The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Chapter Twenty Seven

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, there were thousands of cruise ships. They may have seemed normal except for a few things. These ships had monsters, robot warriors and human soldiers.

On the largest one, the Destroyer, three Dark Ones were at the stern. They were Doom Lucius, Basheba and Zelcro. They were looking at the ocean. Normally there would be ice scattered but Oceanus had removed the blockages.

Doom Lucius smiled. “The end for those children of legend is near.” He said.

Basheba looked at him. “What of all the mortals in the city? From Zelcro’s report, they seem to be stubborn at first.” She reminded Doom Lucius

Doom Lucius turned to her and smiled. “Zelcro had a small army. We have thousands of forces.” He answered.

Zelcro turned to Doom Lucius. “What of the boy? He has a major part to play.” Zelcro reminded him, referring to Carver.

Doom Lucius nodded. “I know. We have to make sure the war goes on until the Winter Solstice.” He simply said.

Zelcro looked towards New York City. He wouldn’t forget how the boy and silver child made him look like a fool. He couldn’t harm the boy but he would make sure to drag out the girl’s pain and suffering.

The next day, Carver and Skye went to Central Park. “Where is the camp?” Skye asked.

Carver looked around until he saw movement to their left. He turned quickly.

It was a werecreature. It turned into a man as it went towards them. “The camp is hidden well. The army is in a giant cave.” He told them.

“Can you take us there?” Carver asked.

The man nodded. “Follow me.” He led them to the Balto Statue. The statue was still there only it looked different. The wereman looked at the two kids. “Follow me in.” He said. He then went into the stone monument and vanished. The two kids went in as well. They came into the largest cave ever. It went several floors down. It extended far from them.

“Where are we?” Skye asked.

The wereman smiled, baring his sharp teeth. “The cave. It’s as large as New York City. Existing next to their subway system and yet not interfering with it” He answered.

Carver whistled. He was impressed. The wereman led them to a large white pavilion. Standing over a table were a few men. They all were in mystical clothes. One of them had a silver staff. The four turned to the two kids. It was Nichallo, Cedric, Romeo and Little John.

Nichallo smiled at the kids’ surprised faces. “Don’t be surprised.” He told them. “These were the clothes we wore during the first war.” He explained. He then beckoned them to come closer.

The two kids looked at the table. On the cover was a map of North America. “We’ve been learning of our enemies’ locations.” Nichallo pointed to Canada. “There are thousands of Raiders riding down on horses.” He said.

Little John pointed to the west. “Millions of human mercenaries on tanks are coming.” He told them.

Carver looked at him. “Military tanks?” He asked. He didn't know that the military were aligned with the D.L.

Little John shook his head. “These tanks are the size of double decker buses. They can only be destroyed if you use the right tricks." He explained.

Skye pointed to the south. “What’s down there?” She asked.

Cedric pointed there as well. “The Dark Ones’ armies from before are coming that way.” He told them.

Romeo pointed to the east at the Atlantic Ocean. “There are sorts of fleets coming in. We have reason to believe the Dark Ones are on that fleet.” He told them.

Carver looked at Nichallo. “What of Shakespeare and the riders?” He asked.

Nichallo sighed. “They won’t be here for a few more days.” He answered.

“Our enemies plan to attack in just two days.” Romeo told the two kids.

Skye looked up at them. “Shouldn’t we evacuate the city?” She asked.

“We already have.” Cedric answered.

“Even as we speak, the city is being evacuated. It’s going slow but it will be done by tomorrow.” Little John added.

Cedric looked at Nichallo. “So it’s up to us until the riders get here?” He asked. Nichallo nodded.

Cassidy and Elizabeth were in an alleyway watching the endless line of vehicles and people leaving. “The boys did well in getting the city to leave.” Elizabeth said.

Cassidy looked at her. “How did they do that?” She asked. She had a hard time believing that everyone in the city would have dropped everything and just leave.

Elizabeth smiled. “They used magic on everyone except for us. The spell told the people that there was a terrible storm coming. Like nothing they had ever seen before.” She explained.

Cassidy looked at her watch. They had been there for two hours. “What are we doing here?” She then asked.

“Nichallo told me to get you and to hide from the police.” Elizabeth answered.

“The police are in charge of evacuating everyone. If they saw us, they would tell us to leave.” She added.

Cassidy looked at the traffic. “When do we leave this spot?” She asked. She really didn’t want to be stuck in an alleyway for too long.

Elizabeth laughed. “Tonight.” She answered.

That night, Skye and Carver were in their apartment building. Skye was in her bed asleep when she woke up. She looked around her room. It was too quiet. She got out of her bed and went to Carver’s room. Her heart sank when she saw that he wasn’t there. Skye went into the kitchen. There was no sign of Carver there.

That was when she saw him on the fire escape. She went up to him. “What is it?” She asked.

Carver turned to her and sighed. Skye took his hand. “I’m worried.” Carver finally answered.

“About what?” Skye asked. “About what will happen to you.” Carver then explained to her what Nichallo had told him. When he was done, Skye looked out at the city.

A few minutes later, Skye looked back at him. “Carver, you’re a good person.” She hugged him. “I trust you that you’ll do the right thing in the end.” Skye stood up on her toes and kissed Carver softly on the cheek. “I trust you.” She whispered and then hugged him again. Carver held her close to him before they went back inside.

The next day, several weremen and werecreatures were running through the streets. It was like that all over Manhattan. The werearmy was making sure the streets were clear of humans and vehicles.

Nichallo, Little John, Romeo and Cedric all rode to the Empire State Building. Elizabeth and Cassidy pulled up to the building. As the two got out, Cassidy looked at the building. “Why are we at the Empire State Building?” She asked.

Elizabeth looked at her. “Nichallo made our secret lookout at the top.” She answered. Carver and Skye went outside their apartment building.

“How will we get to the Empire State Building?” Skye asked.

Carver smiled and snapped his fingers. Two horses came out of his aura. “We’ll ride.” He answered. He helped Skye onto her horse. He then got onto his. “Now to the Empire State Building.” Carver said in a commanding voice. The horses neighed and then took off. Carver made a trident appear in his right hand. Skye looked at him. He looked like a true warrior and a son of Poseidon.

On the plains of Kansas, the riders of Shakespeare were putting out their campfires and taking down their tents. Shakespeare and Sheng La went to their horses. “We must ride at a steady pace. Our men must be ready to fight when the time comes.” Shakespeare was telling Sheng La.

Sheng La nodded. “As you wish Sir.” The two got on their horses and went to join their army. The horsemen began getting on their horses. “Riders! We make for New York City!” Sheng La shouted. “Be ready to fight!” A cheer came up from the riders as they all began riding.

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