The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Chapter Twenty Six

Around six, the five were still decorating for Christmas. Nichallo then turned to Elizabeth. “Shouldn’t we be getting Cassidy home?” He asked.

Elizabeth looked outside. It was getting dark. “I guess you’re right.” She said. She turned to Cassidy. “Get ready to go home.” She said.

Nichallo then saw Skye yawning. “Carver. I think you and Skye should be getting home. He said.

Carver looked at Skye. “I am getting tired.” Skye admitted. They went to the coat rack. Carver put Skye’s coat on Skye and buttoned it up. He felt Skye hold his arms. He had a feeling she didn’t want to be separated from him. Even at his family’s apartment, Skye held onto him unless she had to let go. He smiled a little at her. Skye smiled a little in return. Cassidy and Elizabeth put their coats on and buttoned up as well. Carver then put his on. Skye held onto his coat as he did that.

“Bye Nichallo.” Carver told Nichallo.

Nichallo waved at them. “See you all tomorrow.” He told them. The four went outside.

As Elizabeth and Cassidy got into their van, Carver and Skye began walking home. Skye stayed close to Carver. Her small form pressed against Carver. She held his hand tightly. Carver kept her close to him. He was determined to keep her safe. They turned the corner. To Skye’s surprise, Carver stopped. She then saw why. In front of them were three large white creatures. They had a lot of fur. Their eyes were blue. They had large claws.

Skye whimpered a bit and pressed herself against Carver even more. “What are those?” She asked in a soft scared voice.

“Snow Trolls.” Carver answered.

“What do they eat?” Skye asked, she dreaded the answer.

Carver tightened his grip on Skye’s hand. “They eat meat.” He told her. He then looked down at Skye. “Begin to back away very slowly.” They moved back a foot and the Snow Trolls began growling. “Run.” Carver said quietly. The two turned and started to run. Behind them, the Snow Trolls growled angrily. “They obviously didn’t want to loose us.” Carver said.

Skye looked behind her. The Snow Trolls were gaining on them. “Shouldn’t we try to fight them?” She asked. She didn’t want to but she didn’t want to be killed again.

Carver looked at her. “They’re not easy to kill.” He told her.

The two ran all the way down to an empty alleyway. Carver suddenly stopped and turned to his left. He smiled when he saw what was there. “There’s a fire escape.” He said, pointing at the fire escape. Skye turned to the fire escape. The ladder was just a few inches higher then Carver. Carver then picked her up. “Start climbing.” He told her as he raised her to the fire escape.

Skye began climbing the ladder and then looked down at Carver. “What about you?” She asked. She didn’t like being separated from Carver.

“It’ll be alright. I’m right behind you. I promise.” Carver told her.

Skye wanted to reach for him but knew that she had to keep climbing.

Carver looked down towards the street. He then looked back up at the ladder. He waited until Skye had reached for the first platform before he jumped up at grabbed the ladder. He began climbing to Skye. They reached the second platform. “Run to the top.” Carver told her. Skye began running up the stairs. Carver looked at the snow down on the street and concentrated on it. The snow melted and frozen into ice. The Snow Trolls stepped onto the ice and smashed it. Carver shrugged as he saw his trap vanish. He then ran after Skye. They got to the fifth platform before they heard a few roars.

Skye looked down and her eyes widened. “They’re coming!” She cried. Carver looked down. The Snow Trolls were starting to climb the ladder onto the fire escape.

Carver looked at Skye. She was crouching and crying. He took her hands. “Concentrate on your aura.” He said, wrapping her in his blue aura.

Skye looked at him as she felt him trying to calm her down. “Why?” She asked.

“Make a sword with it.” Carver told her. He moved his hands from her hands to her arms. Skye looked at her hands and closed her eyes. A silver sword appeared in her hands. She opened her eyes. “Now slice the beams below us holding their part up.” Carver told her.

Skye looked at him. “But what about us?” She asked.

Carver moved his hands to her shoulders. “Trust me on this.” He told her in a calm voice. Skye felt his aura cover her. She realized that Carver was getting ready in case it didn’t work. Skye looked at the connectors and sliced them. Her sword vanished as soon as she did that. She turned to Carver.

Carver held her close. “Let’s go.” He told her. He helped her run the rest of the way up. The Snow Trolls were climbing when the fire escape fell down to the ground. There were several roars from them. Carver and Skye reached the top and looked over the edge. The ground was covered with the fire escape and a lot more snow. The Snow Trolls though were gone. The two looked at each other.” Are you okay?” Carver asked Skye.

Skye hugged him tightly before she nodded. Carver stroked her hair a little before he looked at his watch. “We need to get home.” He told her. They went inside and down the apartment building’s staircase. They then went outside and continued to go home.

Down the street, a horseman on a horse appeared. His horse was snow white. The rider was in black. He had a black cloak billowing around him. He had black armor and a black scarf on around the lower half of his face. His crimson hair was wavy and shoulder length. He had called back the Snow Trolls as the fire escape had collapsed. Making more snow appear so it looked like the Snow Trolls had been destroyed was easy. He had underestimated them but he had what he needed. He had seen their powers. He turned his horse around and galloped away.

Michelle was in the living room when Carver and Skye came in. She got out of her seat and turned to them as they entered. “Thank goodness you’re back home. What happened?” She asked.

Carver looked at the clock. They were late. Carver helped Skye with her jacket before he got down on his knees and helped Skye with her boots. “We ran into three Snow Trolls.” He told Michelle.

Michelle gasped. “Are you okay?” She asked.

Skye nodded. “We got rid of them.” She answered in a soft voice.

Carver took his jacket off. “Wake us up at eleven tonight.” He told Michelle.

Michelle looked at him. “Why?” She asked.

“Nichallo plans to let our allies in at midnight. We need time to meet him at the meeting place.” Carver explained. He picked Skye up and carried her to her room.

Later that night, in Skye’s room, Skye was asleep when Carver entered. He walked up quietly to Skye’s bed and sat down on the edge of the bed. He looked at Skye’s face. She looked calm but Carver noticed that she was trembling. Carver held her hand in his. Skye’s hand tightened her grip on Carver’s hand. Carver stroked Skye’s hair before slowly releasing his hand from hers. He then went to his room.

At eleven, Carver got his boots on. Michelle went to him. “Are you ready?” She asked.

Carver nodded and then stood up and went into the hallway. Skye was coming out of her room. Carver picked her up. Skye wrapped her arms around Carver’s neck and pushed her head under his. The two then left.

At the Lincoln Tunnel, Nichallo, Elizabeth and Cassidy had gathered. Nichallo looked across the river. There were several lights on the other side. They then heard people running and turned around. It was Carver and Skye.

“Are we all ready?” Carver asked.

Nichallo looked at his watch. It said it was midnight. He looked up at the lights across the river. “Yes.” He answered. He turned to Carver. “Raise the waters.” He told him. Carver concentrated on the water. The water rose up to form two walls making a trail to New Jersey.

Nichallo looked at Cassidy and Skye. “Make the ground dry and make a shield cover the trail.” The two girls’ auras began glowing as a shield of gold appeared over the trail and a silver road covered the trail. The end of the road came onto the beach. “Carver lower the water.” Carver lowered the water until it was back to normal. The lights on the other side began to vanish.

The three kids looked at Nichallo. “Where are they?” Cassidy asked.

Nichallo smiled. “Look at the tunnel entrance.” He told them. The three looked at their tunnel. They could hear several people running. Creatures panting and their echoes. Suddenly, several werecreatures and a few humans came out. “Go to Central Park!” Nichallo shouted to them. Carver saw Cedric, Little John and another person. It was Romeo. A few minutes went by. Soon all of the army was through.

“Take down the tunnel.” Nichallo ordered. The two girls concentrated and the tunnel collapsed. Elizabeth caught Cassidy as she fell. Carver caught Skye. Nichallo looked at them. “Tomorrow you’ll get to see them. They need to set up their camp.” He told them.

Carver looked down at Skye. “Are you okay?” He asked her.

Skye stood up and nearly fell again. “Just give me a few seconds.” She said softly. She tried to stand up and clung to Carver as her legs shook.

Elizabeth helped Cassidy up. “Let’s go.” She told Cassidy. “Your parents want you back before it’s one in the morning.” The two went to their van.

Nichallo looked at Carver and Skye. “Are you sure you’ll be able to get home alright?” He asked.

Skye kept clinging to Carver even though her legs had stopped shaking. “I think so.” She answered. It began to snow again.

Nichallo nodded. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” He then turned around and left for his shop.

Carver and Skye were walking home when a sudden cold wind hit them. Carver heard someone beginning to laugh. “Skye. Stay close to me!” Carver shouted.

Skye looked around as she heard the person laughing. “Who’s there?” She called out, pressing herself against Carver.

The rider then appeared. “My Snow Trolls want a rematch.” He answered.

Carver looked at the rider. “Who are you?” He demanded.

The rider smiled. “I am the rider. I bring the cold and the darkness.” He then snapped his fingers. Three large Snow Trolls appeared. Skye screamed and grabbed Carver’s arm. She held it around her. Carver held her tightly. “Defend yourself son of Neptune! Try to beat my Snow Trolls!” The rider shouted.

Carver looked down at Skye. He had to keep her safe. “Skye, we need to run for it.” He told her. They both took off running.

The rider pointed at them. “Get those two! Now!” He shouted.

Carver and Skye were running when they were blasted down by strong winds. Carver got up and pulled Skye up into his lap. Skye began choking on snow. Carver rubbed Skye’s back as she coughed the snow out. Her face went from red to blue. Carver took his scarf off and wrapped it around Skye’s neck and the lower half of her face. Carver turned to see the rider and his three Snow Trolls standing there. Carver held Skye close to him.

The rider got off of his horse. He began laughing as he looked at the two. “So much for having the silver child as an enemy. Sone of Neptune, you’re finished!” The rider took out a jagged sword. He raised his sword up for the kill. A fire ball then hit him, sending him flying back.

Carver looked up. Standing next to a van was Elizabeth and Cassidy. Cassidy had fire balls in her hands. The rider got up. He glared at Cassidy. “Who are you?” He asked.

Cassidy smiled. “The golden child.” She answered. The Snow Trolls all roared and charged in. Cassidy turned to them and threw the fire balls. They hit the three. The Snow Trolls exploded into snow.

The rider got back onto his horse and glared at Cassidy. “You’ll pay for this.” He said. He then turned around and rode off. He disappeared into the dark.

Cassidy and Elizabeth went over to Carver and Skye. “Are you okay?” Cassidy asked.

Carver stood up. Skye was in his arms. Her eyes opened slowly. Carver held her closer.

Skye looked at them. “Where’s the rider?” She asked.

“He took off.” Elizabeth told her. She then jerked her head towards the van. “Get in. I’ll drive you all home.” She told them.

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