The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Chapter Twenty Eight

Along New Jersey’s coast across from New York City, the rider was looking at Manhattan. Behind him was the army of the Dark Ones and their dark allies. “The Dark Ones are coming.” A voice said behind him.

The rider turnd around to see Zelcro. He got off of his horse and went to Zelcro. “My Lord.” He said, kneeling to the ground.

“General. Begin gathering our forces. Tomorrow morning, we attack Manhattan.” Zelcro looked at Manhattan. “The day after tomorrow is Winter Solstice. When the clock strikes noon, Chaos will join us.” He said.

The rider looked up. “Chaos is gone. His last host was killed.” He protested.

Zelcro laughed. “Chaos’s spirit is still alive. He has found a new host. He’ll take over the body completely and join us.” He explained.

“Who is the host?” The rider asked.

Zelcro turned to him. “You’ll find out.” He then became serious. “Now do what I ordered you to do.” He then turned and vanished.

The rider turned to Manhattan. The city was quiet. He frowned. The city was never quiet, even at night. He then looked at the bridges that let onto the island. They were empty. He realized what had happened. The Guardian had evacuated the whole city.

He began laughing. “Nice try Nichallo, but you can only delay the inevitable. The Dark Ones will rule this city and the world. The human race will be forced into hiding” He said. He then got back onto his horse when he heard another horse neighing.

“Rider.” A voice said. The rider turned towards the speaker. It was Korgan on his horse.

“What is it?” The rider asked. He was clearly annoyed.

Korgan rode up to him. “The Dark One’s sent me here. They want to make sure the war goes well unless they get here on time.”

The rider chuckled. “Are you doubting me?” He asked.

Korgan drew his blade. “Do not question or mock me. Fangor was our best general and then he was killed. Don’t make the same mistake.” Korgan then put his sword away and rode off.

The rider glared at him. “Do not worry about me. You’ll be in trouble if you fail to beat your father.” He said threateningly. He then turned away.

Carver and Skye rode through the streets of New York to the Empire State Building. Weremen and Werecreatures followed them. The two stopped at the entrance to the building. “Quickly Skye.” Carver said. The two ran inside, leaving the werecreatures and weremen outside. They went to an elevator and got in.

“Which floor?” Skye asked.

Carver smiled and took out a key. “The second hundredth floor.” He inserted the key into the etching the building and it vanished. The elevator began moving up fast. Skye looked at Carver. She was quite alarmed. Carver only smiled. “Don’t worry.” He told her. The elevator then stopped without warning. The door opened and the two kids came out.

Skye’s eyes widened. There was a bridge with clouds on both sides. The bridge led to a castle. The castle was gray. It was illuminated by lights. Carver looked at Skye. “Come on.” He said. The both ran across the bridge to the castle and went inside.

They ran into a large room. It was made of marble. Nichallo and the others were there. They all turned to the two. Nichallo smiled. “Good. You’re here. Now we can begin.” He said. “Everyone take your seats.” Golden seats came out of the ground. A golden throne appeared in the middle of the circle. Nichallo sat down on the throne. “Sorcerers from the first war. Raise your swords.” Nichallo, Romeo, Cedric, Michelle and three other men raised their swords. “Other allies. Raise your swords.” Carver, Little John, Elizabeth, Cassidy and Skye raised their swords. The doors then burst opened.

The twelve turned to the doors. Standing there was Hades. He was dressed in black armor. He smiled at all of them. “Am I late?” He asked.

Carver stood up. “Welcome Uncle.” Carver said before he turned to the others. “Hades owes his allegiance to me.” He told them before he sat down. The others looked at Nichallo.

Nichallo thought it over and then nodded. “We welcome Hades here.” He said. He then looked at everyone as they sat down. “The enemy is already beginning to arrive. We think that the tanks will arrive tomorrow.” There was a murmur. “The enemy will try to scatter us at every entrance. We’ll do it that way.”

Nichallo then stood up. “You’ll each be assigned to an entrance.” He went to Michelle, Romeo and Cedric. “You’ll cover Brooklyn’s entrances.” He then went to Alexandria, Loran and Vagon. “Cover the Lincoln Tunnel.” Nichallo went to Hades, Elizabeth and Cassidy. “Cover Washington Bridge.” He then looked at Little John, Carver and Skye. “Little John and I will lead our forces at the bridge to New York from the mainland.”

Carver and Skye stood up. “What about us?” Skye asked.

Nichallo looked at her. “You both will guard the Empire State Building. You’re our best team. If the enemy gets through, we have to defend this building.” He told them.

“Why?” Carver asked.

“The Empire State Building is a monument to the first Guardian. His energy and power is here.” Nichallo explained.

That night, the alliance split up to their assigned locations. Carver and Skye stayed at the Empire State Building. Carver was in silver armor with a sea colored trident imprinted on the chest armor. Skye was just in silver armor. Her hair was brushed down the back of it. She had a small sword hanging from her belt. Carver was at the entrance watching the allies leave.

It was about nine or so at night. Carver went back inside. Skye was sitting on the front desk. “How long will this last?” She asked.

Carver sighed and went up to her. “It’ll last until the enemy is defeated.” He told her.

Skye looked outside through the front doors. “Will we win?” She asked.

Carver laughed. “Of course we will.” He answered. Skye yawned and laid down on the front desk. She closed her eyes. Carver stroked her hair and took her hand. It would be best if Skye tried to get as much rest as she could before the fighting began. “Get some rest.” He whispered to her. He then went outside. It seemed quiet enough. Carver had never come across the city like this before. It was always loud and noisy. He didn’t this. His city was under attack and he was stuck here guarding a building. It began snowing again. It was getting cold so Carver went back in.

In Brooklyn, several cruise ships and armadas pulled up to the docks. Ladders and ramps were extended down and thousands of monsters came down. The Dark Ones jumped off and landed on the ground. Doom Lucius turned to Basheba. “Go to New Jersey.” He ordered. He then turned to the others. “And now we get ready!” The Dark Ones roared and cheered. Doom Lucius took out his sword. “Move out!” He ordered.

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