The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Silver and Gold One has always been believed to save the world and the other has always been believed to destroy the world In the year Two-Thousand and Ten, a darkness shall rise and the fate of the world rests on the shoulders of Nichallo, an immortal Guardian appointed to protect the Golden Child His assistant, Carver, the son of Neptune Cassidy, the Golden Child Skye, a lonely child who also happens to have the aura of a silver child and Elizabeth, a vampire with a black belt. As the heroes traverse the world to help Cassidy get ready for the fight to determine the fate of the world, they will learn more about themselves and just what it means to be a Child of Fate.

Fantasy / Adventure
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I wrote this back in 2010 so quite a bit of it was inspired by my favorite authors of the time and I was still just a beginner when it came to writing. Since I had been using small notebooks for this, it was originally a four-book series but I have combined it into one larger book. I did try to get rid of as many grammatical mistakes and errors as I could so I am sorry if I missed any.

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