at all. But I wouldn’t know. They were both really pale. But more then that, they both were completely flawless and graceful. I narrowed my eyes as I stared at them. I was suspicious of both of them. As his blond friend talked to the cashier, I saw the dark one’s eyes turn bright red as he licked his teeth. I staggered, playing dissonances on my guitar. I had to stop before I break a string. I looked down, trying to not get attention drawn to me but that didn’t happen.

“Dude, you okay?” Toby asked. I looked at him, nervous. I haven’t felt so scared before but I held it back.

“Yeah, just give me a minute.” I got up, moving my guitar on him. “Don’t play anything.” I told him as I rushed off. I went to the restroom quickly. I just needed to get away for a moment.

I splashed water on my face to wake me up. Its obvious that I didn’t get any sleep last night. I just hoped that what I saw wasn’t real life. That guy’s eyes turned red. No one’s eyes just turns red. That’s not possible at all. I think I was going to be sick. My stomach wasn’t handling this as much as I thought it could but I really didn’t like what was going on. I wished I didn’t see those two. Now its my nightmare.

There’s two vampires here.

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