The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Chapter Two

Titus woke up to find himself alone outside the magic shop. He got up and looked around. There wasn’t a single crow around. He would get Crowen for leaving him alone. He would also get the Guardian for beating him.

Titus then remembered the child with the golden aura. He smiled wickedly. There was no doubt she was the golden child. He witnessed her powerful aura. His masters would be interested in her. But he would have to find them first. He took his cellphone out and began calling his allies, D.L.s, Animons and several other forces that served the Dark Lords. He also sent them all images of Nichallo before he put his cellphone away. It would be a matter of time before he would come across the child.

In Brooklyn, Nichallo, Carver, and Cassidy crossed the bridge. After Nichallo finished the story, Cassidy looked at Carver. “Is this true?” She asked.

“The immortal sorcerer part yes. The rest, I’m not sure about.” Carver answered. He didn’t know Nichallo that well. He wasn’t sure if there were parts of the story that were entirely true.

Cassidy looked out the window. Nichallo looked into the rearview mirror at her. “So?” He asked.

Cassidy looked at him. “So what?” She asked.

“Are you going to help save the world, or go home?” Nichallo explained.

“What would I have to do?” Cassidy asked. She was quite certain that there was no going back to her normal life now, not when she knew just what was out there and that the D.L had seen her aura.

The car stopped at a red light. Nichallo looked at her. “You would be trained in the elemental magic, trained to fight, and get to travel the world.” Nichallo answered her.

Cassidy’s eyes went wide. “Really?” She asked. That didn’t sound too bad.

Nichallo smiled. “All that and more to come. You’ll meet legendary people of history.” Nichallo told her.

Carver cleared his throat. “What about the three gray creatures in front of us?” He asked.

Nichallo frowned. “What are you talking about?” He asked.

Cassidy pointed in front of the car. “Those things?” She answered.

Nichallo spun around to see three gray creatures. They looked hard. One of them was dripping. They all were just standing there and were not moving. Nichallo gasped. “Golems. Clay creatures. They served the Dark Lord Earthros. He controls all rocks.” He said.

The two kids looked at each other. That didn’t sound good. “Did Titus do this?” Carver asked as he looked back at Nichallo.

Nichallo nodded. “He doesn’t waste time getting help. First an Animon, now a rock warrior.”

Cassidy’s mind flashed back to Crowen. So that was an Animon. “What do we do?” She asked.

Nichallo was about to answer when the golems exploded into dust. Behind them was a figure in a black overcoat, black pants, a camo shirt and high heel boots.

The figure got onto the seat next to Nichallo. “You’re lucky I was here old man.” A female voice said. The figure took off its hat to reveal a woman’s head. She had brown wavy hair. Her skin was pale.

Nichallo smiled. “You’re older than me by a hundred years.” He said before he turned to Cassidy and Carver.

The woman did the same. “So the rumor was true. The golden child.” She said.

Carver looked at Nichallo. “Who is this?” He demanded.

“This is Elizabeth. She’s a vampire. Once of Vampela’s forces, now, one of us.” Nichallo answered.

Carver grabbed Cassidy’s hand in case they had to make a run for it. “A Dark Lord’s servant?” He asked.

Elizabeth laughed. “I don’t serve Vampela or her little sister, the Titan Necrolyn, and her vampires.” She explained.

Carver began relaxing his grip on Cassidy’s hand. Nichallo turned to the front. The car began driving again. “So where are we going first?” Elizabeth asked.

“To England. The master of the Earth element is there.” Nichallo answered.

Elizabeth looked at him. “Are you crazy?” She demanded. “That is the worst place to take her to.”

“Why? What’s in England?” Cassidy asked.

“The sealing ground of the Dark Lords. If you lose control of your power around the sealing ground, you could release all of the Dark Lords.” Elizabeth answered.

“We’ll be in London. My friend lives there. He teaches defense class at Winchester Academy.” Nichallo told them. “The sealing ground is in Stonehedge.”

Elizabeth shrugged. “If you say so. Just don’t blame me if this all goes south.” She was still convinced that going to England was a bad idea.

Carver looked at Cassidy. She looked scared. Carver squeezed her hand gently. Cassidy looked at him. “I’ll keep you safe. I promise you.” He told her.

Cassidy smiled a little. It was nice that Carver was protective of her. She felt safe.

“You two should get some sleep. We’re traveling to the main land to get to New Jersey. There’s an airport there we can use.” Nichallo told the two kids.

Cassidy leaned her head on Carver’s shoulder and fell asleep. Carver leaned his head on the top of her head and fell asleep shortly after she did.

Nichallo looked at Elizabeth. “Where are your weapons?” He asked. He didn’t want Elizabeth to get busted by airport security for having weapons but at the same time, he didn’t want to be flying anywhere without a good defense.

Elizabeth smiled. “Magic.” She answered. They drove out of Brooklyn.

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