The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Chapter Fifteen

As soon as Hades and Carver made the truce, all over the world, the Dark Ones’ servants began running through cities to talk to each other. Titus’s master and the other Dark Ones had made a decision. Titus was an outlaw and they wanted him dead.

In San Francisco, at an abandoned mansion, several figures in black cloaks were assembled. They all were silent and didn’t move. The door then opened to reveal another figure in a black cloak. The figure removed her hood to reveal Morgon. All the Necromancers bowed to her. Morgan looked at them. “The time is coming.” She said. “The Dark Ones’ servant, Malcom, is looking for the silver child. With this child, we’ll release the Dark Ones. The golden child will die.” She continued. There was a murmur amongst the Necromancers when someone knocked on the door. Morgan turned around.

There, at the door, was a warrior in purple armor. His shoulders had stone wolves heads. His black helmet had a black visor with purple outlining it. His shield had a sword in its slot. It was Korgan, the Wolf Knight. “Titus is an outlaw now. If you see him, kill him.” He then vanished.

In Titus’s business in London, Malcom was getting ready to leave when the power went out. His cellphone began ringing. He took it out and was not surprised when he saw that the screen was green. He answered it.

“It’s us.” His master said.

“Yes Master?” Malcom asked, wondering why his master was calling him.

“Have you found the silver child?” His master asked.

“Yes. She’s in San Francisco.” Malcom answered.

“Good. You didn’t fail like Titus.” His master said.

This surprised Malcom. “Titus failed?” “Yes. His master and the rest of us declared him an outcast now. If you see him, kill him.” His master said before hanging up. The line then went dead.

The power returned to the building but Malcom didn’t pay attention to that. Titus was an outcast. That meant he could become the new favorite.

In the shadows, Anubis smiled. Neither Malcom nor Titus knew what he was up to. He had gotten Titus made into an outcast after reporting to the Dark Ones. Now he just had to wait for Malcom to find the silver child. He would then kill Malcom and lay the blame on the Guardian. He disappeared, thinking the plan through and through.

Fangor appeared in Paris France at the Eiffel Tower. He was still angry that just three humans destroyed his army of Vampors. He would get his revenge when the time was right but he was after only one human; The son of Neptune.

The next day, Carver, Nichallo and Cassidy were on the highway waiting for the cab they had called for. Carver had spent the rest of the day before training Cassidy in the magic of water. It was difficult but he had to do it since his dad, the water master, the Roman God of Water, was dead.

Nichallo looked at Carver. “He would be proud of you.” He told him.

Carver looked at the ruined temple. “My home is gone. I always wondered about my girth parents but now I know the truth.” He turned to Nichallo. “I want to help destroy the Dark Ones in the final war.” He told him.

Nichallo nodded. “You will. Fangor will come after you. Not to mention your destiny maybe lies with the silver child.” He then stopped suddenly when he realized he said too much. Carver blinked in surprise. Even though Nichallo didn’t say it, he did reveal that Carver was connected to the silver child. Carver was determined to find out but the cab showed up.

Titus was hiding at the Paris airport as a normal-looking man, not a rich important businessman. He had gotten the message that he was an outcast. His master had contacted him about it last night, making him lose the phone. He couldn’t buy new ones or he would be betrayed. He knew Malcom was going after the silver child. He, of course, had known about the child but didn’t tell Malcom or the others about her. He decided then to go to Malcom to help him with the silver child. He snuck onto a plane bound for England.

Elizabeth’s plane landed in San Francisco. Since there were Necromancers there, she would begin looking for the silver child there as well. As she got off the plane, she sensed quite a few auras, including a silver one. The only one since World War Two. She took her phone out and called Nichallo. “I can sense the silver child. She’s in San Francisco.” She said.

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