The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Chapter Seventeen

In Rome Italy, Nichallo, Cassidy and Carver came out of the airport. “Rome. The home of heroes that have faced the Dark Ones.” Nichallo said.

Cassidy and Carver looked at him. “Do we know any of their names?” Cassidy asked.

Carver smiled as he looked ahead and the only one who could answer was in front of them. “Shakespeare. But that’s it. The others were lost.” Nichallo replied.

Cassidy and Carver looked ahead. There, in front of them, was a man in a t-shirt and shorts. He had sunglasses. His hair was blond. He smiled at Nichallo. “Good to see you again man.” He high-fived Nichallo.

“You too old friend.” Nichallo said before he pushed Cassidy in front of him.

The man took his sunglasses off to reveal blue eyes. “You must be the golden child.” He said.

“How can you tell?” Cassidy asked.

Nichallo laughed. “Romeo can do the same thing Carver can. He reads auras.” He explained.

Romeo looked at Carver. “Neptune’s kid, am I right?” He asked.

Carver nodded. “You’re the only son of Neptune since ancient times.” Romeo told him.

Carver looked at Nichallo. “Is that true?” He asked.

Nichallo nodded, then turned to Romeo. “Time is short. Cassidy must learn the art of air before the enemy gets the silver child.”

Romeo looked at him. “They’re already looking for her?” He asked.

Nichallo nodded. “They started a few days ago. The minute Cassidy is trained, we must return to America to find the silver child. We’ll then contact our allies to gather and destroy our enemies once and for all.” He explained.

Romeo nodded, and then looked at all of them. “Come with me. I’ll take you to my manor.” He said, turning around. They followed him out. “I don’t think we’ll have much trouble. Your main enemy, Titus, is now being hunted for his failures. The Dark Ones want him dead.” Romeo told them.

Nichallo looked at him. “When was this?” He asked.

“Yesterday. The Dark Ones sent their servants all over the world to tell each other that Titus has failed them for the last time and that whoever finds him is to kill him.” Romeo explained. “I over heard a few of them talking in the market the other day.”

Cassidy looked at Nichallo. “That’s good, right?” She asked.

Nichallo shook his head. That was not good. “Titus will be more desperate now. He’ll do crazy things. Things that may end in disasters.” He said.

Romeo nodded. He knew just how dangerous Titus was and how dangerous he was about to become now. “He’ll release fires, plagues and even death to get you all.” He told them.

They got to the car. “That’s why it’s so important that you teach Cassidy the air element.” Nichallo told Romeo. As they drove away,

Cassidy looked at Carver. He was staring out the window. “What is it?” Cassidy asked him.

Carver looked at her. “It’s the phone call we got from Elizabeth. The silver child is in San Francisco.” He explained.

Nichallo looked back. “And that is the worst place for anyone that’s like us to be.” He told the two kids.

Cassidy looked at Nichallo. “Why’s that?” She asked.

It was Carver who answered. “Mount Orothos is there.” Cassidy looked at him. “It’s where the palace of the Dark Ones is at.” He explained.

In San Francisco, Malcom and Anubis’s plane landed. As the two were getting off, Anubis sniffed the air. Malcom looked at him. “What is it?” He asked.

Anubis looked at him as his disguise took form. “Necromancers and an ally to Nichallo. Elizabeth the vampire.” He answered.

Malcom and Anubis both hated the vampire. She had defected from their side in the past. “What is she doing here?” Malcom asked.

Anubis breathed in the air deeply. “She plans to kill all the necromancers. She’s also looking for the silver child as well.” He answered.

Malcom sighed. That would complicate things. “We’ll let her be busy with the necromancers and we can hunt the child.” He said. They went outside and signaled a cab to stop. It was a black cab and the license plate read: I suck blood. The two got into it. “Nice to meet you again Necrolyn.” Malcom said to the figure in front of them.

The figure turned on the lights. She was in complete black clothes. Her hands were black and had claws like a bat. Her hair was two large bat wings. She had fangs in her mouth. Two wings came out of her at the waist. Her eyes were as black as night. She smiled at Malcom. “Nice to meet you too Malcom. It’s been too long.” She said.

Anubis cleared his throat. “Nice to see you again Titaness.” He said.

Necrolyn looked at him. “I didn’t expect to see you here. I thought it was just going to be Malcom, my daughter and I.” She told him.

Malcom looked surprised. “Your daughter?” He asked. He didn’t think that his master’s younger sister had a daughter.

Necrolyn pointed to a girl next to her. She was surprisingly a human with long blond hair, her eyes were brown. She was in black clothes and a leather jacket. “My daughter, Meme.” Necrolyn said.

Malcom extended his hand. “Nice to meet you Meme.” He said.

Meme looked at him. “Whatever.” She said. She looked out the window.

“You must excuse my daughter. She isn’t exactly one to understand. She doesn’t like what we’re up to.” Necrolyn explained.

“What do you expect Mom? If the Dark Ones rule the world, there will be no new fashion.” Meme cried out.

Malcom looked at Necrolyn. It sounded like the apple did fall very far from the tree with Meme. “We could erase her memories of you, me and the Dark Ones.” He offered.

Meme brightened at that idea. “What are you waiting for? Do it.” She said excitedly.

Necrolyn put an arm in front of Meme. “No! You’re fate is to be the Queen of the Vampors.” She reminded her daughter.

Meme gave her mom a dirty look. “You know that’ll never happen. Your sister Vampela will takeover as the Queen of the Vampors.” She said.

“Not if we find the silver child and bring her to the Dark Ones. They’ll reward us for this. “I’ll be second in command and you get to be the queen of the vampires.” Malcom said quickly.

Necrolyn and Meme looked at him. “Would they really do that?” Necrolyn asked.

Malcom smiled. It was time to get the Titaness on his side. “You can count on it. They’ll be in too much of a good mood not to forget what we did for them.” He said confidently.

Necrolyn thought it over, then she said, “What do we do first to find her?”

“We have to get all the necromancers in San Francisco gathered. They’ll unleash the dead. That will get the vampire Elizabeth’s attention. While they keep her busy, we can hunt for the child.” Malcome said, laying out the plan. It sounded easy to him.

Carver was in Romeo’s manor. It was three stories high and five rooms wide. Romeo and Cassidy were in the attic. Romeo was teaching Cassidy the air element there. Nichallo was in the living room calling Elizabeth to see how she was doing.

Carver went to the library room. The library wasn’t as crazy as Cedric’s but it wasn’t like a normal library. Instead of showing the bindings, they showed the cover of the book. They went to the ceiling. There was only one area where there were no books. It was a painting of a lady right over the door. Her hair was caramel brown. Her eyes were full of love. Under it was a plaque. It read Juliet. Carver wondered if she was the same Juliet from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. He remembered that Nichallo said the two masters were from history. Romeo and Neptune. If Shakespeare knew Romeo, it would make sense.

Carver sat down in an armchair. He felt tired. He realized that he hadn’t slept for two days. He decided that a nap would be a good idea. He fell asleep and the dreams took him. He was in San Francisco at the pier. He saw the child asleep on a bunch of fishing nets. He felt a lot of pity for her. He went up to the child. He knew she probably couldn’t hear him but he whispered in her ear, “Go to Elizabeth.”

The girl looked around. “Who’s there?” She asked.

Carver was surprised. “You can hear me?” The girl nodded. “Listen to me then. I am a friend. You must find another friend of mine. Her name is Elizabeth. She’s in the city looking for you.” Carver said.

“Why should I? No one cares about me.” The girl said.

Carver sighed. “We do. The thing is that there are these bad monsters after you.” He told her.

The girl seemed interested in that. “What do you mean?” She asked.

“It’s a bit complicated but if you go to Elizabeth. She’ll explain things to you.” Carver explained. He then was about to ask the girl what her name was when he felt something pull him away from her.

Carver woke up to find himself back in the library at Romeo’s manor. Nichallo was standing over him. “Why did you do that?” Carver demanded.

“You were mumbling in your sleep. I thought it would be safe to wake you up.” Nichallo answered.

Carver groaned. “I was talking to the silver child.” He told Nichallo.

Nichallo looked interested in that. “What did you say to her?” He asked.

Carver took a few minutes to remember. “I told her to find Elizabeth. She wanted to know who we were. I told her Elizabeth would explain it. Then you took me.” He answered.

Nichallo sat in another armchair. “This is interesting. Your powers are more powerful then I imagined. You can talk to people even if they’re on the other side of the world just in your sleep.” He said.

Carver looked at him. “What does that mean?” He asked.

Nichallo looked at him. “You’re the Son of Neptune. He didn’t have those powers. You must have had an extraordinary mother. She’s the only explanation.” He explained.

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