The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Chapter Twelve

Titus squinted in the sunlight. He didn’t recognize where he was. One minute, he was fighting Nichallo, the next, a few Vampors were taking him away from the fortress. They ran for who knows how long and stopped at someplace. He looked around. It looked like ruins of some sort. Some columns were lying around or in two. The ceiling was gone. A statue’s bottom part was left standing. He turned to Fangor. The General was looking at the remnants of his army. Titus knew what he was thinking. No one should be able to beat him. “Where are we?” Titus asked.

The General looked at him. “This is an old temple to Neptune, the sea god of Greece.” He answered.

Titus knew about Neptune. He was really the master of the sea and a sorcerer. “Why are we here?” He then asked.

“The Guardian and his two kids will come here. The boy will want to know about his father now. The Guardian will also want Neptune to train the child in the element of water.” The General answered.

Titus looked around. “Is the sea master even here?” He asked. He honestly thought that Neptune would be there to keep the temple in better condition.

The General smiled. “He’s dead. I killed him and his wife sixteen years ago. Their son, the boy is still alive and with the Guardian.” Titus looked at him.

The boy with the Guardian was the son of Neptune. That could mean, “Does he know how to use the sea as his weapon?” He asked.

The General looked at him. “What are you getting at Titus?” He asked.

Titus smiled. “We could use him against Nichallo and the girl. That way, the prophecy won’t be fulfilled and the Dark Ones can rule the world.” He explained.

The General thought it over. “What if he doesn’t join us?” He asked.

“He’ll die.” Titus answered. Titus then looked at the General.

“So let me get this straight. We wait here for the Guardian and the two kids to come. After they get here, we attack them. Is that it?” Fangor asked.

Titus nodded. “Exactly.” He said.

Fangor looked at the remnants of his army. “Vasal!” He shouted.

A Vampor appeared in front of the General. Titus noticed that it was one of the three Vampors that got him at the airport. Now without his usual clothes, Titus could see what he looked like. Vasal had blonde hair that was straight down. His shirt was old fashion. Probably from the seventeen hundreds. His boots were knee-high and probably from the same time. His pants were blue jeans. “Yes General?” He asked.

“You’ll be in charge until the Guardian and the two kids get here.” The General said. He then turned into the giant snake and slithered into the sky.

Cedric drove them to the airport in Paris. As they all got out, Cedric looked at Nichallo. “Where will you go next? Neptune or Romeo?” He asked.

Nichallo looked at Carver as he got out. “To Neptune. We have to find out if he’s there and why he sent his son away as a baby.” He answered. He was also curious as to why Neptune had sent Carver away all of those years ago.

Cedric looked at Cassidy. “What will you do if Neptune is dead?” He asked.

Nichallo followed his gaze to Cassidy. “I’ll have to train her unless we can find another water master.” He answered. That wouldn’t be easy but Nichallo wasn’t about to give up.

Cedric then got into his car. “So long old friend.”

Nichallo nodded. “See you soon.” The three turned to the airport. “Shall we?” Nichallo asked. The two kids nodded and all three entered.

Cassidy looked at Nichallo. “Where are we going?” She asked. “To Greece. Home of Neptune.” Nichallo answered. He then stopped a bit away from the ticket line. The two kids looked at him.

“What is it?” Carver asked.

“This could be a little difficult for us.” Nichallo said. He then pointed to the ticket lady. “What do you notice about her?” He asked. The two kids looked at her.

Carver gasped. “Her aura is black. She also looks like she has a skull necklace.”

Nichallo turned pale. “She’s a necromancer.” He said. He looked at the two kids. “Stay close to me at all costs.” He told them.

They all went to the ticket lady, as they showed her their tickets, she and Nichallo’s eyes locked together. Her eyes flashed black for a minute then returned to normal. Nichallo ushered the children on board and to their seats. As they sat down, Nichallo sighed. “That was close.” He said.

Cassidy looked at him. “What’s a necromancer?” She asked.

It was Carver who answered. “A sorcerer who does the darkest magic. Raising the dead back up.”

Nichallo nodded. “There were several throughout history. All immortal but there was one that was very dangerous and is quite deadly.”

“Which one was that?” Carver asked.

“Morgan. She’s the most dangerous one.” Nichallo answered.

“What will she do now?” Cassidy asked.

Nichallo shook his head. “She may contact the Dark Ones or wait until they’ve rise to join them.” He then waved his hand. “Enough of this. It’s bad luck to talk about the Necromancer.”

Carver looked out the window. It looked so peaceful in a city away. Everyone was talking to each other, minding their own business or doing something else. But if the Dark Ones did escape, all of it would be gone. He could just see it. Fires, storms, earthquakes, thousands of monsters attacking.

Carver’s eyelids began dropping. He tried his best not to fall asleep but it was hard. He didn’t want the strange dreams, but he had to find out about the girl with the silver aura. He then fell asleep and the strange dream began.

The girl was at a bread store. She was looking at the display rack with hunger when the store manager spotted her. He ran outside. “What are you doing here?” He asked.

The girl looked at him. “I was just looking and wishing I had money.”

The man grabbed her by the arm and began shaking her. “You think I would just give you some for free? If you want some, you have to buy it.” He pushed her away.

“But I have nothing.” The girl said quietly.

The man spat at her. “Get out of here before I call the cops!” He shouted.

The girl took off. The girl ran all the way to an abandoned block. The only thing there was a giant mansion. It looked abandoned. As the girl sat down on the street, Carver heard a rustle. He looked across the road.

There, in the shadows, was a weird creature. His head was a jackal’s head. It looked Egyptian. His body was concealed in a trench coat. A fedora was covering its ears. Carver had a feeling that this creature was an enemy. It smiled before vanishing into the shadows.

The girl heard a strange sound coming from the mansion. She turned to it, in time to see something coming from it. It looked human except for one thing. Its head was lashing around like a snake. It hissed with delight as it saw the girl. “Come to me.” It said in a raspy voice. The girl took off running again. She ran into the city. The creature turned into a snake and slithered after her.

Carver woke up with a start. Cassidy and Nichallo looked at him. “Another dream?” Nichallo asked. Carver nodded. Nichallo sighed. “I was afraid of this.” He said.

Carver and Cassidy looked at him. “What do you mean?” Cassidy asked.

“Carver has the power to see what’s going on in other parts of the world. More than that, he can see past events.” Nichallo explained. “Tell me about these dreams.” He told Carver. When Carver was done, Nichallo thought for a little bit before saying, “The snake monster from the battle with your father sounds like Fangor. The General. But this girl with a silver aura. This is bad.”

“Why?” Carver asked, looking at him.

“In the past, everyone with a silver aura ended up joining the Dark Ones or dying. So this new silver will either join the Dark Ones or will die.” Nichallo answered.

“Could we get her to join us?” Cassidy asked.

Nichallo thought it over. “It’s possible, but we’re busy getting you trained. Who would we ask to find her?” He answered.

Carver and Cassidy looked at each other. They both knew of a few people but only one could be fast enough if what they knew about her was true. They turned to Nichallo and said in unison, “Elizabeth.”

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