The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Part Two Chapter Nine

Neptune was fighting off thousands of monsters. Lightning flashed and thunder roared across the sky. For three whole days, the Dark Ones’ servants had been attacking. Above them all, a black creature was slithering in the dark clouds, being outlined in lightning. It was like a snake. The body was long. There were no feet or arms. It hissed at all the monsters. They retreated back.

Neptune ran to his home. His wife was there. In her arms was their baby boy. “They’re here for him.” Neptune said.

His wife held the baby close to her. “What do we do?” She asked.

“We must get him away from here.” Neptune replied. The creature in the sky hissed again. The two parents ran outside with the baby. No sooner did they do that than the house exploded. Neptune looked at his wife. “To the ocean. I have a small basket there that can take him to safety.” He told her. They ran to the sea. The creature followed them.

At the sea, Neptune put the baby in the basket. “So long my son.” He said. He pushed the basket out to sea. The creature roared in the sky and slithered down to the Earth. Neptune and his wife turned to it.

The creature was a giant snake. Its scales were shiny and black. The eyes were blood red. The forked tongue flicked out then back in. The snake opened its mouth and hissed. “You let him escape.” It hissed.

“I don’t know why you want my son, but you’ll never get him.” Neptune told it.

The snake laughed. “My masters, the Dark Ones, want him.” The snake then smiled wickedly. “But I guess I’ll have to settle for you two.” It lunged at them. Neptune’s wife pushed Neptune out of the way.

Neptune looked up to see his wife devoured by the snake. “No!” He shouted. A trident appeared in his hands.

The snake began laughing. “That was good. Now for you.” It lunged at Neptune.

Neptune jumped up and stabbed the snake, leaving a scar on its nose. The snake hissed and grabbed Neptune with its tail. “You are mine now!” It hissed. And with that, it swallowed Neptune whole.

Carver woke up. He looked around and remembered that he was on a plane. “You okay?” Nichallo asked.

Carver nodded. “Why wouldn’t I be?” He asked.

“You’re sweating and it looked like you were having a bad dream.” Cassidy answered.

Carver looked at her. “I just had a nightmare. A giant snake ate two people up.” Carver shuddered. “I hate snakes.” He then added.

Nichallo looked at him but didn’t say a word. The plane continued its way to Paris France.

In Paris France, the plane landed at the airport. As the three were getting off, Carver looked at Nichallo. “Is our friend expecting us?” He asked.

Nichallo looked at him. “Yes. John called him after we left him at the British airport.” He answered.

Cassidy looked around. “Where is he?” She then spotted something out of the ordinary. Three teens in black clothes. Black hoods covered their heads. They had black sunglasses on and they were looking at her and her two friends. She looked away but it was too late.

The three teens spotted Nichallo and the two children as they were leaving. They all smiled. Titus had contacted them about the Guardian and the two children coming to France. The three were told to kill all of them if the Dark Ones were to rise once more. They sniffed in deeply, concentrating on the three’s scents. Their kind would be able to find their victims in the past by doing that. “Come. Let’s get them quickly.” The middle one said. They began walking quickly.

Nichallo sensed the creatures coming. “Hurry, but don’t act like you’re trying to.” He whispered. The three began moving a little faster until they were outside. “He should be here any minute.” Nichallo said, looking at his watch.

A yellow car with black racing strips pulled up. The front passenger window opened to reveal a man in the driver’s seat. “I’d hurry up if I were you.” He said, motioning at what was behind them.

Nichallo nodded. “Get in quickly.” He ordered. Cassidy ran to the other side of the car and got in as Carver got in.

The three teens ran up as the car peeled away. The left one hissed. “Now what?” She demanded.

The middle one smiled. “We wait for orders.” He answered. They disappeared into a taxi and drove away.

In the first car, Carver looked at the driver. He had a shaggy beard and wavy hair. “Thanks for the save back there.” Nichallo told the man.

The man smiled. “Sure thing Nichallo. It’s a good thing I showed up or you would have had to face three Vampors.” He said.

Cassidy and Carver looked forward. “What’s a Vampor?” Cassidy asked.

“A creature that in legend was said to have created Necrolyn and Vampela’s vampires. Their ancestor in a way.” Nichallo answered.

The man nodded. “It was bound to happen that they would wake up.” The three looked at him.

“What do you mean?” Nichallo asked.

The man looked surprised. “For three months now, the servants that have been asleep, hiding, are coming back.” He explained. The man, Cedric, then looked grim. “But sixteen years ago, he was awakened.”

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