The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Chapter Twenty

Elizabeth was still fighting for her life but she was becoming tired. No matter how hard she fought, there were more and more corpses or necromancers. She figured she was done for when half of the undead army was blasted by golden light. Then sea color light blew more away. The enemy began falling into chaos. Elizabeth looked around then smiled. Nichallo, Carver and Cassidy were there. All three were taking the enemy down quite easily. Nichallo was using magic. The kids were using swords and their auras.

The necromancers turned to Necrolyn and Meme. “Now what?” Morgon asked.

Necrolyn spread her wings. “I’m out of here. Meme, come now.” Meme put her arms around her mom and they flew off.

Morgon looked at the necromancers. “Retreat! Now!” She shouted. They all took off running. As the four finished up the undead army, they all saw Titus running away. He had a girl with him. When they were done, they grouped up. “We have to go after them.” Carver said.

Nichallo looked at him. “Why?” He asked.

“That was the girl from my visions. The silver child.” Carver answered.

Nichallo looked at Elizabeth. “Get Cassidy to the airport. Wait for us there.” He told her. If things went according to plan, they would need to get out of the city quickly.

Elizabeth grabbed his arm. “What are you two doing?” She asked.

“Carver and I have to get the child away from Titus. I owe that to Veronica.” Nichallo answered.

Elizabeth let go of him. Of course this had to do with Veronica. “Don’t fail this time and she’ll live.” She then took Cassidy’s hand. “Come on.” Elizabeth took her away.

Nichallo looked at Carver. “Let’s go. We have a girl to save.” He told him.

“Who’s Veronica?” Carver asked.

Nichallo thought it over. “Come and I’ll tell you.” The two took off. Nichallo then began his story. “Veronica was the first silver child. She was treated as an outcast. The Dark Ones found her. They convinced her to join them. She did.”

Carver interrupted him. “What happened to her?” He asked.

Nichallo sighed. “Let’s take that car.” He pointed to a silver car. The two got into it. Nichallo then continued with his story. “During the war, I fought her. She was stronger then me so my son began fighting her. At some point, she was at his mercy but his heart won out. He spared her. Titus found out and sent dark energy at them. My son took the blast and turned evil. Veronica tried to fight my son but she was killed by him.”

Carver looked at Nichallo. “What happened to your son?” He asked.

Nichallo sighed. “He became the first Titan.” He answered. He then turned to Carver. “He’s Korgan the Wolf Knight.”

Carver looked away as he remembered the warrior from before. “Will you face him?” He asked Nichallo.

Nichallo nodded. “I have to free him or kill him. Those are my only two options.” He replied.

Titus took Skye to his car. As they were getting in, Skye looked at Titus. “Who are we running from?” She asked.

Titus started the car up. “A whole bunch of enemies. One is a powerful sorcerer.” He answered before driving away. He hadn’t counted on Nichallo being there but it was too late to do anything about that now.

Nichallo was driving when he spotted them. “I found them.” He announced.

Carver looked ahead at the Mercedes. “Are you sure?” He asked.

Nichallo nodded. “He has a black aura and there’s a silver aura next to it.” He answered.

Carver looked at the car and concentrated. He could see the auras. He then looked at Nichallo. “So what’s the plan?” He asked.

Nichallo thought about it for a few minutes then answered. “We attack them first and get them to chase us. We go to the Golden Gate Bridge and make our stand there.”

Carver looked at the car. “How do we attack them?” He asked. By way of answer, Nichallo sped up and bumped the back of Titus’s car. He waited for a few seconds, then did it again. He then sped past Titus.

In Titus’s car, Skye looked at Titus. “Now what?” She asked. Titus smiled wickedly and began driving faster. “We take them down.” He answered. It was finally time to end the feud between Nichallo and him.

“Wouldn’t they expect that?” Skye asked.

Titus looked at her. “Rule number one. Trigger the traps.” He told her.

Nichallo smiled as he looked into the rearview mirror. “It worked. They’re chasing us.” He said.

Carver looked behind them. An idea formed in his head. “Let me face the girl.” He told Nichallo.

Nichallo looked at him. “Why?” He asked.

“I may be the only one who can save her.” Carver explained. He had to believe that he had visions of her for some reason.

Nichallo frowned. “You have no idea how powerful she could be. It’s safer for me to do it. You can face Titus.” He told Carver.

“Are you saying I’m not strong enough?” Carver asked.

“No. I just don’t want history to be repeated.” Nichallo said, instantly wishing he hadn’t said that.

Carver looked at him. “What are you talking about?” He asked. Nichallo looked ahead of them. “I don’t want you to be like my son. He became Korgan when Titus attacked him for saving the child.” He explained.

Carver looked behind them. “It won’t happen like that. The child will listen to me. She has once before. She may do it again. If you keep Titus busy long enough, I can get her to safety.” He promised.

Nichallo sighed. “I hope you know what you’re doing.” He told Carver.

Carver looked ahead again at the Golden Gate Bridge. He knew it wouldn’t be like Nichallo’s son trying to save Veronica. He had seen the child the last few days. He knew what to expect. He also knew how to rescue her. He began forming a plan in his mind.

Nichallo drove up to the Golden Gate Bridge. He drove halfway on and stopped suddenly. Carver stared at him as he held onto the car door tightly. Nichallo smiled. “Sorry about that.” He told Carver.

Carver looked at the way they came in. “Are you sure they’ll come.” He asked. He couldn’t see any car coming.

Nichallo nodded. “You can bet on it. Titus doesn’t like letting his enemies get away. Especially me.” He answered. As if to prove his point, a car drove onto the bridge and stopped. Nichallo smiled. “Now let’s face them.” He told Carver. The two got out of their car and began walking towards Titus’s car.

Titus and Skye got out of theirs and walked towards them. They stopped ten feet away from each other. Nichallo looked at Titus. “You have lied to the silver child.” He told him.

Titus laughed. “Did I Nichallo? You didn’t tell the golden child or this son of Neptune what you did to your own son.” Carver looked at him. “What does he mean?” He asked.

Nichallo sighed. “We fought at the battle between Mordred and Arthur. There, I turned him into a frozen statue.” Nichallo then looked at Titus. “I did that to ty to save him until I could reverse your dark magic.” He said.

Skye looked at the two grown-up men talking. She didn’t know what they were talking about but it seemed to hurt the other man, Nichallo. She looked at the boy. He was a few years older than her. But there was that title Titus gave him. This son of Neptune.

Skye knew that in mythology, Neptune was the Roman Sea God. Did this boy believe he was the son of a myth? Titus laughed. “It doesn’t matter Nichallo. You won’t be able to save your son or the world.” He then charged in at Nichallo and cast dark magic. “Skye! Get the boy!” Titus ordered.

Skye nodded and a silver sword appeared in her hands. She sliced at Carver. Carver jumped back. “I don’t want to fight you.” He told her.

Skye sliced again. “I don’t believe you. I’ve been lied to too many times.” She said.

Carver grabbed her by the wrists gently. “I know. Your family hates you. That baker didn’t give you any food even though you were alone with no money.” He said. Skye hesitated. “Believe me. I’m different. I actually care about you.” Carver continued.

Skye shook him loose. “I don’t need you. Titus is the only one I need.” She said.

Carver shook his head and made a shield appear on his arm. He could block Skye’s sword. He then heard a click and he was sent flying back. His shield disappeared. He looked up and saw why. Skye had made a gun appear. It was good that it couldn’t do bullets. It could only blast energy. He stood up.

Nichallo and Titus continued their fight. “Give up Titus. You have no one to help you but a little girl.” Nichallo told him.

Titus laughed. “I will never give up. I’ll use the silver child to destroy all of my enemies, including the Dark Ones.” He said.

Nichallo shook his head. “I’ll destroy you before you destroy the world.” He sent a containment spell at Titus. It caught Titus unprepared and he went into the orb. Nichallo then saw Carver getting up.

Skye went up to Carver. Before Carver could move, she pointed the gun at him. Carver looked behind him. There was the edge of the bridge. Below was the water. He knew a drop could kill him. He then looked at Skye. “Don’t do this.” He told her. “Please. I want to help you.”

Skye smiled. “Too bad.” She told him.

Carver then saw Nichallo sending a ball of energy at her back. “No!” Carver shouted. He pushed Skye’s gun down and pulled her behind him.

Skye was surprised as Carver took the hit. But it wasn’t enough. The blast sent her flying over the railing. She grabbed onto the last bar on the railing. “Help me!” She shouted.

Nichallo looked at Carver on the ground and began running to him.

Carver woke up as he heard Skye scream. He looked up weakly. There was no sign of her. He got up slowly and heard her scream again. He looked at the railing and saw her dangling. He ran to her and leaned over. “Grab my hand!” He shouted, extending his hand to her. Skye looked at him. “Trust me on this.” Carver said. Skye began slipping. “Please.” Carver told her.

Skye grabbed his hand as her hand let go of the railing. “Don’t let go!” She cried.

Carver smiled and pulled her up over the railing. Skye looked at Carver. She clung to him tightly. Carver looked down at her. “It’s okay. You’re safe now.” He told her.

Nichallo went up to them. “You okay?” He asked Carver.

Skye backed a little away from Carver. Carver looked at her and smiled. He then turned to Nichallo. “Yeah. We’re okay.” He replied.

Titus broke free of the containment orb. “I’ll destroy you all!” He shouted.

Carver pulled Skye behind him. Nichallo looked at him. “What are you going to do?” He asked.

Carver didn’t answer. The water rose behind him. He then shoved it all at Titus.

Titus’s eyes widened as the water came at him. He tried to raise a shield but the water went right through it and took him away. Right over the edge of the bridge. When the water cleared, Titus was gone.

Nichallo looked at Carver. “You can use your powers?” He asked.

Carver nodded. “Ever since I learned who my father was.” He answered.

They then looked at Skye. “Now who are you?” Nichallo asked her.

Skye looked at them. “I’m Skye.” She answered. “Who are you?” She then asked.

“I am Nichallo. This is Carver. Nichallo told her.

“What are you going to do to me?” Skye asked. “We want you to come with us for your own protection. We can take care of you.” Nichallo told her.

Skye looked at them. “I’ll go with you.” She said in a soft voice.

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