The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Chapter Thirteen

Elizabeth was in Brooklyn part of New York City, hunting down an old antique shop. She stopped in front of one. The sign read: Old Timer. “Typical.” She muttered and entered. The inside was lit with a few lights. At the cash register counter was an old man. He smiled when he saw Elizabeth. He pointed a finger at her but before he could speak, Elizabeth had charged in and pulled a knife out. She held it up to his throat. “Lose the disguise Vanel.” She said.

The old man grunted and turned into a young man. His black hair was in a ponytail. His clothes were black. There was nothing but hatred in his eyes. “How did you know it was me?” Vanel hissed.

Elizabeth smiled. “The scar I left on your neck from the last time we met.” She answered.

Vanel cursed quietly. He’d forgotten that she had given him a scar during World War Two. It was a price for immortality. “What do you want?” He demanded.

“Where are the Necromancers?” Elizabeth answered.

Vanel didn’t speak. He was a Necromancer and he wasn’t about to reveal their brethren’s location.

Elizabeth pushed a little harder with her knife. “Where?” She demanded.

“Why do you want to know?” Vanel asked.

“To take them all down. We can’t afford to have you all running loose like the last time. The sorcerers and the Guardian barely survived.” Elizabeth answered. She then pushed harder.

Vanel grunted, and then gave in. “Most are in England. Thirty are in California and twenty of them are in San Francisco to be précised.” She replied.

Elizabeth smiled. “Thank you.” She then knocked Vanel out. To kill him would alert the others to her plan. To stun him would be safer for the time being, but she couldn’t let him escape. So she tied him to a chair and gagged him. “And to make sure you can’t call anyone.” Elizabeth killed the power. As Elizabeth left, she locked the door. “That’ll keep him powerless for a while.” She said to herself, satisfied. As she was walking away, her cellphone rang. She sighed and answered it. “Hello?” She then frowned. “Are you sure? Okay. I’ll do my best.” She then hung up.

As Elizabeth was walking away, she began thinking. If Carver was the only son of Poseidon, then he should be able to control water of all sorts. But how did he get the gift of sight? Poseidon didn’t have that gift. But it was this silver aura child that was the worse news that she had gotten. In the past, if she had come across a silver person, they always died, whether they joined the Dark Ones or not. It didn’t matter if they found this silver one, she would die by the Dark Ones’ hands or their own. But she had made a promise to find her. She took off to find a car.

In Athens Greece, the plane landed. Nichallo, Carver and Cassidy were getting off when Carver stopped in his tracks. “Oh my gosh.” He said.

Nichallo and Cassidy turned to him. “What is it?” Cassidy asked.

Carver didn’t answer. He just looked ahead. Nichallo looked in the same direction. He smiled when he saw what it was. In the hallway, there were statues of the twelve main Greek gods and goddesses. But Carver had eyes for only one. This statue was next to one with a lightning bolt in his fist. The statue had a trident in his right hand. His beard was short. His plaque read: Poseidon, the Sea God.

Carver went up to it. “Father.” He said quietly. He then turned to Nichallo. “Where does my father live?” He asked.

“In a temple along the coast line. Not too far away from here.” Nichallo replied.

At the doors to the airport, Vasal watched them. He didn’t have his usual black clothes on. He was wearing his old fashion clothes and blue jeans. His hair was in a ponytail. He smiled when he saw the three. The General, Titus and the other Vampors would finish them up. He ran outside and continued running along the edge of the road. Everything became a blur until he stopped and everything remained still. He was at the temple. He ran to the center. “General!” He shouted.

The giant snake slithered down and turned into the General. Titus joined them. “What is it?” The General asked.

“The Guardian and the two children are at the airport. They’ll be here soon.” Vasal reported.

Fangor smiled. “Excellent. Prepare my forces. We will attack them the minute they get here.” He said.

Titus took Ragnarok out. “Finally.” Titus said. He was looking forward to this.

A cab was driving along the road. In the back seat were Nichallo, Cassidy and Carver. It began raining outside. “Stop. Here’s our stop.” Nichallo suddenly said.

The cab driver stopped. “Are you sure pal? There’s nothing out here and the tour site is down the road.” He told Nichallo.

Nichallo nodded. “This will be fine.” He said. The three got out. As Nichallo paid the man, Carver look towards the sea. Along the coast was a ruined temple. Nichallo and Cassidy joined him as the cab drove away.

“Why did we get out here?” Cassidy asked.

“Because something’s wrong. Neptune wouldn’t live in a ruin. He likes good temples.” Nichallo answered.

“Does he have an army?” Carver asked.

Nichallo frowned. That was a strange question. “No. He doesn’t. Why do you ask?” He asked.

Carver pointed down at the ruin. “Cause there’s an army.” He said, pointing out the large group.

Nichallo pulled Cassidy and Carver down behind a ledge once he saw the army down there. “We’re outnumbered so stay close to me.” He told them. Carver wanted to protest that. This was the home of his birth and it was overrun with evil creatures.

Nichallo looked at him. “That won’t be a problem, right?” He asked. Carver nodded grudgingly. Nichallo smiled. “Good.” He then stood up. “Now follow me.”

Cassidy and Carver looked at him. “What is he up to?” Cassidy asked.

“No idea.” Carver answered.

“Hurry up.” Nichallo called after them. The two ran to catch up with him.

Down at the temple, Titus and the General were looking at the road in the distance. They saw the cab drive by so they knew that Nichallo would be coming with the two kids.

“Looking for us?” A voice asked from the entrance.

The two turned to the entrance. There was Nichallo and the two kids. Fangor snapped his fingers. “Attack!” He shouted. The Vampors charged in. Carver and Cassidy drew their swords out.

Nichallo pointed at the Vampors closest to him and muttered something. The Vampors turned into fish. They flopped on the ground before they were still. The two kids continued taking Vampors down as the Guardian used magic.

Fangor watched in horror as his army fell to the mercy of the three humans. Just three! The army of the fortress didn’t take them all down but these three were doing just that. He hissed and turned into a snake. “This is over Son of Neptune!” He roared.

Carver watched the snake slithering at him. He jumped over it onto the head. He cringed when he touched it. “I hate snakes.” He muttered. He then stabbed the snake on the head. Next to the scar that Poseidon had left sixteen years before. The snake hissed angrily.

Nichallo and Cassidy were fighting off the Vampors when Nichallo got an idea. “Cassidy. Make a shield around us. I’m going to try the transformation spell on all the remaining Vampors.” He told her. Cassidy nodded and focused on her aura. A golden dome covered her and Nichallo.

Titus watched the child make a dome shield. He realized then what was going on. “Nice try Nichallo but you won’t get me like that.” He took off to the road, determined to get away before the spell could get to him. All of the Vampors became tiny fish, flopped around before they died.

The snake hissed angrily as his army died quickly. He sensed that they all possessed energy. It was vanishing but still there. “Obsorbis.” The snake hissed. Dark energy began flowing into him from the dead army. He moved a lot, throwing Carver off.

Carver crashed into the shield, throwing Cassidy’s concentration off and the shield vanished. Nichallo helped Carver up. They looked at the snake as it absorbed the rest of the dark energy. It transformed into Fangor. Energy crackled around him. He looked straight at Carver. “This isn’t over boy.” He said before disappearing.

In London England, Malcom was at Titus’s business building, in the office at the desk. For the last two days, he had been looking for the silver child but failed to find it. He rubbed his forehead when the lights turned off. He looked up. “Who’s there?” He asked.

“Someone who can help you.” A voice answered. The lights turned on to reveal Anubis at the door.

Malcom sighed with relief. Anubis was an old friend. “What can I do for you?” He asked.

Anubis smiled and went up to the desk. “I can actually help you with your quest.” He answered.

“What do you mean?” Malcom asked, a little suspicious. Did Titus tell Anubis about the search for the silver child? He thought that Titus and Anubis hated each other.

“I know that you’re looking for the silver child. I know where she is.” Anubis explained.

Malcom’s curiosity got the better of him. The information he wanted was so close. “Where is she?” He demanded.

Anubis sat down. “The child is in the U.S.A in a city called San Francisco.” He answered.

Malcom stood up. “Thank you Anubis. This is the best news I have gotten since World War Two.” He said.

Anubis bit back his smile. He didn’t say that he would betray Malcom or that he planned to become more powerful than Titus.

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