The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Chapter Twenty Nine

At the Brooklyn Bridge, Michelle, Romeo and Cedric saw the giant cruise ships pulling up to the docks and hundreds of monsters coming off of them. “We have to face that?” Romeo asked surprised.

Michele gasped.

Cedric looked at her. “What is it?” He asked.

Michelle turned to him. “The Dark Ones are here.” She answered. “I can sense them.” She answered.

Romeo turned to her. “You mean the worse enemy to face are there?” He asked.

Cedric and Michelle turned to him. “I’m afraid so.” Cedric answered.

Carver was sitting against a wall asleep when he felt something next to him. He opened his eyes to see Skye. She was curled up next to him, trembling. Carver knew without any doubt that she was scared. He put an arm around her. “It’s okay.” He whispered. Skye stopped trembling.

Carver stood up and stretched. He had no idea how long he had been asleep. He looked outside. It was still dark. But in the farthest view he had, he could see a little red creepying up. The sun was beginning to rise. Carver knelt down next to Skye and gently woke her up.

Skye looked at him. “What is it?” She asked.

Carver helped her up. “It’s begun. The first day of this war.” He answered. Skye looked outside at the sun as it began to appear.

The Dark Ones watched the sun rise. “Brothers! Sisters! Today we wipe out the alliance!” Doom Lucius shouted. The Dark Ones roared and drew their swords. The dark army all roared and shouted. Several Animons flew into the air and shrieked. Soon, at every entrance, the shrieks could be heard. The monsters and dark forces all began cheering. They then began charging towards Manhattan.

At Nichallo’s station, Nichallo and Little John turned to the werecreatures and weremen. “Weremen! Archers at the ready!” Nichallo shouted. Several archers marched forward and began shooting arrows at the enemies as they began to appear. Several of the dark forces fell fast.

At the Lincoln Tunnel, Alexandria, Loran and Vagon watched their army get ready to push in cars. “When you hear them, get ready. When you see them, push the cars.” Loran ordered. The werecreatures did so. They then saw the enemy. “Do it now!” Vagon shouted. The werecreatures pushed the cars down the tunnel. They then heard explosions and a loud rumbling. The entrance then filled with water. The group there began cheering as the enemy bodies floated up dead. Loran then looked to the skye. There were flying Animons. “To the sky!” She shouted. The group looked up. Some of the werecreatures began shooting arrows into the sky.

At the Brooklyn Bridge, the three watched the enemy march across. “Undead warriors, attack!” Romeo shouted. The skeletons and zombies began to move towards the enemy. Dead soldiers from the world wars began shooting their guns. The enemy fell into chaos but they kept moving towards the alliance.

All over, at every entrance to Manhattan, there was a fight going on. No matter how hard the alliance fought, the enemy kept moving in and gaining ground.

Nichallo’s forces had run out of arrows and were now using swords and claws on their enemies. Little John could see that they were badly outnumbered. He then turned to Nichallo. “Nichallo, we need to begin a slow retreat!” He shouted.

Nichallo turned to him. “Do it then! I’ll hold them all off!”

Little John nodded and raised a horn to his lips and blew into it. The werecreatures began retreating. Nichallo pointed at the advancing enemies and muttered a spell. The enemies stopped and began fighting each other. Before Nichallo could relax, he could hear a loud spell being spoken. The enemies stopped fighting and began advancing on him.

The Dark Ones began cheering as they saw their forces forcing the alliance back. Doom Lucius began laughing. “The world belongs to the Dark Ones!” He was about to signal his forces to finish up the alliance when he heard several horns being blown.

At every entrance, both sides stopped fighting and looked around. The horns blared again. The alliance began cheering as someone shouted “The riders are here!” The enemies began fighting harder then before.

On a hill top outside Manhattan at the Washington Bridge, thousands and thousands of horsemen appeared. Sheng La and Shakespeare were at the lead. Shakespeare looked at Manhattan. There was smoke at every entrance. He turned to Sheng La. “Lead the east side of our forces.” He ordered.

Sheng La nodded. “Yes Sir.” He rode off towards the eastern forces.

Shakespeare rode to the left. “Riders! Today is the day we face our enemies You’re fighting for freedom and the light! Lives will be lost but it’s worth it!” He shouted. The riders then cheered. Shakespeare drew his sword out and raised it up. “To war!” He shouted.

The riders raised their swords and spears. “To war!” They all shouted.

“Spear men at the ready.” Shakespeare ordered. The spears were lowered to a jabbing position. “Now charge!” Shakespeare ordered. The riders began riding in.

“Split up!” Sheng La ordered his forces. They went off towards Brooklyn. Shakespeare’s forces continued towards Washington Bridge. At the two sections, as the riders smashed into the enemy, all chaos was let loose. The enemy began getting pressed until they had to retreat ad run for their lives. The alliance began cheering as their enemies began to fall back.

Shakespeare rode up to Nichallo. Nichallo smiled when he saw him. “You can on the nick of time.” Nichallo said. Shakespeare nodded. “We should get back to our base.” Nichallo then said. Shakespeare helped him up and they rode off with their army.

From his base, Doom Lucius watched his forces retreating back. He turned to Basheba. “I want a report. Now!” He ordered.

“Ten legions were wiped out. The rest have retreated here.” Basheba told him. “But now the alliance are trapped on the island.”

Doom Lucius nodded. He then felt a familiar presence and got down on one knee. “Lord Chaos.” Doom Lucius said.

“Prepare our forces once more. We will wipe out the alliance this time.” Chaos’s voice said.

“What about the one you have chosen for your host?” Basheba asked.

“I will take over him towards the end. He’ll then destroy the rest of the alliance.” Chaos told her. He then vanished.

Doom Lucius and Basheba stood up and tuned to each other. “You heard him! Move out!” Doom Lucius ordered.

In Manhattan, Chaos’s spirit flew to the top of the Chrysler building. He had to find the chosen host. He then caught his scent. It was coming from the Empire State Building. This was really too easy. He couldn’t help but smile.

Carver and Skye heard several people coming. They both stood up and drew their swords. The doors opened and Nichallo and the other leaders came in. “Did we win?” Skye asked.

Nichallo looked at her. “We won the battle but not the war yet.” He answered.

Cassidy went up to Skye. “Don’t worry. We’ll save the world.” She looked at Carver.

Carver nodded. “She’s right.” He assured Skye. Skye smiled a little.

Sheng La then ran in. “The enemy is getting ready for another attack. They’ve surrounded the entire building a few blocks away.” He reported.

Nichallo looked at Skye and Carver. “You two will stay here and defend the building.” He then led the others back out to face the enemies.

Doom Lucius watched as the alliance made a large group around the Empire State Building. He smiled. “It is hopeless to fight us. Surrender and you’ll be spared. Refuse and you’ll die.” He told them.

Nichallo looked right at him. “We’ll never surrender.” He replied. He refused to loose the war. Not when he had the golden and silver auras on his side.

Doom Lucius laughed. “Then die.” He pointed at them. “Get them.” He ordered. The dark forces all charged in at the alliance.

Nichallo raised his sword up. “Attack!” He shouted. The alliance began spreading out as they fought back.

Cassidy wound her way through the enemy, killing monsters until she was up against Doom Lucius. “Golden child.” Doom Lucius hissed. Cassidy drew her golden sword and began attacking him. Doom Lucius took out his black sword and fought back. “You’ll lose. I’m too powerful for you to beat.” Doom Lucius told her.

Cassidy shook her head. “I believe in hope. The hope that will defeat you.” Her aura then began glowing until it was blinding. The light then turned into a bright orb and flew into the sky. It transformed into a golden dragon. It’s wings were very large and bright. It’s scales were gold. It roared at Doom Lucius.

Doom Lucius smiled. Without doubt, this was the golden child. He began laughing as darkness surrounded him. He then flew into the sky and turned into a black dragon. He had a body like a snake. His wings were ragged like. His eyes were blood red. He had a black crystal horn. A forked tongue came out.

At the Empire State Building, Carver watched the two dragons fly in the air. “So it has begun.” He said to himself. He then turned to Skye.

Skye was sitting at the front desk. She looked terrible and tired. He went up to her. “Are you okay?” He asked.

Skye looked at him. “When will this all end?” She asked.

Carver took her hands and held them in his. “When the darkness is defeated.” He answered.

Skye leaned her head on him. “I hope that’s soon.” She whispered.

Carver nodded. “It will be.” He told her.

The two dragons flew into the air above the clouds. The black dragon sent black fire at the golden dragon. The golden dragon dodged it and sent golden fire at the black dragon. The black dragon spun in a circle and the fire flew off. The golden dragon then took the moment and flew right at the black dragon. She grabbed it with her claws. The black dragon roared and bit the golden dragon’s left arm. The golden dragon roared but didn’t let go. Instead, she kept twisting the black dragon. The black dragon’s body went snap. He roared in pain. He turned his head towards the golden dragon’s head. He sent black fire at her. The golden dragon let go of the black dragon. The black dragon flew into a building and crashed into the ground. The golden dragon fell as well from her wounds.

As the golden dragon landed, she turned back into Cassidy. The black dragon turned into Doom Lucius but he didn’t move at all. Cassidy’s left arm was bleeding severely. Her face had burned marks. She sat down. “Nichallo.” She whispered.

Basheba turned and saw the golden child. “Get her!” She screeched. Several trolls ran towards Cassidy. Cassidy looked up and raised her good arm. She made fire engulf the trolls. Flying creatures flew towards her. Cassidy concentrated and made a tornado swallow them. She then sent water and earth at some of the other monsters. They all backed away from her.

Basheba shook her head. “Cowards!” She then flew at Cassidy. Cassidy sent all four elements at Basheba. Basheba howled as she exploded.

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