The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Chapter Three

In New York City, Titus went to D.L. Incorporations. He owned it and, as his master’s top man, more powerful than the Titans. He entered it and went to the elevator. He rode it to the top of his penthouse. He went to his desk. He took out his laptop from a drawer. He opened it and it turned on. His last connection of location Nichallo was in Brooklyn. He needed to see where it was though. The computer showed a map of Brooklyn. A red dot marked Nichallo’s last location appeared. Titus began zooming away until it showed New Jersey as well. It showed a possible route. It led to an old airport. Titus looked surprised. Why would they go to an airport?

Titus then thought of something. The legend did say that the sorcerers were scattered around the world. England of course. One of the sorcerers would be there. He took his cellphone out and called Crowen. “Get Ravena and the other Sky Animons. Nichallo is going to an airport. It’s in New Jersey.” He told him before hanging up. He then smiled. Nichallo would not escape.

Carver woke up to the sound of the car screeching. He looked up to see the car turning. Elizabeth, what’s going on?” He asked.

Elizabeth looked at him. “We’re under attack by flying Animons.” She replied.

The car stopped. Nichallo slammed the wheel after trying to get it started failed. “The car’s dead.” He told them.

Elizabeth looked at each of them. “I’ll go first and attack. Don’t come out until I say to.” She told them. She got out and a bow appeared in her hands and a quiver of arrows appeared on her back. Elizabeth began shooting into the sky. A few minutes later, she opened the door. “Four of them are gone. Crows, ravens, hawks and eagles. All of them are mutated into warriors.” She said. “We need to go now.” They got out.

As they were running, they heard bird callings. Nichallo looked behind them. “There’s too many of them.” He said.

Elizabeth turned around and began shooting. She then ran out of arrows. “Now what?” She asked, making two ninja swords appear.

Nichallo took out a small pocket size stick. “We fight them.” He squeezed it and it turned into a golden sword. He sliced at a crow warrior. The bird creature exploded into dust. Elizabeth sliced at two more of the creatures.

Carver grabbed Cassidy and held her tightly. Five raven warriors surrounded Caver and Cassidy. “Now what?” Cassidy asked. Carver took out a wooden flute and twirled it. It turned into a white dagger that was also a flute. He held the end of the hilt to his mouth and played a tune of three notes.

Cassidy looked at him. She was about to say something when Carver spun them around. When she looked again, the five were gone. The bird creatures that remained flew off. Nichallo and Elizabeth joined the two kids. Carver twirled the dagger back into a flute.

Nichallo smiled. “The flute dagger. When did you get it?” He asked.

“When we were leaving. I learned its magic while I was asleep.” Carver answered. It was as if the flute had spoken to him.

Nichallo loosened his grip and the sword turned back into a stick. He pocketed it. Elizabeth’s two swords disappeared. “We need to get out of here.” Nichallo said.

“Which way now?” Elizabeth asked.

They returned to the road. Nichallo pointed ahead. “There’s a town five miles north of here. The airport’s there.” He answered. They all set off.

In the sky, Crowen was with three other Animons. Eagor, Hawkins and Ravena. They watched the four set off. “We should follow them. They can’t be allowed to escape.” Crowen told them. The others nodded. Crowen then turned to another crow warrior. “Go to Titus. Tell him where they’re going.” He ordered.

The crow warrior cawed and flew off in the opposite direction. The remaining ones flew towards the town.

At D.L. Incorporations, Titus was at his desk in the penthouse when his window door opened. He looked towards it to see a crow warrior. “Well?” He asked.

“They are going to the airport.” The crow warrior answered.

Titus smiled. “Excellent. Join Crowen. Tell him to attack them before they get to the airport. I’m on my way to England.” He told the crow warrior. The crow warrior nodded and flew off.

Titus picked up his cellphone. As he was about to call his European connections located in England, the power went out. He sighed, annoyed, and tried to call the electrician on his cellphone. To his surprise, his cellphone was dead. He was about to stand up when his cellphone’s screen turned into a neon green light. He gasped. It could mean only one thing. He answered it. “Yes?” He sounded scared.

“Now, now Titus. We are not angry with you.” It was his master. The voice sounded human, but it had a sort of velvety sound in it. “The Animon Dark Lord is going to contact Crowen and the other Animons after the mission you sent them on is over.”

“What about me?” Titus asked.

“You’ll go to England. The elemental Dark Lords are assembling a few of their soldiers there for you. Meet them on the outskirts of London.” The line then went dead. The power came back on.

Titus looked at his cellphone. He laid it on the desk. He decided to use a new phone. If his master knew his number, he could trace him if he failed at a mission. That would not be good at all for him.

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