The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Chapter Twenty Two

Carver, Nichallo, Cassidy, Elizabeth and Skye were on an airplane flying to New York City. Skye was looking out the window. Carver looked at her. “Are you okay?” He asked.

Skye looked at him. “I’ve never been outside of San Francisco before.” She told him. “What was growing up like for you?” Skye asked Carver.

Carver sighed. “I grew up with an adoptive family. Michelle and Anthony. They’re with Nichallo in this battle. They’re sorcerers. They raised me up. Never told me who my dad was. I just found out a few days ago.” He answered. “What about you?” He asked Skye.

Skye looked down. “When I was five, I discovered I was different. I was at school. There were bullies around me, beating me up. I don’t remember what happened next but they all were on the ground surprised. The principal called my parents and expelled me. It got worse overtime. My powers were uncontrollable. My mom then kicked me out of the house when I was seven. I had nothing but the clothes on me.” Skye had tears in her eyes. “I had no friends. Everyone who knew me treated me like a freak.” She began crying.

Carver took her hands. “It’s okay now.” You have all of us now.” He told her. Skye leaned her head against Carver and began to relax. Carver began stroking Skye’s hair. He then noticed that Skye had fallen asleep.

Cassidy looked at the two. She then heard Elizabeth and Nichallo. “The fact that the necromancers in San Francisco had raised up an army to go after me means that they know what I was up to.” Elizabeth said.

Nichallo chuckled. “You can relax. It’s over now. We have the silver child.” He said. That was good news to him.

“What is Skye’s role to play in this?” Elizabeth asked.

Nichallo shook his head. “I’m still trying to figure it out but it’s starting to fit what the Guardian said.” He told Elizabeth.

“What do you mean?” Elizabeth asked

“There’s an old prophecy. It’s like this.” He then began the prophecy. “From the dark, the gold will rise. The lost one, discovered, will survive. The heir will win against the dark only love can give the heart. Life to the dead, the silver give.” Nichallo looked at Elizabeth. “So far, it’s been fulfilled. The storms, the golden child, the son of Neptune. Now for the last bit. It’s still unclear.”

Elizabeth laughed quietly. She knew that there was more to the prophecy but she wasn’t about to get into it. “So what happens now?” She asked.

Nichallo looked out. “We gather in New York for battle. There, man’s fate will be decided.” He answered. Elizabeth looked outside as well. The clouds were speckled with black dots in the distance. “Already our enemy is gathering. If we don’t hurry up, they’ll wipe us out first. The prophecy then won’t come true. The world will fall to Chaos once more.” Nichallo said.

Elizabeth looked at him. “Will Chaos come when the other Dark Ones are free?” She asked.

Nichallo nodded. “He’ll want to rule them all.” He replied.

Cassidy’s eyes widened as she heard all of this. There was a Dark One more powerful than all of the Dark Ones combined. If she lost to him, it was all over. She then wondered what Nichallo meant. It sounded like Chaos wasn’t with the other Dark Ones. So where was he?

At the fortress in France, Cedric was with his army of werecreatures. “Soon we will march out to meet our allies.” He told Edward. The wereman was in armor.

“Who are we waiting for?” Edward asked.

“Romeo and Little John.” Cedric answered. There was a howl from the far top. Everyone looked up at it. “Someone is coming.” Cedric said.

A werewolf on top of the gates looked out and then at Cedric. “Two men are riding here fast.” He shouted, jumping down.

“Open the gates!” Cedric ordered. The doors opened. The two men rode in. They stopped in front of Cedric. “Romeo. Little John. It is good to see you again.” Cedric said. The two men nodded. “Any word from Shakespeare?” Cedric asked.

Romeo nodded. “He’s in Asia gathering the riders.” He answered.

Cedric got onto his horse and turned to his forces. “Warriors of the light! We march to the unknown bridge!” He then turned to the opened gates and the three horsemen rode out. The entire werearmy ran after them very fast.

In the eastern mountains of China, in five giant valleys, there were thousands of tents. On a mountain ledge, a man looked at them. He was in silver and gold armor. His hair was blond. In his left arm was his helmet. On it was a small metal horse head. He turned to the man next to him. “Are we ready Sheng La?” He asked.

The man nodded. “Yes Lord Shakespeare. How many men?” Shakespeare asked.

“Six thousand.” Sheng La answered.

Shakespeare got onto a horse. Sheng La got onto one as well. “We must ride to the eastern farthest point of Russia. There’s a tunnel there that leads down into Oregon in the United States.” Shakespeare told Sheng La.

They rode to their forces in the first valley. A part of the army was there. Shakespeare and Sheng La rode to the front. “Riders! We ride to the tunnel of the Pacific. Once we cross it, we ride to New York City! We must go at a reasonable pace and be ready to fight when we get there.” Shakespeare announced. The riders all cheered and raised their banners. There were white horses on them. They all rode out of the first valley into the next valley. There was more of the army. They joined in with the first part. They went through each of the other three valleys and the riders joined in. They all rode to Russia’s tunnel.

In the forest outside of San Francisco, the Treoras were gathering. Zelcro was with them. Greenbeard was talking to him. “When do we attack Sir?” He asked.

Zelcro smiled and drew his dagger. “We can attack tomorrow morning.” He answered.

Greenbeard looked at him. “We can’t get to New York City in a few hours.” He said nervously.

Zelcro smiled. “Oh yes we can.” He sliced at the air and a portal appeared. It showed the Lincoln Tunnel. “We march through this into New York. Nichallo will be overpowered.” Zelcro said.

Nichallo and his group came into the New York City airport. Nichallo smiled. “Good to be home again.” He said. He looked at Skye. “Since you have no family you can live with me.” He told her.

Skye smiled. She would finally have a home. “That would be nice.” She said.

Outside, Nichallo hailed a cab and got in it. “We’ll go to my place first. Then we’ll call Cassidy’s parents. Tell them that she’s okay.” He told them.

Carver looked at him. “Shouldn’t we tell them what is going on?” He asked Nichallo.

Nichallo thought it over and then shook his head. “It would be too dangerous for them to know. If the Dark Ones found out about them, they’ll use them against us. If that happens, then the Dark Ones win.” He explained. Elizabeth began sniffing the air. Nichallo looked at her. “What is it?” He asked.

Elizabeth looked at him. “I smell something dark.” She answered.

The cab driver began laughing. “How right you are my dear.” He said in a low voice. Everyone looked at the cab driver as he pulled over.

“Get out!” Nichallo shouted. They all ran out as the cab’s top flew off. It landed right behind Skye. As it was falling onto her, Carver pushed her out of the way.

Skye got up next to Carver. “Thanks.” She said. Carver nodded. They joined the others.

As the cab driver got out of the cab, he began to change his appearance. A black bushy tail came out of him. His uniform turned into black clothes. His head turned into a wolf’s head. A mask appeared over his face. His ears were pointy like a wolf.

Nichallo looked amazed. “Zelcro.” He said.

Zelcro laughed. “That’s right Guardian.” He said.

The three kids looked at Nichallo. “Who is that?” Skye asked.

Nichallo looked at Elizabeth. “Tell them.” He then turned to Zelcro.

The three kids looked at Elizabeth. She sighed. “Zelcro is a Dark One. The only one besides Chaos who is free. They say that he created the first werecreatures under a full moon. They were supposed to attack men but the the two betrayed Zelcro.” She answered.

Nichallo was still looking at Zelcro. “How did you escape the prison?” He asked.

Zelcro laughed. “I was released under a full moon. My curse is that when the next new moon shows up. I must return to my prison. Until then, I’m free and the prison will be destroyed with the freeing of my brothers and sisters.”

Elizabeth took out her sabers. “We’ll stop you first.” She said.

Nichallo took out his sword as well. “Carver. Watch the others and keep them away from Zelcro.” He ordered him.

Carver nodded. “You can count on me.” He then turned to the girls. “Let’s go.” They ran to the Brooklyn Bridge that led to Manhattan. “Once we cross this, we’ll go to Nichallo’s magic shop.” Carver told them.

“Carver! Look at the Lincoln Tunnel!” Cassidy cried.

Carver turned to it. Creatures made of wood were entering the tunnel.

At the other end of the tunnel, policemen were urging people to safety. The chief looked at the Treoras coming towards them. “I want these things stopped now.” He ordered. Some policemen began shooting at them. The Treoras stopped for a minute before continuing towards them.

Greenbeard began laughing as the humans began running away. “That’s right puny humans! Run away! Soon you’ll be destroyed by the Dark Ones!” He shouted. The other Treoras began laughing as well as they continued towards the end of the tunnel.

A taxi stopped two blocks away from the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel on the Manhattan side. Carver and the two girls watched people and animals running from the tunnel. Policemen were surrounding it a block away. The cab driver looked at the kids. “Sorry but I stop here.” He told them.

“Thanks.” Carver gave him a bit of money. The girls got out with Carver.

“Now what?” Skye asked.

Cassidy looked at Carver. “We defeated these things.” Carver answered. A trident appeared in his hands. Cassidy took out Excalibur. They then looked at Skye. “You need a weapon.” Carver said.

Skye’s aura began glowing. To their amazement, a silver sword appeared in her hands. Carver looked at Cassidy. “Well she does now.” Cassidy said. She then turned serious. “Let’s do this.”

The policemen held their breath as they looked at the tunnel entrance. The ground began shaking. “Steady boys. Fire when you see them coming out.” The chief ordered. The policemen looked around nervously then back at the entrance. Two Treoras came out. “Fire!” The chief shouted. The policemen began shooting. The Treoras kept moving in. “Call in SWAT! Get fire tools here!” The chief ordered as more Treoras came out.

Zelcro, Nichallo and Elizabeth were still fighting when Zelcro began laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Nichallo demanded.

Zelcro smiled. “While we’ve been fighting here, my army entered Manhattan. Soon the city will be ours.” He explained. He then took off.

Elizabeth and Nichallo looked at each other. “We need to get into the city.” Nichallo said. Elizabeth nodded. They both ran to the Brooklyn Bridge.

At the Lincoln Tunnel, the SWAT team had arrived and were shooting larger guns at the Treoras. The policemen were throwing dynamite sticks into the Treoras’s ranks, making them explode.

The chief began laughing as the Treoras fell into confusion. He stopped when Zelcro appeared.

Zelcro looked at Greenbeard. “What’s with the holdup?” He asked.

“The humans are hitting us hard.” Greenbeard answered.

Zelcro took his knife out. “Not a problem for me.” He sliced at the police cars. The police cars exploded, sending policemen flying back.

The chief looked at Zelcro. “Fire all weapons on that creature!” He ordered.

Zelcro laughed as the bullets fell to the ground before they could even touch him. “Is this the best you can do?” He asked. Greenbeard and the Treoras began moving in again.

The chief couldn’t believe it. The city was being invaded and the police couldn’t stop it. He knew what to do. “Everyone fall back!” He shouted. The police and the SWAT teams began running away.

Zelcro began laughing as the police and the SWAT teams ran for it. “That’s right. You are no match for me. Soon your city will be ours.” He said triumphantly. “Greenbeard. Move in all the way!” He ordered.

“Yes my lord.” Greenbeard said before he roared. As he roared, the Treoras continued marching.

Carver, Cassidy and Skye looked at each other and nodded. They knew what they had to do. They all stood on the road in front of the Treoras. “You two take the Treoras. Zelcro is mine.” Carver said.

The girls turned to him. “Are you sure?” Skye asked.

Carver nodded. The three ran towards the Treoras. The wooden warriors were taken by surprise as the two girls began hacking them down. Carver went right through the ranks towards Zelcro. Greenbeard saw him and knew what to do. He stood in front of the Dark One. Carver didn’t stop and sliced him down.

Zelcro took his knife out. “Son of Neptune.” He said. Carver jabbed at him with his trident. Zelcro blocked it. “If only you knew your fate.” He told Carver.

Carver looked at him. “What do you mean?” He demanded.

Zelcro laughed. “I won’t tell you at all.” He answered.

Cassidy and Skye were fighting the Treoras when Nichallo and Elizabeth joined them. The four began reducing the number of Treoras fast. The remaining one began to run away. The four looked at them running. “Where’s Carver?” Nichallo asked. Cassidy and Skye looked near the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel.

Carver and Zelcro were still fighting. Zelcro sliced Carver’s trident in half. His weapon vanished. Carver began backing away as Zelco continued slicing at him. To Carver’s unfortunate luck, he backed into a wall. Zelcro smiled. “You’re mine now.” He told Carver.

“Carver, don’t let him touch you with his knife!” Nichallo shouted.

Carver turned to them. Zelcro took the moment and stabbed at him. Carver turned to him, expecting to feel the blade. To his surprise, he didn’t feel it. He heard a gasp and looked down a little.

Skye was in front of him. She fell to the ground. Carver bent down and picked her up. Where her heart was, there was blood. Skye began gasping for air. She looked at Carver.

“Why did you do that?” Carver asked.

“To thank you.” Skye said before she winced. “You saved me. I just saved you.” She then gasped sharply. “Beat this guy for me.” She then vanished.

Zelcro began laughing. “Like all the past Silver ones. They either join us or die.” He said.

Carver’s anger began growing until he looked like he was vibrating. He looked up at Zelcro and then stood up. “You’ll pay for that.” He began attacking Zelcro.

Zelcro began panicking. This boy was more powerful than anything he had ever come across. He dropped his knife and it shattered into pieces. Just as he was about to run for it, a sword appeared in Carver’s hands. “You’re finished.” Carver said. With that, he stabbed Zelcro. Zelcro howled and then vanished into thin air.

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