The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Part Four Twenty Five

Cassidy was looking at the other school kids in her classroom. Just a few days ag, she wouldn’t have noticed how normal they were. Now she realized they were so different from her. They didn’t have magical powers like her. They didn’t have the fate of the world on their shoulders.

As Cassidy was sitting down at her desk, a paper ball hit the back of her head. She sighed and turned around. It was the three girls that were always mean to her. The ones who made her an outcast. Hannah and her two friends. They went up to her. “We thought you were gone for good loser.” Hannah told Cassidy.

Cassidy smiled. “Too bad for you.” She said.

The three girls frowned. “Better watch it twerp. You might just get it.” One of Hannah’s friends said.

At that moment, Mr. Whitting came in. The three girls went to their desks.

After school, Cassidy went outside. The ground was covered with snow. She wasn’t surprised. It had been snowing for four days straight since they got back. She looked at the parking lot until she saw the vehicle she was looking for. She went to the blue SUV.

As she got into the front passenger seat, Elizabeth turned to her. “How was school?” She asked.

Cassidy turned to her. “Not much has changed for the last few days at school.” She answered. “So where are we going?” Cassidy asked.

“To the magic shop. You better call your parents to tell them that.” Elizabeth told her.

“Do we know where Chaos is? Cassidy asked.

Elizabeth shook her head. “He vanished after possessing Anthony. We can only hope he’s still weak.” She answered.

“Are the Dark Ones near the city?” Cassidy then asked. All because one was unaccounted for didn’t mean the other Dark Ones were still hidden from them.

“They’re still coming. Last I knew, they were halfway across the ocean.” Elizabeth answered.

Cassidy thought it over. So they still had a bit of time left before the Dark Ones arrived. “Have our allies shown up yet?” She then asked.

Elizabeth smiled. “They showed up on the edge of New Jersey. They’re all there. We just need to wait for night to come so we can sneak them through the underground to New York City.” She said.

They pulled up to the magic shop. As the two went inside, Cassidy’s eyes widened. The inside changed like crazy. There were Christmas lights on all along the beams and up on the wall. In the far right corner was a large tree. A girl was on the ladder in front of the tree putting decorations on it. Her hair was brown and straight. She had blue jeans and a white t-shirt. A boy was holing the ladder. He was tall and had black hair.

The girl turned to the two and smiled. “Cassidy!” She said excitedly. She climbed down and ran to Cassidy, hugging her in the process. The boy turned to them.

“Carver. Skye. What happened here?” Cassidy asked.

Skye turned to Carver. “Tell her.” She said in an excited voice.

Carver went up to them. “I decided that we need some cheer around here right before the war begins. Also Christmas is two weeks away.” He explained.

Nichallo then came in from the back. He looked around, surprised with the decorations and the tree. “Surprise!” Skye shouted excitedly.

Nichallo turned to her. “This is a first.” He said.

Skye frowned. Was Nichallo saying what she thought he was saying? “You’ve never had a Christmas before?” She asked. Nichallo nodded. Skye went up to Nichallo. “Then this will be the best one ever.” She said.

Carver and Cassidy both laughed quietly as they saw Nichallo’s face. It was quite clear he had never celebrated a Christmas. Skye’s eagerness was surprising to him. Carver though understood why. Skye had been kicked out of her family when she discovered her powers at school. They didn’t even care about her or even wanted her.

Titus had used this information to try to lure her onto his side to destroy the Dark Ones before they could destroy him. Carver and Nichallo had fought them. Carver, while blocking Skye’s attacks, told her that he wanted to help her. She didn’t believe him. That was until he protected her from Nichallo’s attacks had tried to hurt her. Ever since then, she had stayed with them.

Cassidy looked at Nichallo. “So what’s the plan for the allies?” She asked.

Nichallo turned to her. “At midnight, we gather a few blocks away from the Lincoln Tunnel along the river. We’ll then make the tunnel for our allies.” He answered. Elizabeth turned to Carver. “I need to talk to you.” She said. Carver went to her. “Let’s go to the back room. It’s more private there.” Elizabeth told him.

They went to the back. “What’s this all about? What happened?” Carver asked.

Elizabeth closed the door behind her. “I’ve had a talk with some of the shadow creatures that have been restless since the Dark Ones broke free of their prison.” She told Carver.

Carver raised an eyebrow. “So?” He asked. Of course things would be restless since the Dark Ones were released.

Elizabeth sighed. “They said that Zelcro is still alive.” She explained.

Carver’s eyes widened. “That’s impossible. I killed him myself.” He said.

Elizabeth nodded. “I know but the thing is, he’s a werewolf type. You didn’t use silver on him. Without silver, you can’t kill him.” She told him.

“Should we tell the others about this?” Carver asked.

Elizabeth shook her head. “It would be too dangerous. If Skye found out, she’ll begin to think that he’ll go after her.” She answered.

Carver looked outside. “No. He’ll go after me. I tried to kill him. He’ll want his revenge.” He said.

lizabeth looked surprised. “You’re not scared?” She asked.

Carver turned to her and nodded. “If I defeated Zelcro once, I’ll be able to do it again.” He explained. He would fight Zelcro for as long as it took if it meant keeping Skye safe. “What surprises me is that we haven’t seen Titus since the Golden Gate Bridge.” He then said.

Elizabeth smiled. “He gone.” She told him.

Carver was surprised by that. He didn’t think he had killed Titus. “What happened?” He asked.

“A few shadow creatures told me that Zelcro killed him.” Elizabeth answered. She then looked at the door to the shop. “We better join them.” She said before she left.

Carver watched Elizabeth rejoin the others. His thoughts were on what she had told him. So Titus had been killed by Zelcro. Carver knew he shouldn't be surprised but it did make him aware just how deadly things were getting. He looked at Cassidy and Skye. He would have to do his best to keep them safe.

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