The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Long ago, when the world was still young, there was a race known as the Dark Lords. They all had forces of evil. They ruled Earth with terror and destruction. At times they would fight each other, which would end with millions of people and creatures dead.

As time went by, a Guardian learned of spells that could seal the Dark Ones away. He gathered ten sorcerers and an epic battle began. The war lasted ten years before it was forced to end. The Guardian sealed the Dark Lords away and scattered their armies but before he was wounded.

As the Guardian was dying, he gathered his ten sorcerers. He told them that the Dark Lords would return in the future. He said that they would have to train his heir when she was ready. Then, with his dying breath, he made the ten immortal.

The ten knew what they had to do. They buried the Guardian. They then split the jobs that they would have to do when the child was ready to be trained. The first sorcerer would be the Guardian and take her to the others when she was ready or when the darkness returned. The ten scattered across all of Earth to the known and unknown lands. There they wait for the child. The Golden Child.

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