The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Part Three Chapter Sixteen

At Titus’s business office in England, Titus entered. He had to sneak into his corporation and run up the stairs to his office. Titus looked around. “Malcom, are you here?” He asked. There was no response. Titus went to the phone on his desk and called Malcom.

Malcom was on a plane traveling over the Atlantic Ocean when his phone rang. He took it out and answered it. “Yes?” He asked.

“Malcom. It’s me, Titus.” Titus answered.

“Titus. You have some nerve contacting me. Every servant of the Dark Ones are hunting you. The Dark Ones made you an outcast to be killed.” Malcom said.

“I know. I called you to find out where you are.” Titus explained.

“I’m on my way to San Francisco. The silver child is there.” Malcom answered.

“So you found her location.” Titus said, disappointment in his voice was clear.

Malcom smiled. He could hear the disappointment in Titus’s voice. “Yes. Anubis helped me. So I don’t need your help.” He then hung up.

Titus smashed his phone down after Malcom had hung up. So Anubis had helped Malcom. Titus would have to get rid of that dog. He then remembered one thing. He was an outcast. The Dark Ones would only remove that title if he succeeded on a mission. He would wait for Malcom to find the silver child, and then kidnap her from him. To make sure Malcom didn’t betray him, he would kill Malcom. Titus then thought of another thing. If he had the silver child, the Dark Ones would never be able to return. Unless the golden child would help them and he knew it would never happen.

He decided that since the Dark Ones made him an outcast, he would make sure they would never rise. He would betray them. He then heard several howls outside. Titus frowned as he heard them. It could only be one type of creature race.

Outside, several hounds were gathered. They seemed normal except for their blood red eyes. They snarled at the building. A little while ago, they were given the message of Titus wanted dead and they were determined to do it first. People on the streets noticed the dogs and began thinking it was weird. A few called the dog pound. Men in black clothes and trench coats came from alleys and on top of buildings. Everyone began leaving the streets as hounds and the men gathered up outside Titus’s building.

One of the men stepped forward. This man didn’t look like the others. He was in black clothes but not in a black trench coat. His teeth were fangs. The General, Fangor, was back for revenge on Titus for his useless attacks. And this time, he had a new army.

Inside, Titus went to the window. He looked down onto the streets and saw the Houndians. They were of a race of creatures that the Dark Ones liked to use on hunts. He then saw Fangor. So the General had a new army. Not that it mattered much. Titus wasn’t about to let the General get in his way. He would just have to get rid of them.

Fangor looked at the two hounds behind him. “Lead the houndians in.” He ordered them. “Destroy Titus but bring me his heart.” He added. The two hounds howled and charged in with the others running behind them. Fangor smiled. Titus would pay for his recklessness.

Inside, Titus went to the hallway that led to his office. It was a single corridor. And there were only two elevators. The Houndians would be slowed down because of this. Titus smiled. He had enough dark magic to deal with the Houndians. He could hear the Houndians coming up fast.

A few minutes later, the elevators on the top floor rang. The doors opened and about twenty-five Houndians came out of both. They were both men and hounds. They caught Titus’s scent and ran in at the source. They turned to a single corridor. At the end was Titus. They all charged in.

Titus pointed at them. “Sleeplas.” He said. The Houndians all fell asleep and collapsed. “Round one is over.” Titus said. “And round two is about to begin.” He added as he heard more and more Houndians coming in. Magic crackled around Titus’s fingers. This would be fun.

Outside, Fangor watched the last Houndians run inside. “Soon this will be over and I’ll be rewarded.” He told himself. He then sensed much dark magic at work and many creatures falling asleep. Titus was using magic! Fangor drew a sword out of thin air and charged in.

Inside, Titus was finishing up with the Houndians when he saw Fangor. “So you’re no longer into Neptune’s son, are you?” He asked the General.

The General hissed. “I still want him but I have a score to settle with you.” He replied.

Titus leaned against a wall. “And what would that be?” He asked casually.

The General hissed again. “You destroyed all my Vampors. I can’t let that pass by me.” He answered.

Titus stood up and smiled. “I can get you the perfect army. A one man army.” He said.

Fangor laughed. “Yeah right. Who would it be?” He asked.

Titus smiled. He had Fangor now. “The child with the silver aura.” He answered. “The only one who’s aura is just as powerful and dangerous as the golden aura.”

Fangor’s eyes widened. “Where is the child?” He demanded.

Titus slowly walked to him. “She’s in San Francisco California. Malcom is going after her. Help me get rid of Malcom. We can get the child, destroy the Dark Ones and rule the world.” Titus answered.

Fangor thought it over. “You better keep your promise.” He told him.

Titus nodded. “You have my word.” He then remembered one thing. “We’ll also have to destroy Anubis.” He told Fangor.

Fangor smiled. “I’ll destroy him. That dog was always afraid of me. Now I’ll remind him why.” He said.

“Good. Now let’s get to the airport. We have to catch up with Malcom.” Titus said.

Fangor smiled. “I can slither over there faster than any plane. I’ll see you there.” He turned into a snake and slithered off.

Titus rolled his eyes. Of course you can.” He muttered.

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