The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Chapter Eighteen

In the attic, Romeo finished training Cassidy in the magic of air. “One more thing to remember. Never use your power for personal gain, to get back at others or as a way to be mean. Your powers are for good.” Romeo told Cassidy as they finished.

Cassidy looked at Romeo. “You knew Shakespeare, right?” She asked.

Romeo nodded. “He used me and my dearly beloved in a drama of his. My Juliet. I was planning on making her immortal but the night before, Shakespeare asked Malcom, not knowing he was a servant of the Dark Ones, to be in the play.” Romeo told her.

Cassidy looked at him. “What happened?” She asked.

“Malcom knew what I was thinking. To prevent it, he made a real vile of poison and switched it with the fake. Juliet was murdered by Malcom. None of us knew it. I found out a century later when fighting Malcom. I have hated that man since. Shakespeare though continued to fight evil. He became immortal for it.”

Cassidy perked up at that. “Where is he then?” She asked.

Romeo shrugged. “In Asia last I knew. He wanted all the swordsmen there to train him more.” Romeo answered.

Cassidy thought of something. “Was there a silver child in the first great war?” She asked.

Romeo looked at her darkly. “Why?” He demanded.

“Didn’t Nichallo tell you? That we found out there was a silver child.” Cassidy explained.

Romeo sighed. “You would be better off killing her. All the silvers either…” He started to say.

Cassidy interrupted him. “Joined the Dark Ones or were killed. Nichallo told us already.” She said. “What I want to know is if there was one in the great war.”

Romeo nodded as he thought back to that time. “I met her during the great war. She was eleven years old. Her name was Veronica. She was treated as an outcast by everyone. The Guardian took her in and protected her. But Titus came. He swayed her under his control. During the war, Nichallo faced her. He hated every minute of it.” He began.

“What happened?” Cassidy asked.

“Veronica had so much hate in her heart. Nichallo’s son managed to face her when Nichallo was knocked unconscious.”

Cassidy gasped. Nichallo had a son? “He never told us that he had a son.” She said.

Romeo nodded as he looked away. “What I’m about to say will explain why.” He continued. “Nichallo’s son spared her while he had the advantage. Veronica had a change of heart after that but unfortunately Titus saw what happened. He sent dark energy at them. Nichallo’s son took the blast and somehow turned evil.” Romeo looked at Cassidy. “You’ve met him. He’s Korgan.”

Cassidy remembered the weird purple armor man. “A Titan?” She asked.

“He’s the first. He created all the Titans.” Romeo then continued. “Korgan attacked Veronica but Nichallo got in the way. He fought Korgan towards the end but Korgan killed Veronica. We don’t know how Nichallo tried to save her, but she died.”

Cassidy looked up. “He tries to save silver children, doesn’t he?” She asked.

Romeo nodded. “He tries but they die either by the hand of a servant of the Dark One or he has to kill them.” He answered. “That’s why you’re better off killing this one too.”

Cassidy shook her head. “Carver thinks she can be saved.” She told Romeo.

Romeo just shook his head. “History will repeat itself. Carver will die with this child. We win, but at a cost.” He told her.

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