The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Chapter Nineteen

In San Francisco, a cab pulled up to an abandoned mansion. The doors opened and Malcom, Anubis, Necrolyn and MeMe got out. They looked around and after making sure the coast was clear, they went inside. Inside, several necromancers surrounded them.

Morgon stepped forward. “What do you want?” She demanded.

Malcom bowed a little. “We just need your help. I’m on a mission for the Dark Ones and there’s someone in the way.” He answered.

“Who is it?” Morgon asked.

Malcom smiled. “Elizabeth the warrior.” He replied.

Morgon smiled as the necromancers began murmuring amongst themselves. She had a feeling she knew where this was going. “You want us to resurrect the corpses to attack her, don’t you?” She asked.

Malcom nodded. “My colleagues will help you all lead these corpses.” He then thought of something absolutely wicked. “Titus is coming. You may be able to get him.” That made all the necromancers excited.

All over the city, the necromancers scattered. Malcom and his little team went to the docks. They looked at Alcatraz. “That place is littered with dead creatures.” Malcom said.

Necrolyn looked around. “There’s no necromancers here.” She turned to Malcom. “What’s your plan?” She then asked.

Malcom smiled and turned to Anubis. “Since you’re the Egyptian Lord of the Dead, I assume you have a little power over the dead.” He said.

Anubis nodded. “You want me to raise up all of these dead ones, am I right?” He asked.

Malcom laughed. “Yes I do.” He turned to Necrolyn. “You’ll control the dead vampires.” He told her. He then went to their car. “I’ll begin hunting.” With that, he drove away.

Meme stomped her foot. “Why didn’t he take me? What am I supposed to do?” She cried.

Necrolyn laid a hand on her shoulder. “Help me keep these vampires under control, that’s what.” She told her daughter. Dark energy began floating from the Titaness and to the prison island.

All over the city, dark energy began covering the city like a fog. Several cars crashed. People began running around in chaos. All over the necromancers began chanting a strange ritual. Several holes formed in the ground. From them came corpses, zombies and skeletons.

From his location, on top of the tallest hill, Malcom smiled as he looked out towards the city. Any minute now, Elizabeth would begin fighting the necromancers and their forces. This would be the perfect chance for him to find the silver child. The fog then cleared.

Elizabeth looked around as the fog cleared. People began screaming and ran for it as the living dead began to walk among them. Elizabeth took her swords out and began fighting them. She then saw the necromancers leading their dead forces towards her. Elizabeth knew her friends were counting on her to find the silver child. She couldn’t stay fighting. She knew that this was all a distraction. A servant to the Dark Ones must be hunting the child. She then took off running.

Elizabeth went to a small house and knocked on the door. It unlocked and a man appeared at it. “May I come in? I need to hide.” Elizabeth said.

The man nodded. “Hide with my family.” He ushered her in.

Elizabeth followed the man to the living room. His wife and two kids were hiding there. “Can I use a phone? I need to contact my friends and make sure that they are okay.” Elizabeth told them. The man gave her his cellphone. “Thank you sir.” She dialed Nichallo’s number and it rang a few minutes.

Nichallo picked up. “Hello?” He asked.

“Nichallo. It’s me. I need your help.” Elizabeth told him.

In Romeo’s home, Carver was watching Nichallo. “What is it?” Nichallo asked on his phone. “Really? It’s not Titus. He’s being hunted. How long do you think you can last?” His face looked grave. “That long? We’re on our way.” He then hung up and looked at Carver. “We need to go.” Nichallo and Carver went to the attic. Romeo and Cassidy were up there talking when the two men joined them. “We need to go now.” Nichallo told them.

“What do you mean?” Cassidy asked.

“Elizabeth needs our help. She’s face an entire army of the dead.” Nichallo told her before he turned to Carver. “Your uncle is not controlling them.” He added.

“Who is then?” Cassidy asked.

“Necromancers. There must be a lot of them if they have a large army.” Romeo answered.

Nichallo nodded. “We have to get to San Francisco. Elizabeth also thinks the dead is a distraction and that another servant of the Dark Ones is looking for the child.” Nichallo added on.

Romeo stood up. “I’ll get you to the airport. Then I’ll go to France or England where I will join our allies there and go to America. Where should we meet up?” He asked.

Nichallo turned to him. “New York City. In Central Park. That is where the battle will happen.” He answered.

Titus’s plane landed in San Francisco. As Titus got out, he saw that the building was packed. No one was going outside. He went up to the front desk. A luggage checker was there. “What’s going on?” He asked casually even though he was already certain he knew the answer.

The checker looked at him. “It’s totally chaotic in the city.” She replied.

Titus tilted his head curiously. “What do you mean?” He asked.

“There are dead things running around the city.” The checker explained.

Titus thought it over and then went to the door and looked outside. There weren’t any necromancers, just a few corpses walking around. He smiled and went outside. The corpses turned to him. It was just as Titus had planned. These skeletons were after magical people. He took Ragnarok out and sliced at the skeletons. They turned to dust. Titus smiled again and put his sword away. He then stole a Mercedes and drove into the city. Titus knew what Malcom was up to. He had the necromancers unleash the dead to keep the city clear so he could hunt the silver child. Titus sped up. He had to get to the silver child first. He planned to use her to destroy all of his enemies.

Elizabeth left her hiding place and continued to sneak around the city. She had to find the silver child. She then heard a swishing sound behind her. She ducked and rolled out of the way as a sword went over her. Elizabeth stood up and turned around. It was Fangor. “General.” Elizabeth spat.

Fangor smiled. “Glad to see you still remember me Elizabeth.” He said.

Elizabeth shook her head. “What are you up to?” She asked.

“I’m here to warn Malcom of Titus. The traitor is here looking for the child.” Fangor answered. Elizabeth’s eyes widened. Fangor nodded. “That’s right. The Sorcerer’s battle will happen again. Malcom against Titus.” Fangor then thought of something. “Unless Nichallo joins in.” He said.

Elizabeth took her swords out. “I’m already busy.” She told him.

Fangor laughed. “Let me guess. Nichallo asked you to look for the child.” He said. Elizabeth ran at Fangor and began attacking him. Fangor blocked her attacks. “Didn’t I teach you anything my young student?” He asked.

“Only that I was to kill my opponent. Even if I was to do it dishonorably.” Elizabeth answered.

Anubis appeared in an alleyway. It wasn’t easy ditching those vampires but he managed to do it. He had to find Malcom by the time Malcom found the silver child. That way he could kill Malcom and take the child to the Dark Ones. He then saw Malcom walking by. It looked like he was heading to the docks. Anubis left his hiding spot and followed him. Malcom did go to the docks.

Malcom smiled. An eleven year old girl was laying on a bunch of fishing nets. She was asleep. Malcom went up to her. “Excuse me my dear but may I talk to you?” He asked.

The girl woke up and looked at him. “Who are you?” She asked. She sounded scared.

Malcom smiled. “I am a friend. There are some people I would like you to meet.” Malcom explained.

“Nice try Malcom but the girl is coming with me.” Malcom turned around to see Anubis.

“What are you doing here?” Malcom asked angrily.

Anubis smiled. “If I take the child to the Darkness, I’ll be the new favorite.” He answered.

Malcom sneered at him. “You traitor.” He said.

Anubis laughed. “I’m not a traitor old friend. I’ve planned this since the fight in England.” He said. The two began casting spells at each other. Dark energy flew all over the place. The girl, scared more than ever, took off. The two magicians took off after her while they continued fighting.

Titus parked his car and got out. He looked around and smiled. There were no corpses or necromancers. He then saw something unusual. A little girl ran by.

A few minutes later, Malcom and Anubis went by. The two stopped and turned to him. “Titus.” Malcom said. Anubis and Malcom pointed at Titus.

Titus pointed at both of them. “That child comes with me.” Titus told them.

“No. She comes with me.” Anubis and Malcom both said at the same time. The three just looked at each other and began fighting and running after the child.

The girl ran to a warehouse and snuck in. She hid behind a bunch of boxes. This was just too weird for her. No one had ever been interested in her until now. She looked around. The coast seemed clear. She decided to stay hidden though until it was safe.

Elizabeth was fighting Fangor when Elizabeth suddenly knocked Fangor’s sword out of his hands. Before Fangor could respond, Elizabeth stabbed him though. Fangor gasped in surprise. “No one should be able to defeat the General.” He said.

Elizabeth pulled her sword out of him. “Not anymore.” She said. Fangor fell to the ground dead. Elizabeth looked around and sighed. While she had been busy fighting Fangor, she had failed to see all the necromancers and their corpse army surround her. They began moving in. Elizabeth looked for an escape route. Seeing none, she raised her blade up for her last battle.

Back at the warehouse, the girl looked again to make sure the coast was clear. She stood up and was going to the door when the door exploded. Malcom and Anubis flew through the wall.

Titus walked in and dusted off his sleeves. “Too easy.” He said. Anubis and Malcom both stood up. They sent dark energy at Titus. Titus raised his left hand and grabbed it all. The two looked amazed. Titus laughed. “I’m one of the most powerful sorcerers alive.” He then sent the dark energy at Anubis. Anubis flew back and hit the back wall. He fell down dead. The girl hid again behind the crates.

Malcom looked at Anubis’s body, then at Titus. “Anubis wasn’t strong enough to defeat you, but I am.” He told him.

Titus laughed. “Try it then.” He challenged Malcom. Malcom sent five balls of dark energy at Titus. “Block all of those.” He said, confident that Titus would fail.

Titus raised his left hand again and waved the dark energy balls away. “Child’s play.” He said. He then pointed at Malcom. “Try this.” He sent a large purple energy-made snake at him. Malcom’s eyes widened as the snake slithered around and up his body. “Squeeze him.” Titus ordered.

The snake began tightening his grip on Malcom. Malcom began gasping for air as the snake did it. He then did one cry of pain as every bone in his body except his neck broke. His body then went limp. The snake vanished and Malcom fell to the ground dead.

Titus smiled as he looked at the man he just killed. Now no one would stop him from achieving his mission. He looked around. “I know you’re here.” He told the girl. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you. But there are other people that want to hurt you. The man that I killed would have taken you to your death.” He lied.

The girl came out of hiding. “Are you telling the truth?” She asked.

Titus nodded. “Every word of it. What is your name? He asked her. The girl looked down then back at Titus.

“Skye. Who are you?” She answered.

“I am Titus.” He extended his hand. Skye hesitated, then took it, hoping for the best.

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