The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Chapter Ten

In the D.L Incorporation in London, Titus sat at his office desk, waiting uncomfortably. Across from him, on the other side, Malcom sat, his face was hard to read. They both had stayed even after Titus told his employees to go home. On the desk was a telephone. The two men were watching it. The lights in the building turned off. The machines, the electricity and the other technology that ran the building shut down as well. The telephone began glowing green. Malcom looked at Titus and nodded. It could only be one thing. Their masters. Titus pressed the speaker button.

“You have failed at getting rid of the Guardian and the child.” A human voice said. Both men knew who this was. It was Titus’s master. The one Dark One he served. Neither one spoke. They then heard several voices. Humans, creatures and all sorts. All the Dark Ones were there. “But we are willing to let you both continue with the mission.” The human voice continued. “You’ll both go to Paris France. We have three loyal servants there. We’ll contact them to let them know of your arrival.”

Malcom blinked, surprised at this. “My Lords. I hate to say no, but I was already on a quest when I got dragged into this.” He objected.

There was a pause. “What is this quest? Answered wisely or you’ll die for refusing to obey.” Titus’s master warned him.

Malcom took the moment. “For three months now, the signs for your return to power have been fulfilled.” He then smiled. “Except for one.”

Titus frowned. What did they miss? What did Malcom know that they didn’t?

“What is it?” Titus’s master asked.

“We have to find the silver child. The silver aura is equal to the golden child.” Malcom explained.

“What are you getting at?” Titus’s master asked.

“We could use the silver aura to release you all from your prison. Then we could destroy the Guardian and golden child if Titus fails.” Malcom answered.

“Do you know where this silver child is?” Titus’s master asked.

“Sadly no, but if we used Titus’s corporation satellites to locate the silver aura, we could get them to work for us.” Malcom answered.

A few minutes went by, and then the Dark Ones gave their answer. “We have decided. Malcom. get Titus to give you his satellites. Locate this silver child. Titus will go to Paris France and get rid of the Guardian and the golden child.” They then hung up. The green glow vanished as the building’s power came back on.

Titus looked at Malcom. “So that’s what you’ve been up to. You found the silver child.” He said. He made a mental note not to trust Malcom so easily again.

Malcom smiled. It felt good to be in power. “Not yet. I need your satellites to locate this child.” He reminded him.

Titus nodded, annoyed. “Their codes are on my computer.” He told Malcom.

Cedric drove them to his home. It was on the edge of France. Carver and Cassidy looked outside to their left. It was small. The walls outside were green. The roof was small. Cedric stopped the car in front of the house. “Here we are. Home sweet home.” He said. They all got out of the car.

Nichallo looked at Cedric. “Will we be safe here?” He asked him.

Cedric nodded. “If not here, then at my lair.” He answered. Nichallo looked at him but didn’t ask about it.

Cassidy looked at Cedric. “When do I learn the element of fire?” She asked.

Cedric looked at her. “Soon but first I have to contact my lair. Let the people there know about you.” He answered.

“Who are your people?” Carver asked.

“You’ll find out later.” Cedric told him. They went inside.

Carver couldn’t believe his eyes. All along the walls of the living room were bookshelves. On them were hundreds of books.

Cedric looked at him. “You love books?” He asked. Carver nodded. Cedric smiled. “Feel free to read them then.” He said. Carver went to the shelves. He began reading the titles. Some he recognized, others were new. There were old editions, new ones, limited editions, first editions. Cedric turned to Cassidy. “I’ll be right back.” He disappeared into the kitchen.

Carver looked at Nichallo. “He has quite the collection.” He said.

Nichallo chuckled. “Cedric is a bookworm. He’s been collecting books for centuries.” He replied.

Cassidy went to a shelf and noticed an old-looking book. She pulled it out. It had a wooden binding. On the cover was a golden circle. “Nichallo. What’s this book called?” She asked.

Nichallo went to her. He looked at the book. He gasped. “I thought this was lost after the war.” He said.

Cassidy gave him the book. “What is it about?” She asked.

Nichallo looked at her. “It’s about our past. The war against the Dark Ones. It also talks about you gathering the power to destroy evil.” He answered.

Cedric came in. He stopped when he saw Nichallo with the book. “I see you’ve found the Codex.” He said.

Nichallo nodded. “I thought it was lost after the war.” He said.

Cedric nodded. “So did I but in Thirteen-Twelve, I found it at the palace.” He explained.

Nichallo looked at him. “How did you get it?” He asked.

Cedric laughed. “Went to the king. Told him it belonged to my family for many years. He returned it to me.” He answered. He then turned to Cassidy. “I’ll train you, then we have to go to my lair just in case of an emergency.” He told her.

At the Eiffel Tower, the three Vampors were at the bottom at a beam. “Are you sure that he’ll come here?” The female Vampor asked.

The first Vampor nodded. “He’ll be glad to go hunting after sixteen years.” Storm clouds gathered over the tower. Lightning lined a serpent’s body.

The three bowed to it. “Our lord.” They said. The snake came down. Surprisingly, none of the people saw it.

The snake gathered into a giant bundle then transformed into a man. He had black scaly armor. A black cape billowed behind him. His teeth were fangs. He looked around. “Guess I’ll have to change my appearance.” He said in a slight voice. His clothes turned into black pants and a black long sleeve shirt. He sniffed the air. There was a familiar presence. He turned to the Vampors. “The Dark Ones are sending us an ally. Titus.” He told them.

The Vampors snarled. They didn’t like Titus that much. He was unpredictable. But they were willing to work with him if it meant the return of the Dark Ones.

“When does he come?” The third Vampor asked.

“In an hour.” The man answered.

The three bowed again. They knew what to do. “We’ll meet him at the airport then.” The first Vampor said. They took off running.

The man watched them leave. He then caught the smell of a familiar presence. It couldn’t be. He had killed Neptune. But the smell of the sea in someone’s blood was the same as Neptune.

He then remembered the baby. Could the baby be in Paris? He would hunt for the baby if he had to. He turned into a small snake and flew into the sky. The snake grew into a giant snake. The storm clouds vanished as quickly as they came.

In an alleyway near the Eiffel Tower, a hound saw the snake. It knew that the snake was dangerous. It could destroy anyone. The hound knew it had to get to Cedric. Cedric’s guests were in danger. It barked and took off running.

At Cedric’s house, Carver was busy reading in the library when something began scraping at the door. He looked up at the door. To his surprise, it was a dog. Carver just looked at it when Nichallo came in. When he saw the dog, he went to the door. Carver stood up as Nichallo let the dog in. “Are you crazy? How do we know that the dog isn’t working for Titus and the Dark Ones?” He demanded.

The dog growled.

Nichallo looked at the hound. “Forgive him. He doesn’t know yet.”

Carver looked at Nichallo. “What don’t I know?” He asked.

“That dog is a were-creature.” Everyone turned to the kitchen door. Cedric and Cassidy were there. “That’s a werehound. And he’s my best friend.” Cedric continued.

Cassidy and Carver looked at the werehound as it transformed into a man. His clothes were brown armor like his fur when he was a dog. He looked at the two children. “Yes. I’m a were creature.” He told them. “I am Edward, captain of the were creatures.”

“I thought you could only change at a full moon.” Cassidy said.

Edward laughed. “Mortals made that up because they saw a werewolf change at a full moon. They then kept looking for werewolves at a full moon. We can actually change whenever we want to.” Edward explained.

“What brings you here?” Cedric asked.

Edward turned to him. “He’s here. He sent his three Vampors to the airport to get Titus. He’ll then attack.” He answered.

Cedric turned to Nichallo. “We must get to my fortress.” He told him.

Nichallo nodded. He knew who it was that Edward and Cedric were talking about. “We’re all in danger from him.” He said.

The two kids looked at each other, then at Nichallo. “Who’s he?” Carver asked.

Nichallo looked at him. “He goes by many names. The Destroyer, The Champion, The Fanged One, but everyone calls him The General. Fangor.” He told them.

Cedric nodded. “He leads an army of Vampors. They destroy their enemies without showing mercy. Every full moon, they choose ten people at random in every town and turn them into Vampors. They’re taught to murder, fight and other skills.” He told them.

Edward looked at them. “We all need to get to the fortress. We can hold them off there.” They all went outside. Edward turned into a werehound. The others got into Cedric’s car. They drove off with the werehound running behind them.

Nichallo looked at Cedric. “Where’s the fortress?” He asked.

“An hour out of town.” Cedric answered.

Cassidy looked out the window. She was amazed at how everyone in Paris lived normal lives while there was a battle between good and evil beginning.

Carver looked out his window in an attempt to not fall asleep. His adopted mom said that if someone reads too much, they’ll fall asleep. He didn’t believe it until now though. His eyelids began closing. He then fell asleep and had the weirdest dream ever.

It was during the middle of the night. In a bright city. The smell of the ocean was clear. On an empty street, a girl was running away from something. She had dark brown hair. She was in a t-shirt, jeans and a hooded jacket. She looked behind her and her eyes filled with terror. She looked to be about eleven t twelve years old. Her face was full of fear. She ran into an alleyway and stopped when she realized she hit a dead end. Whatever was behind her hissed with delight. “I have you now.” It said. The girl screamed and threw her arms in front of her face as if to block out the vision of the monster. There was a bright flash of silver that blocked the vision.

Carver woke with a start. “Are you okay?” Cassidy asked.

Carver looked at her. Carver wiped his face and realized he was sweating and breathing fast. “I’m okay. Just another crazy dream.” He answered.

Cassidy shrugged and looked out the window. “If you say so.” She said.

Carver looked up front. “How much longer?” He asked.

Cedric stopped the car. “Look out to your left.” He told Carver.

Everyone looked to their left. Outside were giant mountains. But what was built on the side of the largest one was the main thing. A giant stone fortress. As they got out, Carver looked at it. It went to the top of the mountain. At the top was a tower. The fortress had many walls scaling up, each one bigger than the last. On the battlements, there were creatures. They were inhuman or creature form. They went to the gate. It was ten feet tall and made of wood. The gates opened and the four entered into a courtyard. Several were-creatures were running around. They all weren’t grown up though to Cassidy’s surprise. There were werewomen and children.

A little girl of about ten shouted “Daddy!” Edward turned into a man and picked her up.

Cassidy looked at Cedric. “I didn’t know that were creatures could have children. I thought you had to bite them.” She said.

Edward laughed. “That’s an one old wives’ tale. This is my daughter, little Elise.” He said.

Cedric smiled. “Spend time with her. “I’ll gather the men and get ready for war.” He turned to Nichallo, Carver and Cassidy. “Follow me.” They left Edward and Elise.

On the third level, the four entered a giant room. There, in the middle, was a long rope hanging. It was tied to the top of a giant bell. Cedric pulled on the rope and the bell rang. The other three covered their ears as the bell rang. All over the fortress, weremen ran to get into armor, to get armor or to get to battle positions. Werewomen and werechildren ran into a giant cavern. Cedric led the three to the armory. “You three need to get ready for war.” He told them.

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