The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Chapter Fourteen

In Athens Greece, it was raining hard. So hard that people were inside their homes or other buildings. There was only one person outside. Titus was at a graveyard. As he was walking through; he found what he was looking for. There, in the center, was a giant manor.

Titus went to the door and knocked on it. “Anyone home?” He called. The door opened and a corpse appeared in ragged clothes similar to a butler’s outfit. “I’m here to see your master.” Titus told it. The corpse led him in.

Titus followed the corpse into a room that Titus assumed was the living room. There was a fireplace and it was lit. But instead of normal fire, it was blue and felt cold. There was nothing but an armchair in front of it. The back of it was facing Titus. “Why are you here?” A dry voice demanded.

Titus took a minute before speaking. “You’re considered to be the Greek Lord of the Dead, right?” He asked.

A man came from the armchair. He was in a black tux. His long black hair was braided down. On his head was a crown of bones. “You know that I am.” The man said.

Titus smiled. “Your brother’s son is still alive. As for your brother, he’s dead.” He told the man. The man looked surprised. “Neptune is dead?” He asked. Titus nodded. “The man began laughing. “Then it’s time for Hades to rule the immortal world.” He shouted.

Titus cleared his throat. “Not yet. There’s one problem.” He told Hades.

Hades looked at him. “What is that?” He asked.

Titus knew that he couldn’t let Hades rule the immortal world. That was what the Dark Ones were supposed to do. He could use Hades though to his advantage. “The son of Neptune is still alive. More than that, he may have the power of water.” Titus explained.

“So?” Hades asked.

“So if he trains the golden child, she’ll have the power of water, earth and fire.” Titus explained.

Hades got the idea. “So we have to kill him.” He said. Titus nodded. Hades smiled. He hated Neptune so he had no problem with killing his nephew. “Well then, we’ll kill him. Where is he?” He demanded.

“At Neptune’s temple, along the coast on route ten.” Titus answered.

At Neptune’s temple, Carver, Cassidy and Nichallo were looking around. “This place looks abandoned.” Cassidy said.

Nichallo stepped on something. He looked down at a picture. It was in color. He bent down and picked it up. There were three people in it. The man had black hair in a ponytail. His beard was straight. In his left hand was a trident. The woman in it had brown long hair. Her eyes were emerald green. In her arms was a baby boy. His hair was black like his father’s. “Neptune.” Nichallo whispered. He then stood up and looked for Carver.

Carver was in the ruins of a bedroom. The bed was smashed. A wall was missing. He looked around and saw a broken trident. As he picked it up, he saw a notebook lying next to the smashed bed. He picked it up and opened it. June 27th, 1994. It’s been three days since my wife gave birth to Carver. Today we found out that Carver has a gift. He can control water like me. June 28th, 1994. My brother Hades came by to visit. Even though he served the Dark Ones once, he has now changed. He seemed interested in Carver. My wife thinks he’s up to no good but I hope she’s wrong. July 4th, 1994. For the last two days, we have been under attack by monsters. They’re under the command of Fangor, the General. I have decided to send my son to safety. Maybe to Nichallo in New York City. If I no longer write in this, then it means I am no more.

It ended there. Carver looked at the room. So his dad, the water master, was gone. But he could control water. He knew that. During his past, I made water do things. But he never knew how he did it. He heard someone coming in. He spun around. It was Nichallo. In the Guardian’s hands was the picture. He gave it to Carver. As Carver looked at it, he said, “They’re gone.” Nichallo looked down. “I’m sorry.” He told Carver. He then left the room.

Cassidy was coming down the hallway when she saw Nichallo coming out of a room. She ran to him and noticed that there was something wrong. “What is it?” She asked.

Nichallo looked behind him at the room. “Carver needs time alone.” His parents are dead.” The news fell like a weight on Cassidy.

Outside, Hades, Titus and a lot of skeletons warriors were on the highway looking at the temple. “This is the place I last saw them.” Titus told Hades.

Hades nodded. “I can smell the son of Neptune.” Then catching Titus’s puzzled look, he added, “The blood of my brother is in him.”

Titus shook his head. He would have to learn about that later. “I believe it’s time to attack!” He shouted the word attack. Hades led the skeleton warriors down to the temple.

In the temple, Nichallo looked up so suddenly that it startled Cassidy. “What is it?” She asked.

“Titus has some more allies coming to destroy us.” Nichallo answered. They both ran outside to see Hades and his army of the dead.

Hades smiled when he saw them. “Get them!” He shouted. The skeletons all ran in at the two. Nichallo drew his sword and cast a spell on a few skeletons, freezing them. Cassidy sent fireballs and large rocks at them, smashing the iced skeletons.

Inside, Carver was in his parent’s room when he heard several noises outside. He looked up. For some reason, he could smell dead things. He put the picture in his pocket and took his sword out. He then ran outside and saw his friends fighting dead soldiers.

Hades sniffed the air. The sea blood was stronger than before. He looked at the entrance and saw a boy run out. The smell was coming from him. Hades took his sword out. After sixteen years of waiting, he would become the ruler of the immortal world.

Carver saw a man running at him. He was in a black tuxedo. His hair was black. On his head was a crown of bones. Carver sliced at the man, making him back away. The man smiled. “Nice to see you Nephew.” He told Carver.

Carver looked at him. “Who are you?” He demanded.

“I’m Hades, Didn’t your friend, the Guardian, tell you about me?” Hades asked.

Carver’s anger grew. “You!” He shouted. He kicked at Hades. Hades backed away. “You betrayed my parents! You’re the reason they’re dead!” Carver shouted.

Hades snorted. “You’re the reason boy. You were born. The Dark Ones can’t afford to have more enemies.” He told Carver.

Carver looked at the sea and focused. A column of water came from it and surrounded Hades, squeezing him. Carver, looking at his uncle, thought of something. His father had given Hades a chance to change. He slowly lowered the column down. Hades landed on the ground and collapsed to his knees. His nephew was more powerful than he realized. Carver sheathed his sword. “I won’t kill you.” He began. Hades looked amused. “My father would have come to your aid if you were in trouble. Do the same for me. When we need you, come.” Carver finished.

Hades thought it over. He then waved his hands. His skeleton soldiers all disappeared. He stood up. “Nephew. You have my word. Since you spared me, when you need me, I will come.” He told Carver. Carver nodded as Hades left.

From his location, Titus watched with horror as Hades made an alliance, as the skeleton army vanished and that the three were still alive. His masters would not be please. He thought of that as he left.

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