The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Chapter Eight

At Robin’s house, John and Carver were in the dining room having supper. Carver looked upstairs. “How long will it be before they’re done?” He asked.

John shrugged. “Hard to tell. Robin has to teach her how to use a sword and the earth element.” He answered. He had never seen Robin teach anyone elemental magic before. He wasn’t entirely sure how long it would take.

Carver looked outside. Nichallo was still out there. He thought that Titus’s allies might come, but so far, he was wrong. Carver looked at John. “Who are the other two masters that we’re going to be meeting?” He asked.

John thought a little while. “You’ll be seeing Romeo in Italy. Then in Greece, Neptune. Romeo is the air master. Neptune is the water master.” He replied.

Carver coughed. “I thought Neptune was just a myth.” He said.

John laughed. “No. The Greeks and the Romans based their water gods off of him.”

“What about Romeo? He sounds familiar.” Carver said. He wished that he could remember why though.

John smiled. “He should Shakespeare used him in a performance. Romeo and Juliet. He got Romeo to be in it.” He told Carver.

Carver nodded as he remembered reading it. He thought that Romeo had just been a fictional character. “What will happen if the Dark Ones escape?” Carver asked. He had heard what Nichallo had said but he wanted to hear what else could happen.

John sighed. “Death. Destruction. Cities will be in ruins. Monsters released. The Dark Ones will force people into hiding.” He answered.

“Will the ten sorcerers join the golden child? Cassidy I mean.” Carver asked.

John nodded. “And so will I. Robin will need my help And will you join us?” He asked Carver.

Carver looked at him. “I don’t know. Probably though.” He answered. He wasn’t sure why John was asking that question. Carver thought for sure that he would be there to help fight. He wondered if there was something else he didn’t know about.

Nichallo came in at that moment. “I guess I was wrong. No sign of the Dark One’s servants.” He sat down on the couch.

Robin and Cassidy came downstairs. Robin used the chair mover on the stairs. “I’ve taught Cassidy all that I can with using a sword and the earth element.” Robin told Nichallo. He then looked at the clock. “You guys can stay here tonight. Then tomorrow morning, you’re off.”

Cassidy sat down next to Carver as her stomach rumbled loudly.

John stood up. “What do you want to eat?” He asked Cassidy. “We have hamburgers, pizza and tuna fish.”

Cassidy looked up at him. “Hamburgers.” She answered. John went into the kitchen.

Robin’s cellphone began ringing. He answered it. “Yes? I see. Are you sure? Okay. I’ll tell him. Goodbye.” He hung up. “That was Mrs. Paine. She wanted John to know that he can come this Friday for a pep rally and do a concert there.” He told everyone.

Cassidy looked surprised There was a threat rising and yet the people she met still could have normal lives in a way. They acted like nothing was wrong. She decided that she would try it sometime.

As the clock struck midnight, Titus smiled. The time had come. He turned to Abigail, Vagon and Malcom. “Let’s do this.” He raised his sword up. “For the Dark Ones!” He shouted.

The three raised their swords. “For the Dark Ones!” They echoed.

At the edge of the forest leading into London, the four came out of the shadows. Behind them came their army. The streets of London were empty and quiet. A few lights were on inside the buildings. Titus waved his hand at them. The lights turned off.

Titus smiled. “Now we can move in. Abigail, Malcom. If you see any lights, turn the power lines off. We don’t want anyone to see us.” As if to prove his point, Titus waved at the light post. They shut down immediately. The warriors began laughing. As the group marched through London, they came across no opposition.

Malcom smiled. He had told the cops, his men, not to let anyone on the streets after midnight. Then to make sure they all stayed home. He looked at Titus. “I did my part.” He told him.

Titus looked at him. “Yes. Quite nicely too.” Was all he said. He turned ahead at that note.

Up ahead, a few minutes away, was Robin’s home. The lights in one room were on. Abigail pointed at it and the lights turned off.

Inside, Robin was in his study when the power went out. He frowned and looked outside. He gasped. Outside, coming at the house, was an army. He noticed Abigail was there with Malcom. He then saw Vagon and Titus. He rolled into the hallway. “Everyone! Up now!” He shouted. He banged on the doors.

Nichallo and John came out, their swords were out. Carver and Cassidy joined them.

“What is it?” Cassidy asked.

Robin looked at her. “The enemy is here.” He answered.

Nichallo looked at them. “We have to hold them off till they retreat.” He said. John nodded.

Cassidy stepped forward. “I can use my powers.” She offered.

Nichallo shook his head. “I won’t allow it. If you do that, more will join the enemy.” He told her. That was the last thing they needed.

Robin went to a cupboard and took out his bow and a quiver full of arrows. “Here’s the plan. I’ll be at the window over the door. If they charge, I can shoot them off.” He said.

Nichallo turned to John. “You and I will be at the door. If they get though, we can deal with them.” He said. He then turned to the two kids. “Stay up here. Carver. Guard Cassidy with your life. She’s our last hope.” He told them.

Carver nodded. “You can count on me.” He promised.

Nichallo nodded. “Let’s do it.” They all scattered.

Outside, Vagon went up to Titus. “Now?” He asked.

Titus drew his sword. “Now,” He pointed at the house. “Charge!” He shouted. The warriors roared and moved in. Titus began laughing. The Guardian and his allies were finished up for good.

Abigail was leading the monsters when an arrow pierced a fire warrior. The warrior collapsed dead. Two more warriors were shot down. “Move in!” She ordered. She then got shot in the stomach with an arrow. She continued to move in. An arrow pierced her arm. She gasped. A third pierced her leg. She fell to her knees. She then gasped as an arrow pierced her throat. She collapsed dead.

Titus ran to her. “Abigail!” He shouted. He felt for a heartbeat. There was none. He laid her down. He turned to the house. “You’ll pay for this!” He shouted. He would make whoever did this pay with their life.

Robin saw Titus shout at the house. He took the chance and fired at him. Titus blocked it. He made a grabbing motion and held it at Robin. Robin gasped as he felt something squeeze his throat. His vision clouded. He slumped dead.

Titus smiled. “Get the remainders.” He ordered.

The warriors moved in. The warriors reached the door. As they smashed the door down, Nichallo pointed at them. Several warriors roared as they turned to ashes. More came in after them. Nichallo snapped his fingers.

The warriors turned on each other. “What did you do?” John asked as he watched the warriors fight each other.

Nichallo smiled. “I made them think that they’re fighting us.” The two charged in and began fighting.

Malcom sheathed his sword as he watched from where he stood. He knew when a battle was over. The warriors had been fighting each other. Not to mention they lost at least a third of the army. He began backing away and then took off running into the night.

Titus snuck around the back. He broke in. After making sure the coast was clear, he snuck upstairs. Thank goodness that his army was keeping the Guardian and his friends busy. Now he could deal with the child.

Cassidy and Carver were in a locked room when the door rattled. They both held their breath until the door stopped. It then exploded. They backed away. Titus began laughing as he came in. He pointed at the lights and it came back on. He smiled at Cassidy. “You’ve escaped me once. It won’t happen again.” He then noticed Carver and groaned. “Not you again.” He then shrugged. “Oh well.” He went towards them and took Ragnarök out.

Carver took his dagger out. Cassidy took Excalibur out as well.

Titus laughed. “You are no match for me. I can take you both down.” He told them. He charged in.

“Carver! Take his left. I’ll take his right.” Cassidy said.

Carver nodded. They both dodged and Titus went past them.

Titus turned to them. “Nice try.” He said.

Cassidy and Carver ran into the hallway. They went to the stairs past Robin’s dead body. Carver grabbed the bow and the quiver. He turned to Titus and fired two arrows. Titus hid in the room. The two kids took the chance and ran for it.

Outside, Nichallo and John finished up the remaining enemy warriors. Cassidy and Carver then joined them. “Titus is in there.” Carver told them.

“What about Robin?” John asked.

“He’s dead. Titus killed him.” Cassidy answered. She didn’t think that was even possible.

They then heard Titus laughing at the door. They turned to him. “I had a pleasure doing that. Now my wife is avenged.” Titus said.

The four took out their weapons. “We outnumber you four to one.” John said. He then frowned and counted before smiling. “Literally.” He added.

Titus chuckled. “I’ll be the one outnumbering you soon. When my masters are released, you’ll all be destroyed.” Titus then chanted a spell. He disappeared in black clouds.

Nichallo turned to John. “We need to bury Robin.” He said.

John nodded. “Tonight, then tomorrow will you go according to your plan?” He asked. Nichallo nodded. They had to get going if things were getting this bad. Robin’s death would be like a flare for all of the Dark Lords’ servants.

From the shadows, Anubis watched the whole thing. He was very disappointed when Titus disappeared like that. Now he would have to wait even longer for Ragnarök. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t continue with other parts of his plan. He left to see Malcom.

The next morning, John drove the three to the airport. “Nichallo. Do you have the tickets?” John asked.

Nichallo nodded. “Right here.” He raised the three tickets.

John looked at Carver and Cassidy. “Are you two ready?” He asked.

“Yeah.” Carver answered.

Cassidy didn’t respond. Carver tapped her on the arm. Cassidy looked at them. “What?” She asked.

“Are you ready to go on with your journey?” John asked.

“I guess so.” Cassidy answered.

They pulled up to the entrance. As the three got out, Nichallo turned to John. “So long my friend. Get ready for the time is nearly here.” He told him.

John nodded. “I will. When this is over, they’ll be scared of me.” He said. He then drove away.

Nichallo and the two kids then turned to the airport. “On with our quest.” Nichallo said. They entered the airport.

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