The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Chapter Twenty Four

Carver led Skye into an apartment room. “Mom, Dad! I’m home.” Carver said loudly.

“I’m in the kitchen.” A woman said. Carver led Skye into the kitchen. There was a woman there. She had black hair and green eyes. She smiled when she saw Carver. “So how was your trip?” She asked.

Carver took a minute before he answered. “It was fine. I learned of my birth parents Michelle.”

Carver’s mom looked at Skye and then back at Carver. “Nichallo told us that Neptune sent you here to get away from Fangor.” Michelle said.

Anthony then came in. He was tall and strong. He smiled when he saw Carver. “Hey Carver! What’s up?” He asked.

Michelle looked at him. “He knows who his father is.” She told him.

Anthony sighed and sat down. He then noticed Skye. “Well, and who are you?” He asked before he smiled at his son.

Carver saw what his dad was implying. He placed a hand on Skye’s shoulder “This is Skye. We found her in San Francisco and brought her back with us because no one wanted her.” He answered. He decided to leave out the part about her being a silver aura child.

Michelle went up to Skye. “Welcome Dear. Are you hungry?” She asked the young girl.

Skye nodded. “Yes.” She said.

“Nichallo said that she is to stay with us.” Carver told his parents.

Michelle smiled and took Skye to the table. “I’ll put some cheeseburgers on.” She said.

Anthony went to Carver. “Let’s talk.” He led Carver to the living room. “So you know about Neptune?” He asked. Carver nodded. He then noticed that Anthony’s eyes were red. “The General had promised me that he would destroy Neptune and the others.” Anthony said.

Carver began backing away. “When you say the General, do you mean Fangor?” He asked.

Anthony nodded. “You weren’t supposed to live.” He said in a hard low voice.

Carver made a trident appear. “Who are you?” He demanded. This wasn’t Anthony.

Anthony smiled. “I am Chaos.” He answered.

“Where is Anthony?” Carver asked.

“The fool was killed and then I took this body for my own.” Chaos explained. A black sword appeared in his hands. “Now I’ll kill you and end Neptune’s line.” Chaos charged in.

Carver jabbed at him but the trident vanished as it touched Chaos. Chaos laughed. “You can’t kill me. I’m so powerful that other auras can’t harm me.” He told Carver.

Skye and Michelle ran in. “Stay back! It’s Chaos!” Carver shouted at them.

Chaos turned to them. “Excellent. I can kill you all and lower your forces by a few numbers.” He said. Skye grabbed a shovel from the fireplace. Her aura began shining. Chaos laughed. “The silver child. How delightful. I’ll kill you and then control your body.” He went towards her.

Skye jabbed at him. The shovel sent Chaos stumbling back. The shovel shattered. Skye stumbled back and fell unconscious. Carver took the chance and took out a knife. He stabbed Chaos through the heart. The knife shattered before Carver could remove it.

Chaos collapsed. “This isn’t over yet boy.” He said before vanishing.

Carver ran to Skye and picked her up. “She’ll be fine Dear. Let’s get her to a nice warm bed.” Michelle said.

Carver looked at his adopted mom. For seeing her possessed husband being killed, Michelle was taking this all way too lightly. He wondered if she had been expecting this or if it was normal for an immortal.

In Oregon, on the other side of the United States, the riders of Shakespeare came from the tunnel. He looked around. “We need to keep moving!” He shouted to his forces. The riders all began riding faster.

On the bridge over the Atlantic Ocean, Cedric, Little John, Romeo and the werecreature army were marching. Overhead, storm clouds were coming from Europe. Cedric looked at them. “Not much time is left.” He said. They began moving faster.

In England, at the docks of London, there were several large cruise ships. The largest one, The Destroyer, was filled with monsters, evil creatures and the Dark Ones. The great living room had become the Dark Ones’ lair.

Doom Lucius, Bathsheba, Oceanus and several other Dark Ones were in their lair. “Once we arrive in what the mortals call New York City, we’ll release Chaos to his full power.” Doom Lucius said.

“Do you know where he is?” Oceanus asked.

Doom Lucius turned to him. “We won’t need to search for him. When we arrive, he’ll come to us.” He answered.

“Can we trust him?” A Dark One asked.

“Yes Juron. He’s our most powerful Dark One. With him, we can destroy our enemies.” Doom Lucius answered.

Back in New York City, Chaos floated about the Empire State Building. He knew he would need a host. He then smiled. He knew the perfect one. He floated away to the ground.

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