The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Chapter Thirty

At the Chrysler Building, Chaos watched everything going on. With Doom Lucius gone, he could carry out his plan. It was time for a take over. He flew towards the Empire State Building.

Carver was at the front door of the Empire State Building holding off several men in black armor when Skye sent a blast of silver energy past him. They hit all of the men, sending them flying back. Skye drew her sword and joined Carver in fighting.

Carver gasped and shuddered. Skye turned to him. There was no sign of an injury on him. “What’s wrong?” She asked.

Carver’s eyes turned black as he looked at her. Skye stumbled back, completely shocked by this. “Carver, what are you doing?” She asked scared. Carver ran at her and attack her. Skye blocked his blade. “Carver. This isn’t you. You would never hurt me.” She said in a small voice.

Carver laughed and Skye’s eyes widened. Carver’s voice was ancient and full of evil. Carver’s sword became a jagged spear. “You’re right. Carver is no longer here. I have taken his body and now he serves me against his will.” The evil voice said.

Skye backed away. “Who are you?” She asked in a scared voice.

The evilness smiled wickedly. “I am Lord Chaos.” He answered.

Outside, Nichallo was at Cassidy’s side when they both gasped. “There’s an evil presence.” Nichallo said.

Cassidy nodded and turned to the Empire State Building. “It feels stronger then everyone else.” She said.

Nichallo’s eyes widened. “Chaos.” He whispered. It was the day of the Winter Solstice. They both stood up. Nichallo turned to Cassidy as she winced. “Are you sure you’ll be able to do this?” He asked.

Cassidy nodded. “It’s my destiny to save the world.” She answered. Nichallo sighed. “Then let’s do this.” They both ran to the Empire State Building.

Inside, Skye was fighting Chaos still. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get past his spear.

Chaos though was very powerful. “You’re finished.” He said as he twisted Skye’s sword out of her hands. It went through a window and vanished into the crowd.

Nichallo and Cassidy both entered. The first thing they saw was Carver fighting Skye. Cassidy concentrated and saw Carver’s aura. It was an unnatural black. “There’s something wrong with him. “She told Nichallo.

Nichallo nodded. “Chaos took over him. “He told her.

Chaos turned to Cassidy and Nichallo. “Now nice of you to join us. This will make my revenge all the sweeter.” He told them. He then turned to Skye and sent her flying. She flew into a wall next to the elevator and fell unconscious.

Chaos tuned back to Cassidy and Nichallo. “Now let’s do this.” He sent dark energy at them. Cassidy blocked it with golden energy. Nichallo then charged in at Chaos and drew his sword. Chaos raised his spear up. The two began fighting. Outside, a lightning story began.

Chaos focused his energy into his spear and flew up into the air. He sent a wave of dark energy at Nichallo. Nichallo jumped back but still got hit as the dark energy hit the ground. He flew back and collapsed. Cassidy drew her sword and ran towards him. Chaos jumped over her. “Your wound weakens you.” He told her. He kicked her in the back.

Cassidy ran into a wall. She turned around and faced him. She was battered and bruised. She raised her sword up. “I’ll defeat you.” She said in a determined voice.

Skye began waking up. She heard two people fighting. She looked up towards the noise. Chaos and Cassidy were still fighting. She stood up slowly and nearly fell. She felt really weak. It took all of her strength to make a new sword appear.

Cassidy saw her. “Skye! Get out of here! Hide were you can be safe!” She shouted. Skye took a step forward and fell. She looked at her legs. One of them was broken.

Skye looked up once more at Cassidy and Chaos still fighting. “I’m sorry.” She whispered. She then crawled to the elevator.

Cassidy turned to Chaos. She had to keep him distracted long enough for Skye to escape. Chaos smiled. “Nice try but you will fail.” He sent dark energy at her and she flew back into a wall. Cassidy fell unconscious as she collapsed.

Skye pressed the top floor button when she saw Cassidy fall. As the doors closed, she saw Chaos walking towards her. The elevator began going up. Skye knew it was a matter of time before Chaos found her. She had to make a plan. The elevator then shook.

Chaos burst through the floor and smiled. “Nice try.” He told her. He grabbed her and flew through the roof. He flew her to the top floor and onto the balcony. He dropped her on the hard ground. Skye rolled a bit and then stopped.

Chaos grabbed her by the throat. “I’ll finish you up like I did with the others.” He began laughing. “Look down at your allies. They are already retreating.”

Skye looked down. It was true. She could see horsemen and werecreatures running away. Others were already killed and the Dark Alliance kept attacking. “Soon, I’ll destroy the Guardian’s castle and the Dark Ones will reign for eternity.” Chaos continued.

Skye looked back at him. “You won’t hurt me.” She said.

Chaos looked at her curious. “And why is that?” He asked sarcastically.

“You’ve taken Carver’s body but you didn’t get rid of his heart.” Skye told him. “His love and protection for me is more powerful then your evilness.”

Chaos squeezed her throat. “Never. Carver is mine. No one can save you.” He went to the edge and held her over. “Goodbye Skye.” He said.

Skye grabbed Chaos’s arms really tightly. “Please don’t.” She whispered. A tear came out of her eye and rolled down onto Chaos’s hand. Chaos gasped and roared. Skye’s tears continued to roll down. Chaos threw her into a wall and Skye fell down.

Chaos began fighting himself. “Don’t resist me!” He shouted.

One of his eyes turned brown. “Get out of me.” Carver’s voice said. They both hit a wall and continued to fight.

“This age belongs to the Dark Ones.” Chaos said.

“No, it belongs to man.” Carver replied. The eye turned black.

Chaos fell down to his knees. “Nice try boy.” He said before he laughed. He turned to Skye. “Now for your end.” He told her. Skye didn’t answer. She was still unconscious. As Chaos reached down to grab her, he howled as images flashed through his mind. They were of Skye and Carver together. Chaos grabbed his head. “No!” He shouted. He then stumbled back.

Skye woke up slowly and looked up. “Carver!” She shouted. She crawled towards him. Chaos stumbled back and fell over the edge of the balcony. As he fell, Skye grabbed his hand.

Chaos looked at her. “If I go, the boy will die as well.” He told her.

Skye didn’t let go but she was becoming weak. It didn’t help that she had armor on. “Come on.” She whispered. She nearly slipped off the edge.

“Skye.” She looked down at Chaos. One of his eyes was brown. “Listen to me and let go.” Carver’s voice told her.

Skye shook her head. “You’ll die.” She whispered. She didn't want to let go of Carver. Not after everything that they had been through together.

“It’s the only way for you and Cassidy to save the world and to save me.” Carver’s voice told her.

Chaos then roared. “Hurry and let go. I can’t hold Chaos off forever.” Carver’s voice said. Skye had tears in her eyes. “Carver. I’m sorry.” She then let go. As the two in one fell, Skye rolled away and began crying.

At the battlefield, the alliance was struggling to stay alive when the dark forces disappeared like ashes in the wind. The alliance looked around. “Did we win?” Sheng La asked.

Hades nodded. “I think so.”

Elizabeth sat down. “So many lost.” She whispered as she looked at the dead bodies.”

Shakespeare nodded. “But we survived.” He told her.

Inside the building, Cassidy and Nichallo slowly woke up and stood up. Both of their eyes widened. “Skye!” The both ran upstairs. They stopped at each floor and looked for her. They then finally reached the top floor.

As they looked around, Cassidy spotted her. “Nichallo, the balcony!” She shouted. They ran out. Skye was lying on the ground and still crying. Cassidy picked her up into her lap.

Nichallo knelt down next to them. “Where’s Chaos?” He asked. Skye pointed over the balcony before sobbing harder then ever. Nichallo looked over. There was no sign of the boy. He turned back to Skye. “What happened?” He asked.

Skye looked up. “Carver was fighting Chaos and they fell over the edge. I tried to save Carver but he said that if he died, we would save the world.” She then broke into sobs again.

Nichallo looked down. “He may still be alive. Just wounded badly.” He then looked at Cassidy. “I’ll send Elizabeth up here to help you get her down.” He took off inside leaving the two girls alone.

Skye couldn’t remember exactly what happened next. It was all jumbled memories. She remembered Elizabeth carrying her down. The remains of the alliance nodding in her direction. The rain still coming down. Then nothing.

Skye was asleep when she heard someone calling her name. She slowly opened her eyes. It was Cassidy. She looked cleaned up and her left arm was in a cast. Her hair was braided into two pigtails. Skye looked around. “Where am I?” She asked.

“In the hospital. You’ve been asleep for two days.” Cassidy answered.

Skye looked at her. “Did we win against the Dark Ones?” She asked.

Cassidy nodded. “We lost hundreds but we won.” She answered. “The immortals are wiping away all traces of the magical fight. This will be in the shadows of history.”

Skye’s eyes widened. “What about Carver? Is he okay?” She asked. She had to know. Cassidy looked down. “What is it? Is he okay?” Skye asked. She sounded scared. She couldn’t lose Carver.

Cassidy looked at her. “He’s here. The doctors don’t think he’ll make it though.”

Nichallo then came in. Skye looked at him. “Is Carver still alive?” She asked.

Nichallo sighed. “He’s still alive but only just. They say if his heart stops beating for just one second, he’ll die.” He answered. Skye tried to sit up and winced. “Your left leg is still broken.” Nichallo told her.

Skye looked at him. “I still want to see Carver.” She told him. She wasn't about to back down.

Nichallo looked at Cassidy. “Get the wheelchair.” He told her. As Cassidy did that, Nichallo picked Skye up.

A nurse then came in. “What’s going on in here?” She demanded.

Nichallo looked at her. “She wants to see Carver.” He answered, looking at Skye.

The nurse shook her head. “She still needs to rest.” She argued.

Nichallo looked at her. “That can happen after she sees Carver. It’s very important to her.” He told the nurse. Cassidy brought the wheelchair over to Nichallo and Skye. Nichallo set Skye in the wheelchair.

The nurse sighed. It was quite clear she was defeated. “Follow me.” She led them out. She led them down the hallway. She stopped at the fifth door on the left. “Which ones of you are going in?” She asked.

“The child and me.” Nichallo answered.

The nurse opened the door. “Please be careful with him.” She told the two. Nichallo and Skye went into the room.

Carver was lying on his bed. The heart scan was beeping at a slow rate. Carver’s body was bruised and battered. He had several cuts and injuries. He was still unconscious. Nichallo pushed Skye up to Carver’s bed. Skye took Carver’s hand. She looked at Nichallo. “Can I be alone with him for a few minutes?” She asked.

Nichallo nodded. “Of course.” He then left.

Skye looked down at her left leg and concentrated. There was a tingle in it and a glow of silver. It returned to normal. Skye stood up slowly. She smiled. Her leg was no longer broken. She sat back down and held Carver’s hand. “I don’t know if you can hear me but I’m going to talk anyways.” She said to him. “Before I met you or Titus or any magical immortal, I was all alone. No one cared for me. I had nothing. But then you saved me from Titus. You were the first person who ever cared for me.” Tears came to Skye’s eyes as she looked down.

“Please don’t leave me. You’re too important for me to lose.” She took a breath. “I love you.” She whispered. She stood up and leaned over Carver. She gently kissed him for a second and then leaned back. She sat back down in her wheelchair. As she turned to leave, she heard something move. She turned to Carver. He was actually moving his head.

Carver looked at her through squinted eyes and smiled weakly. Skye smiled. “I heard you.” Carver whispered. “I won’t be leaving you.’ Carver told her. Skye smiled. Carver then closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Skye rolled out of Carver’s room. She smiled at Nichallo and Cassidy. “Carver will be okay.” She told them. Nichallo and Cassidy smiled.

The nurse's strict face didn’t change. “We’ll take you back to your room now.” She told Skye.

In Skye’s room, Nichallo laid Skye back on her bed. “The doctors said you can leave in a few days.” Cassidy told her.

Skye smiled. She was happy to hear that. “What about Carver?” She asked.

“He has to stay for a few days as well. Maybe a bit longer then you.” Nichallo answered. He then sat down next to Skye. “The world is in debt to you.” He looked at both of the girls. “To both of you. You both saved the world from the Dark Ones. The Dark Ones are gone forever. Their forces are ashes now. Their fortresses are destroyed. You can’t even find them now. The allies though are slowly rebuilding.” Nichallo said.

A week later, Nichallo and Cassidy were in the shop acting like everything was normal. Nichallo was behind the counter and Cassidy was stacking things on the shelves and sweeping the floors. She was using her powers.

Elizabeth then came in. She smiled and went to the front counter. Nichallo and Cassidy looked at her. “I have good news. The alliance has been rebuilt.” Elizabeth announced.

Nichallo smiled. “That is good news.” He said. Cassidy nodded.

Elizabeth then turned to the door. “Come on in.” She said. Skye walked in slowly.

Cassidy smiled and ran to her. They hugged each other. “It’s so good to see you Skye.” Cassidy said.

Skye nodded. “You too.” She said in a soft voice.

Nichallo went up to her. “Skye. Since you have no family, I’m going to adopt you. You’ll be my daughter.” He told her.

Skye’s eyes brimmed with tears. She hugged Nichallo tightly. “Thank you Dad.” She said.

Nichallo laughed. “You’re welcome.” He told her.

Elizabeth looked at Cassidy. “I should get going.” She said.

Cassidy frowned. “What about you.” She asked. "What are you going to do now?"

Elizabeth smiled and stroked Cassidy’s hair. “I’ll be in Brooklyn. I have a martial arts class there.” She answered.

Three days went by and things slowly returned to normal. Cassidy began going back to school. Skye stayed at Nichallo’s and was home schooled at the store. Elizabeth would stop by at times and talk to Nichallo about what was going on.

Two days after that, Skye was in her new room studying her homework when she heard someone come in. Nichallo talked to them a bit then called for Skye to come downstairs. Skye came down and her eyes widened when she saw who it was with Nichallo. It was Carver. She ran to him and hugged him tightly. Carver laughed and hugged her back.

Skye looked up at him. “Don’t ever leave me.” She said as smiled.

Carver laughed again. “I will never leave you.” He promised.

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