The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Chapter Eleven

At the airport, Titus got off the plane. As he entered, he spotted something unusual. Three teenagers in black clothes. Black hoods covered their heads though he could see black sunglasses covering their eyes. The most unusual part was that they were looking at him. He smiled. So these were Vampors. He had heard of them but had never actually seen them before. According to legend, the Vampires were their descendants. Or so he read. He went up to them. “I believe you’re expecting me.” He told them.

They all nodded. “Our master, The General, said that the Dark Ones were sending you for us to help.” The middle one said.

Titus forced a smile. He had heard of The General and knew that he was not to be trifled with. “Take me to him.”

At Cedric’s house, The General, Fangor, was looking at it. Several noises were going on in it. A few minutes later, several Vampors came out of it. They all bowed to Fangor. “The humans aren’t here.” One of the Vampors reported.

Fangor sniffed in the air. He caught the fours’ scents. There was a fifth scent with them but he didn’t care about it. It was the four main scents he was after. Fangor then blinked. “They’re at the fortress.” He announced.

A car then pulled up. Fangor and the Vampors turned to it. Titus and the three Vampors got out of it. Fangor smiled when he saw Titus looking nervous. During the rule of the Dark Ones, he had made his reputation known to all. That included Titus. Fangor went up to Titus. “The masters informed me that you were coming.” He told Titus.

Titus nodded. “Are they here?” He asked, referring to Nichallo and his two kids.

“No. Their friend took them to the fortress.” Fangor answered.

Titus knew of the fortress. During the old days of the Dark Ones, the fortress was used by rebels and people hiding from them. Then during the war, the fortress was used by the sorcerers. Today, it was used by were creatures. There would be fighting going on. “Do you have an army?” Titus asked.

Fangor smiled. “The Vampors are gathering. They’ll be here to be reunited with me, their master.” He answered.

Titus imagined hundreds, if not thousands, of Vampors. This should be quick. “How many forces do you have? Thousands?” Titus asked.

Fangor smiled. “Hundreds of thousands.” As if to prove his point, several Vampors appeared on the roads and yards. More were coming. In the distance, there were screams. Fangor smiled. Titus looked a little uneasy. A few minutes later, there were hundreds of Vampors. They were all in black armor. In one hand were jagged swords and axes. In the other hand were shields. Black helmets covered their heads. Their pale skin stood out. Fangor transformed into his warrior form.

Titus took out Ragnarok. He wanted to make sure that he had the only weapon that could protect him from the Vampors.

“Let’s march out.” Fangor said.

“What about the rest of the Vampors?” Titus asked. He had a feeling that all the Vampors weren’t there yet.

Fangor laughed. “They’ll be joining us but be rest assured, they’ll be with us at the fortress.” He told Titus. They began marching out of Paris towards the fortress. As they were leaving, they were joined by more Vampors. Titus and Fangor were at the lead.

Titus felt out of place though. He was an immortal human with several creatures. He shook the thought out of his head.

In Giza, Egypt, Anubis looked at the great pyramids. He never thought that he would be coming home to get help from his older brother. Then again, his brother had what he needed. He looked around to make sure that there weren’t any people around. Seeing none, he entered the largest pyramid. Most people would get lost without a map but Anubis knew where the pharaoh’s tomb was in the pyramid. He went there and went to the sarcophagus. He pressed the right eye on the top and the sarcophagus moved to the right to reveal a staircase going into the darkness. The staircase lit up with torches. Anubis smiled and went down. At the bottom was a throne room. Columns held the ceiling up. At the end was an Egyptian throne. On it was a creature. It had a human-like body. Its head was an Egyptian dog. The dog snarled at Anubis. “You’ve finally come little brother.”

Anubis went up to him. “Yes. I need your help Egypto.” He told the Egyptian dog.

Egypto looked at him. “With what?” He asked.

“I need our sister’s oracle.” Anubis answered.

Egypto looked surprised. “You know Bast wouldn’t like that.” Bast was a Dark One and a very dangerous one at that.

Anubis nodded. “I know but I need to know what Malcom is up to. It could work in my favor to surpass Titus.” Anubis explained.

Egypto thought it over. “Fine. I’ll let you use it but not a word to anyone about it.” He decided. His hatred of Titus was well known but he didn’t want word to spread about how he tried to help his brother if Anubis failed.

Egypto led Anubis into a private chamber. In the center of the room was an orb on a stone altar. The orb was made of clear glass. Egypto turned to Anubis. “Make this quick.” He told Anubis.

Anubis went to the orb. “Tell me what Malcom is up to.” He told it. The orb floated up and began shining. A few images went by. The first one was of Malcom in an office. The second was of a silver moon. The third was of a girl. Then a voice said. “Malcom seeks the silver child equal to the golden child.”

Anubis realized what Malcom was up to. With the silver child, they could resurrect the Dark Ones, destroy the golden child and rule the world. He looked at the orb. “Where is the silver child?” He asked.

The orb showed a city. “San Francisco.” The orb then floated down.

Anubis smiled. He would help Malcom, and then kill him after finding the child. He would then take her to the Dark Ones. When they were released, they would make him more powerful than Titus. Anubis went to his brother. “It won’t be long now.” He said.

Egypto got what was going on. “Be quick.” He said to Anubis.

At the fortress, Carver was at the first level with two hundred were creatures. They were in human form and creature form. They were in charge of keeping the enemy at bay. The higher levels had archers and catapults. On the fifth level, Cassidy looked over the edge and regretted it immediately. She backed away. Nichallo looked at her. “Afraid of heights?” He asked.

Cassidy nodded. “For as long as I can remember.” She answered.

Nichallo looked to the distance. “We can see when the enemy comes though.” He said.

Cassidy looked out to the distance. Werecreatures snarled. The weremen held their weapons tightly. Coming quickly at the fortress were thousands of torches.

Carver looked at his forces. “Show them no mercy. And expect no mercy from these monsters.” He told them.

Higher up on the top level, Cedric looked at all the other levels. “Archers at the ready!” He shouted. All the levels did so. Creatures at the catapults loaded stones in the hold.

Fangor and Titus looked at the fortress. “Do we have enough forces?” Titus asked.

Fangor nodded. “No army can defeat us.” He told him. Titus refused to laugh. He could have reminded this general that they had lost against the Guardian and his sorcerers but decided not to.

Fangor caught a scent. It was the same scent from earlier. Someone with the sea in their blood was here. If he could catch the person, he could take down the last person who was like Neptune. He drew his sword and pointed it at the fortress. “Charge!” He ordered.

At the fortress, all the people and were creatures saw the Vampors charging in. “Fire all catapults!” Cedric ordered. The werecreatures fired the rocks into the enemy ranks, smashing several of them. More were coming with ladders.

Carver looked over the edge to see the enemies bringing ladders. He then saw ladders already hooked onto the wall and Vampors climbing up. “Swords at the ready.” He ordered. The human werecreatures drew swords as the enemies climbed over.

Titus and Fangor watched their forces climbing the first wall. “We need to get rid of those catapults or we’ll be at a disadvantage.” Titus said. Fangor snapped his fingers. Fire orbs surrounded him. He pointed at the fortress. The orbs flew at the catapults. The catapults exploded, killing a few were creatures.

Cedric looked at the ruined catapults. “Archers, fire at the enemy!” He shouted. The archers fired into the enemy ranks. He then saw the enemy breaking down the main gates. He knew it would be a matter of time before they would break in. Cedric looked at the first level. “Carver! Get out of there!” He ordered.

Carver looked at the Vampors breaking the doors. “Fall back to the second level!” He shouted. The werecreatures and the weremen ran into a tunnel that led to the second level. Carver ran in and locked the door. “Block it with giant rocks.” He ordered. Several weremen rolled giant rocks in front of the door. Soon the door was blocked completely. They ran to the second. “Archers. Fire at the first level.” Carver said. They began firing. Carver looked over the wall at the enemy. They were wheeling a wooden machine. On the end of a rope was a grappling hook. Carver turned to the higher level. “Cedric. Get everyone to the fourth level. Or at least everyone below it. The enemy is going to get by.” He then took a beam from the ruined catapult and pushed it towards the first level. He slid down it to the first level.

On the fifth level, Cassidy screamed. Nichallo ran to the edge. “Carver!” He shouted.

On the first level, Carver pushed the end of the beam down. The rest came down, killing several Vampors. He then began killing more while pushing the ladders down.

Fangor frowned as the scent began growing stronger. It was coming from the boy fighting on the first level. An image of the baby boy flashed through his mind. Could this boy be that baby? He needed to find out. He ran towards the fortress.

Carver pushed down the last ladder, but it didn’t matter. He was badly outnumbered. A rope was then thrown to him. He looked up to the second level. Several weremen were holding the rope. “Grab on!” One of them said. Carver gripped on and they pulled him up.

The weremen led Carver to the fourth level. There were several archers there. “The swordsmen retreated to the next level.” One of the archers informed Carver.

Carver looked over the edge. The Vampors had broken through the barrier on the first level. The higher levels were slowing them down with their arrows. The grappling hook machine was broken. Carver turned to the tunnel behind him. “Get ready to fire the minute they come through.” He ordered. The archers drew arrows. They could hear the Vampors coming. Several Vampors appeared at the entrance. “Fire!” Carver shouted. The archers fired. More Vampors came in. In front of them were shields. Carver took his sword out when he saw the Vampors stepping aside.

A very tall man in black armor and a black cape came through. He smiled when he saw the boy. “So you’re the one.” He told Carver. He took a long black sword out. “You’ll die now.” Fangor leaped at Carver.

Carver blocked the blow. “Who are you?” He demanded.

The man laughed. “I am Fangor, top general to the Dark Ones.” Gangor sliced at Carver, who jumped back.

“What do you want with me?” Carver asked.

“It’s because of your father.” Fangor told him.

Carver froze. No one had ever spoken of his father. He didn’t even know who his dad was. “Who’s my father?” He asked as he blocked Fangor’s blade.

Fangor smiled. “His sea blood runs through you. Your aura, if I’m correct, is a sea color.” He said.

Carver stopped. It sounded like his dad was the master of the sea.

Fangor smiled even more when he saw Carver stop. He raised his sword for the killing blow.

Above them, on the fifth level, Nichallo and Cassidy saw Fangor raise his blade. Cassidy jumped over the edge. “Cassidy!” Nichallo shouted.

Cassidy kicked at Fangor as she was falling. He stumbled back and dropped his sword. Cassidy landed in front of Carver, startling him. “Come on.” She told him. They ran for it, leaving the archers fighting the Vampors.

Titus entered the fortress. The Vampors were still marching up the stairs to the higher level. He smiled as he sensed Nichallo on the fifth level. He muttered a few words of magic and flew right to the fifth level. He landed a bit away from Nichallo.

Nichallo raised his sword up. “Titus, we meet again.” He told him.

Titus nodded. “My masters know what you’re up to, but you’ll be stopped.” He said.

Nichallo shook his head. “I’ll destroy you first.” He told the immortal.

Titus laughed. “If I fail, the masters have others who will destroy you.” He said.

Carver and Cassidy ran to the fifth level to see Nichallo and Titus fighting. They turned to each other and nodded. Carver raised his sword and Cassidy drew her sword. They both charged in. Titus blocked them and kicked at Nichallo. Nichallo backed away.

Titus turned to Cassidy and forced her back. He then turned to Carver. “None of you can beat me.” Titus told him. He then forced Carver to the edge. He grabbed Carver’s wrist and took his sword. Carver’s eyes went wide as Titus smiled. Titus pushed him over the edge.

Carver dropped past the fourth level to the third. He landed hard and fell unconscious but bot before hearing Cassidy scream.

Carver had another strange dream. He was in the city from the last dream. The girl was there. He looked around. They were in front of a house. The girl knocked on the door. The door opened to reveal a stern-looking woman. She frowned when she saw the girl. “Get out and stay away!” The woman ordered.

“But mom,” The girl began.

The woman slapped her hard across the face, making the girl turn and fall. “You cause nothing but trouble.” The woman said. The girls stood up. There were tears in her eyes.

The woman slammed the door shut. The girl went away from the house. She went to the park and sat down on a bench. She began crying. Carver wanted to comfort her but he couldn’t touch her. He then noticed something odd. The girl’s tears were silver and she seemed to glow a bit. Carver looked at the sky. There was a full moon. Carver looked at the girl again. Could she be a silver aura child? Who was she? Where was she? Someone began calling his name over and over again. He then felt something sharp.

Carver woke up to find himself on a bed. He tried sitting up but winced. “Easy Carver. You fell hard.” Carver looked up to see Nichallo. Cedric was next to the Guardian.

Carver looked around. “Where am I?” He asked. There were several beds. Only weremen occupied them. Werewomen and weregirls were standing over them. All the weremen had bandages on some part of them.

“The infirmary.” Cedric answered. “You were unconscious for four days.” Nichallo added.

Carver looked at them, surprised. “The war?” He asked.

“We won, but at a cost. We lost a fourth of our werearmy. That’s twenty thousand. The enemy retreated. They began with one hundred thousand. They lost three fourths of their army. They escaped with twenty five thousand.” Cedric answered.

“How many do we have left?” Carver asked. “Sixty thousand.” Cedric answered.

“Where’s Cassidy?” Carver asked.

“She’s with Edward’s daughters, Elise and Meg.” Nichallo answered.

Carver got out of bed. “We need to talk Nichallo.” He said.

Cedric led them to the bell room. “No one shall disturb you here.” He told them. They entered. Cedric closed the door behind them and left.

Nichallo and Carver sat down at the bell. “What do you want?” Nichallo asked.

“I want to know who my father is.” Carver answered.

Nichallo looked surprised. “Who told you?” He asked.

“Fangor. Why?” Carver answered.

Nichallo sighed. “Your father isn’t just anyone. He’s Neptune, Master of the Sea. That’s why your aura is a sea color.” He told Carver.

“Why did he send me away?” Carver asked.

Nichallo shook his head. “I found you sixteen years ago when you were a baby on the beach in a basket. I recognized it as Neptune’s design. On it was a note. He said that he was attacked and set you away to be safe. I gave you to Michelle and Anthony.”

Carver looked surprised. “My adopted parents are sorcerers?” He asked. He wasn’t expecting that. That explained why they had allowed Nichallo to take him.

Nichallo nodded. “They were the first two to join the first Guardian. They took you in to keep you safe.” He answered.

Carver couldn’t believe it. “What happened to my dad then?” He asked. He had to know.

“I don’t know.” Nichallo answered.

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