The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Chapter Twenty One

Titus woke up later that day. He sat up and looked around. He was on the beach down a bit from the Golden Gate Bridge. He looked up at the sky. The stars were out and there was a full moon. He stood up as he remembered what had happened on the bridge. “Nichallo! You can’t get away from me! You, the golden child, that boy and the silver girl!” He shouted to the sky.

“No you won’t.” A voice said.

Titus turned to the forest. A few warriors came out of it. They all were made of wood. They were about ten feet high. Their leader had a green beard. “Treoras.” Titus breathed.

The wooden creatures all laughed. “You shouldn’t have revealed yourself Traitor. The Dark Ones now want you gone.” The leader said.

“Shall we Greenbeard?” A Treora asked.

Greenbeard nodded. Titus began backing away when he saw the edge of the city on the other side of the river. He jumped into the water and tried to swim away. He was halfway across when something grabbed his ankles. They dragged him back to the Treoras. It turned out to be the roots of the forest. The roots dangled him upside. The Treoras began laughing. “Now for your end.” Greenbeard said.

The roots were about to snap Titus’s throat when a voice barked, “Stop!” The Treoras looked to the coast. In the moonlight was a human-like creature. Except for a few things. He had a black small bushy tail. He was completely incased in black clothes. His hands were black paws. His face had a dog-like black nose. A mask was over his eyes. He had pointed black ears.

The Treoras got down on one knee. Titus’s face was drained of color as he looked at this creature. He was also surprised but didn’t show it. This creature was very dangerous and a Dark One at that.

The creature smiled when he saw Titus. “Good. You captured him Greenbead.” Its voice was velvety, but its mouth didn’t move at all.

“Yes My Lord. The Traitor, as you requested.” Greenbeard said.

The creature went up to Titus. “You are surprised to see me, but you’re not showing it. Why?”

Titus cleared his throat. “I’m upside down. It would sort of be hard to. I thought all the Dark Ones were sealed away in England Zelcro.” He replied.

Zelcro laughed. “I am a werecreature. I can escape my prison though not be human.” He pointed to the full moon. Titus nodded. “So when the full moon is gone, you’ll return to your prison?” He asked.

Zelcro shook his head. “Until the new moon come, I’m free of it.” He answered. “Do you know why I am here?” Zelcro then asked.

Titus sighed. This was obviously a rhetorical question but he had a feeling that Zelcro wouldn’t say anything until he replied. “To punish me?” He asked.

Zelcro nodded. “Your master, Doom Lucius, has given you to me.” He then took out a knife. On the blade were three moons. He raised it to Titus and stabbed him in the heart.

Titus gasped as the knife went through. He then felt different. He looked up at his body. It was vanishing. “What’s happening to me?” He shouted as he vanished.

Zelcro’s knife glowed. “I’m using your energy until there’s no more left.” Zelcro answered. He then turned to Greenbeard. “Begin gathering your brethren We’ll be going to war soon.”

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