The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Part One Chapter One

In New York City, it was the year Two-Thousand and Ten. There was a lightning storm was over the city. The people in the city had this storm for three months straight none stop. But only a few knew what was going on. That was what Nichallo Pensar thought.

Nichallo Pensar was a man in his thirties. In his brown clothes, brown trench coat and a brown fedora, he did stick out in a way, but then again, he always had for the last five thousand years. Nichallo was an immortal after all. Nichallo looked at the dark sky. He knew what it was. The old Guardian did say that the signs would be clear when the Dark Lords’ servants were gathering once more. He had to find the child, the golden child. He went inside his magic shop.

Far off at the harbor, north of Manhattan, a man in a black business suit smiled. He knew that his allies were gathering once more. He pulled out his cellphone. He preferred to use the main way to communicate every century. First parchment, then paper, old fashion telephones, and now, cellphones. He dialed a number. “It’s me Crowen. Meet me tomorrow at the statue of Balto. You know where it is? Good.” He then hung up without saying goodbye or when Crowen would be there the next day. The man smiled as lightning cracked and thunder roared. The man went to his car. He had used the main way to travel as well over the centuries. Chariots, wagons, carriages, automobiles, trains and now, the Two-Thousand and Ten’s first Camaro. It was sleek and black. Very expensive but the man was a billionaire. His fortune had grown over the years.

The next morning at Pensar’s Magic Shop, a sixteen year old boy came in. His name was Carver. He was tall for his age and dark. Nichallo always said he should add handsome but Carver said he would when he had a girlfriend.

Nichallo was at the front counter when Carver came in. He smiled. “Good. You’re here. I’ll need your help today.” He told him.

Carver hung his rain jacket on the coat rack’s hooks. “Why? What’s happening?” He asked. There was always something happening at the shop. It’s what kept the place alive.

“There’s a school group coming today for a field trip.” Nichallo answered. “I also need you to do something very important.” Nichallo added.

Carver looked at him, not a bit surprised by the request. Two years before, he began working at the Pensar’s Magic Shop. At first, he found Nichallo a little odd. The man didn’t grow old or drive at all. In fact, he didn’t have credit cards. Then two months afterward, Carver found out about Nichallo. Nichallo had told him he was a very old immortal. He was older than King Arthur and most of the oldest empires known to man. He wanted it to be kept a secret at all times. Carver had asked him if he knew magic.

Nichallo just smiled and said he could teach him to become a sorcerer. He taught him everything except the legend of the darkness, the golden child and the other immortals. He also taught Carver how to see people’s auras. Their outlines could be used as magic. Carver had learned that his aura was bluish-green like the sea. He wasn’t surprised at that. One of his favorite places was the sea. His adopted parents told him he came from the sea in a waterproof basket. He had no idea who his birth parents were.

Carver went up to the counter. “What is it?” He asked.

“Look for a child with a golden aura.” Nichallo told him. He then leaned in close and said quietly but urgently. “It’s at the utmost important that we find her.” He then leaned back and looked at Carver. “Now to get ready.” He said. Carver smiled and got a broomstick. He began sweeping. Nichallo went to the door and flipped the closed sign so it read open.

At Central Park, the man from the night before approached the Balto statue. He smiled as he heard a single crow cawing. “I know you’re there Crowen.” He turned around as the crow landed.

The crow turned into a tall man. The new man had a triangular beard and jet black hair. He was in black clothes and had black gloves on. His nose was curved a little at the end like a beak. He smiled a little. He didn’t like this man. “Titus.” He said. He was willing to put up with this man if it meant the return of the Dark Lords.

Titus smiled. “I hope you have a few crow warriors ready.” He said.

Crowen nodded. It was clear that he was annoyed at that question. “Of course. It’s odd though. A D.L. and an Animon together.” The two forces didn’t get along well. They never did and the two men knew that they would never work well together in the future.

Titus smiled. “Our masters want us to work together on this. They want the Guardian captured so they can get the golden child.” He said. They knew of the golden child and how much of a threat the golden child was. “I know where to begin.” He added, just to show off.

At Pensar’s Magic Shop, Carver was organizing the things on their racks when he saw a crow outside. It was just standing on the telephone line staring at him. Carver tapped the window at it. The bird didn’t move. Carver shook his head and went back to work.

Two streets away, on a school bus, the sixth graders of Garroway Middle School were all talking. In the back of the bus, all alone, was a girl. She had blond hair that went down straight. Her bangs ended at the top of her blue eyes. Her name was Cassidy. Cassidy looked up ahead on the bus to the middle of the bus. There were three girls in the middle section; Hannah, Lisa and Amanda. They were the snottiest girls in the whole grade. They decided who were outcasts or popular. They made her the only outcast.

Amanda pointed at Cassidy. “She’s looking this way.” She said.

Hannah looked at Cassidy. “Sorry but no losers are allowed to even look up here.” She told her. The three began laughing at that. Their friends joined in. The teacher just looked at them and decided they were just joking in the group.

Cassidy looked out the window and wiped a few tears away. She really wanted a friend. She would do anything to have a friend.

The bus pulled up to the magic shop. Inside, Nichallo and Carver were at the front counter when the students came in. Their teacher, Mr. Whitting, came in and went to Nichallo. “Students. This is Mr. Pensar, the owner. And this is his assistant, Carver.” The teacher told the students as he stood next to Nichallo.

Nichallo smiled. “Welcome to my magic shop. A few rules now. If you break anything, you pay for it. Don’t touch things that says don’t touch. Don’t climb the shelves. Ask for help. Besides that, enjoy.” He told them.

“If you have any questions, feel free to ask.” Carver added.

Outside, a black Camaro pulled up. Titus looked at the magic shop. “This is the place.” He told Crowen.

Crowen looked at it in disgust. “The Guardian is pathetic.” He said.

Titus laughed. Don’t underestimate him.” He then turned to Crowen. “Let’s do it.” They got out of the car.

Inside the shop, Carver was watching the students and their auras. They were mainly green, blue, a few blacks and reds. He then spotted it. A single golden aura. Surrounded by three black ones. He turned the aura sense off to see the students normally.

Cassidy was at a corner. Hannah and her two friends were surrounding her, picking on her again. Lisa pushed Cassidy into a shelf. It shook and a pot smashed on the ground. The three girls took off. Hannah pushed Cassidy down as she left.

As Cassidy was getting up, Nichallo and Mr. Whitting went up to her. “What is the meaning of this?” Mr. Whitting demanded.

“It wasn’t my fault. It was Hannah and her friends.” Cassidy answered.

Before either of the men could say anything, Carver went up to Nichallo. “I need to talk to you.” Carver told him in an urgent voice.

Nichallo turned to him. “You found it?” He asked. Cassidy and Mr. Whitting looked at them. Nichallo looked at the two. “One minute please.” He told them.

Nichallo and Carver went to the back room. As Nichallo closed the door, he asked, “Where is the child?”

Carver turned to him. “The one you and the teacher found on the ground.” He answered. “She was surrounded by three black auras. But they’re gone.”

Nichallo opened the door and looked at Cassidy. “So she’s the child.” He said.

“Are you serious?” Carver asked. He never thought that it would be that easy to find the golden child. In all of the books he had read, it was usually hard to find a prophecy child.

Nichallo turned to him. “You’ll find out soon enough.” He said. He was already convinced that Cassidy was the golden child.

The window then smashed by the door to the shop. Nichallo and Carver ran out of the backroom to see Titus, Crowen and five weird creatures. They looked like humans except their heads were like crow heads. Their hands were claws. They all had swords.

Titus smiled at Nichallo. All the students and Mr. Whitting began running out the door. “Nichallo. It’s been too long.” Titus said.

Nichallo turned to Carver. “Get out of here.” He told him.

Carver shook his head. “I’m with you on this.” He said.

Titus smiled. “Two for one. Not too bad.” He said. He raised his fists to reveal them on fire. He threw the fire at the two. Carver and Nichallo jumped out of the way.

“Attack!” Crowen ordered. The five crow warriors flew at the two.

Carver turned to see a crow warrior flying at him as he was getting back up. He balled his fists and whammed the crow warrior. It flew back into a bookshelf. The shelf collapsed onto the creature. As Carver turned to face another crow warrior, he heard a shout of pain.

Nichallo was fighting three crow warriors when he heard the shout of pain. He stunned two of the crow warriors with magic and grabbed the third crow warrior. He then turned to Carver. “Find out who that was.” He told him.

Carver flipped the crow warrior over the counter and turned to the shelf. He ran to it and gasped. It was the girl with the golden aura. She was pinned under the shelf. She looked at him and tried to move but couldn’t.

Carver knelt down next to her. “Don’t move.” He whispered. The girl stopped trying to get free. Carver lifted the part of the shelf that was on the girl. She crawled out. Carver lowered the shelf and turned to her. “Stay low and follow me.” He told her.

They turned to the back and stopped. Crowen was there. He smiled at them. “Well, well, well. Look like we have two little witnesses. Can’t have that now, can we?” He moved towards them.

Carver pointed at him. “Flamos.” He said. Fire came from his pointing finger.

Crowen raised his hand. “Aquis.” The fire vanished. “A little magician. Your powers are no match for me.” Crowen said as he reached for them both. Cassidy covered her head with her arms and a golden aura appeared around her. Carver looked at Cassidy as the golden aura grew larger and larger.

Crowen jumped back startled. “What’s going on?” He demanded. Carver took the chance and began attacking Crowen. Cassidy looked up and her golden aura vanished. She then collapsed feeling very tired.

Nichallo and Titus were fighting when they saw the golden aura. They stopped to watch it fade. Titus looked awed. “The child of legend.” He whispered as he saw the girl collapse. He began walking towards her.

Nichallo turned to see Titus moving towards the child. He knew he had to stop the darkness from getting her before she was too powerful for them to stop. He went up behind Titus. “Good night.” He said. He picked up a glass orb and smashed it on Titus’s head. Titus fell unconscious.

Crowen turned to see Titus fall unconscious. He was outnumbered and he knew he couldn’t beat them all before he was taken down. But that didn’t mean he had to help Titus. He cawed at Nichallo and Carver then ran outside and took off.

Carver turned to Cassidy and knelt over her. Nichallo went up to him. “She’s the one?” Nichallo asked.

Carver turned to him and nodded. “She really is the golden child.” He told Nichallo. “But did you know that she would be coming here today? Do you know more about her than you’re sharing?” He had to know.

Nichallo turned to him. “I think you should hear the story.” He told Carver. They heard a groaning behind them. They turned to see Titus. “But we need to get out of here first.” Nichallo picked Cassidy up. “Carver. Close the binds and lock the doors.” He pointed a finger at Titus. “Flyis.” He said. Titus flew out the door and landed on the sidewalk. Nichallo then went out the back with Cassidy.

Carver went to the windows and closed the blinds. He flipped the sign so it read close. Nichallo went to his car in the back alley. He opened the back left door and sat Cassidy in the seat. He buckled her in. As he closed the door, Carver came out of the shop. Carver locked the door and went to the car. “I thought you said you couldn’t drive.” Carver said.

Nichallo laughed. “I can’t.” Carver pointed to the car. “This is a magical car. It drives on its own. I just have to be in the driver seat.” Nichallo explained. He then got into the driver’s seat.

Carver got in the back right seat. “Now what’s going on? Nichallo what were those things with that man? Why did he attack?” He demanded.

Nichallo turned to look at him. “It’s complicated and I rather wait for the girl to wake up.” They both heard Cassidy moving. They turned to see her waking up.

“Where am I?” Cassidy asked as she woke up. She then saw Carver and Nichallo. “What are you doing to me?” She asked in a scared voice. She opened the door quickly.

“You can leave but those creatures in the shop will chase you.” Nichallo told her.

Cassidy hesitated then closed the door. “What’s going on?” She asked turning to Carver.

Carver shrugged. “I want to find that out myself.” He told her. They both looked at Nichallo.

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