The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Chapter Four

The four entered a small town. Cassidy looked at the welcome sign. “Greenville?” She asked. She had never heard of this place before.

Nichallo smiled. “I lived here during Nineteen Forty-Two.” He explained. “It was a good place until the second World War happened. Most of the places closed and by the end of the war, most of the people here had left.” He looked around. “Looks like people are living here again though.”

Elizabeth laughed. “You shaved your beard to look younger back then.” She reminded him.

Carver noticed the shadows flying on the ground. They looked like bird warriors’ shadows. He turned to Nichallo. “I think we’re being followed.” He told him.

Nichallo nodded. He knew that they were being followed. “They’ve been following us since the attack.” He said.

“Will they attack with all these people around?” Cassidy asked.

Elizabeth nodded. “The servants of the Dark Lords are ruthless and would do anything to get what they want.” She answered. As if to prove her point, the Animons flew in.

Nichallo took his sword out. Elizabeth took her ninja swords out. Carver took the dagger out. They surrounded Cassidy with their backs to her. “Don’t give them the chance to get Cassidy.” Nichallo told the other two.

The four Animons landed. Their warriors landed behind them. Everyone else in the town ran away from the monsters. Ravena laughed. “Nichallo. You are hopelessly outnumbered. Surrender now or die.” She said.

“Ravena. Time and time again, you all have tried to kill me and yet you have always failed.” Nichallo said. He wasn’t scared of this Animon.

Cassidy noticed a long stick that looked like it could be used as a weapon. She bent down and picked it up. Eagor noticed that and he laughed. “Nichallo. You have a little helpless girl to defend.” He said.

“Who said I can’t defend myself?” The three turned around to see Cassidy, the stick in her hands. “I will defend myself even if I have never fought monsters before.” Cassidy hoped that she sounded braver than she felt.

The Animons laughed. “Get them.” Crowen ordered. They all charged in.

The three began fighting them off. Cassidy stood by Carver as he sliced a hawk warrior into dust. “Cassidy, Get back.” He ordered.

Cassidy shook her head. “I can help.” She wacked a raven warrior outside the head. Carver stabbed it. The raven warrior turned into dust. Cassidy’s aura began to shine and the stick turned into a sword. She sliced two crow warriors into dust. Her aura then faded and the sword turned back into a stick. She leaned on Carver. Carver turned to her. “That was hard.” Cassidy said.

Carver laid a hand on her shoulder. “Storgon.” He said.

Cassidy stood up straight. Her strength had returned to her. She wacked a hawk warrior outside the head and jabbed a crow warrior in the stomach. Carver finished the two up. The four Animons looked at each other. They all decided it was time to get out of there before they were killed. They flew off. Their warriors flew after them.

The four looked at each other. “Good. We’re all here.” Nichallo said.

“Nichallo, we need to train Cassidy how to use her aura properly.” Carver said. If he hadn’t had been there, Cassidy would have surely died.

Nichallo nodded. “I’ll train her. You and Elizabeth go get clothes and four backpacks for our flight.” He told Carver.

“I’m not going to England.” Elizabeth said. They looked at her. She refused to go back to the ancestral ground of the Dark Lords.

“Why not?” Nichallo asked.

“I’m staying here to fight the servants of darkness before they can group up.” Elizabeth explained. “The fewer of them that there are, the harder it will be for the Dark Lords to become too powerful.

“But I need you still to get the clothes and three backpacks.” Nichallo told her. Elizabeth shrugged. That she could do easily. “Okay. We’ll meet in an hour.” Nichallo then said.

As Carver and Elizabeth were leaving, Carver looked behind them at Nichallo and Cassidy. They were going into an abandoned house. “Will they be okay?” Carver asked.

Elizabeth smiled. “Nichallo is a great man. And even a greater sorcerer. He’ll be able to protect them.” She didn’t doubt Nichallo.

Carver looked at her. “How did you meet Nichallo?” He asked.

Elizabeth laughed as she thought back to that time. “During the years of the Salem Witch Trials. I was still his enemy at the time.” She answered.

“How did you become friends?” Carver asked, surprised.

“Titus was in Salem. He didn’t trust the other Dark Lords’ servants and wanted to get rid of them. I lived in Salem. So did Nichallo. We both kept our powers a secret but we knew each other. If something bad happened, he suspected me. I had caused so many accidents.” She started. “Any way, Titus ran into Abigail. She was the one responsible for the trials. Titus convinced her to start it and made her his immortal wife. They ran into me and knew instantly that I was a servant of Vampela, a Dark Lord. They accused me of witch craft. Nichallo then decided that we were allies against Titus and rescued me. He went in and blasted the ropes that held me. He then helped me escape. We became friends ever since.” Elizabeth finished. She then turned to Carver. “Carver. Nichallo is a good man. He saved me, his enemy once before. He can keep Cassidy safe.” She told him. She then smiled. “Now let’s go.” They both went to the clothes store.

Nichallo watched the two leave. He then turned to Cassidy. “We should go somewhere privately.”

Cassidy looked around. “Where?” She asked. It didn’t look like there were that many abandoned places.

Nichallo smiled and pointed to something behind her. Cassidy turned around and saw an abandoned house. “No one should be there.” Nichallo told her. He led her inside. “We train on the main floor. That way it’ll be less noticeable.” He said. He then turned to her. “You have used your aura in two ways as of now. A shield in my shop against Crowen and just a few minutes ago, a transformation spell on a stick that turned it into a sword. Both have left you exhausted.” Nichallo then smiled. “But I’ll train you to use it.” He continued. “Your aura gives you the power to use magic. If you use all of it, you’ll die.” He said. “Use a little and you won’t feel tired. Use too much, you’ll be exhausted.” Nichallo threw her a broken leg of an armchair. “Turn that into a sword, but use the words ’Transformis swordis.” He said. “Use magic words, not thoughts.”

Cassidy concentrated on it. “Transformis swordis.” She said. The leg turned into a sword briefly and then into the leg again. Cassidy looked at Nichallo.

“Concentrate. It’ll take a little while to concentrate it into perfection.” Nichallo told her.

Cassidy looked at the stick. Her aura shined a little as she said, “Transformis swordis.” The leg turned into a sword.

At the Greenville Museum, in a glass statue size case was a warrior. He was in purple armor and black armor. His right hand held a large shield and a sword in the shield. His helmet had a black visor outlined in purple. A purple spell circle appeared over him.

He woke up. “Finally. I’m free.” He smashed the glass. People ran from him. “Yes puny humans. Run from me. Korgan, the Wolf Knight.” He said. He sensed the golden child. “The time is coming. Etho Semos.” A horse in purple armor appeared. He got on it. “Take me to the golden child.” He commanded the horse. The horse whinnied and galloped away.

Elizabeth and Carver came out of the store. As they were coming out, they heard a horse whinny and people running away. Elizabeth pulled Carver into an alley. “Blast it. He’s back.” Elizabeth said.

Carver looked at her. “Who?” He asked.

“Korgan, He’s a Titan, like Vampela.” Elizabeth replied.

Carver looked out and saw a creature on the horse that he could only assume was Korgan. “We need to get to Nichallo and Cassidy.” He said.

Elizabeth nodded. “We’ll have to run.” She said. They took off running.

Nichallo sensed the presence of something evil. “Cassidy, stop.” He ordered.

Cassidy’s aura faded and the sword turned back into a stick. “What is it?” She asked.

Nichallo looked at her. “Korgan. A dark Titan. He’s coming.” He answered.

Nichallo and Cassidy crept to the window. They looked outside and down into the street. Korgan was outside. “Child of legend. Come out and face me.” He ordered.

Cassidy and Nichallo backed away. “What do we do?” Cassidy asked.

Nichallo looked at her. “You’ll go out the back. I’ll go out the front and face him. That’ll give you enough time to get help hopefully.” He told her. Cassidy watched him go outside before going out the back. Korgan was looking around when he heard someone behind him. “You wanted the golden child, but you’ll have to do with me.” Nichallo said.

Korgan turned around to face him. “Sorcerer. We meet again.” He drew his sword out.

Nichallo drew his sword out as well. “Last time was on the battlefield when it was Arthur against Mordred.” He recalled.

Korgan nodded. “You froze me in time. Now you will pay for that.” He told Nichallo, completely unaware of Cassidy running away.

Back at D.L. Incorporations, Titus was in his office when the power went out again. Titus counted to three and just as expected, his cellphone’s screen turned green. He answered it. “Yes Master?” He asked.

“Titus, the Titan Korgan is in Greensville.”

Titus was quiet. He knew of the Titan’s power. Korgan was the most powerful and the most dangerous Titan. He had wiped out armies of thousands single handedly. Titus then smiled. The Guardian was finished for good. “So I won’t have to go?” He asked.

“No. You are still going. I’m going to have Korgan leave the sorcerer and his group alone. You need to get the golden child.” His master answered before hanging up.

The power came back on. Titus shook his head. He would never understand Dark Lords. But there was work to be done.

In Greensville, Cassidy was running when a pair of hands grabbed her. She was pulled into an alley. She was about to scream when she was turned around. It was Elizabeth and Carver. “Where’s Nichallo?” Elizabeth demanded.

“He’s fighting Korgan.” Cassidy answered.

A sword appeared in Elizabeth’s hands. “He’ll need help.” She told the two kids. She wasn’t sure how well they would stand up to a Titan but she didn’t want Nichallo on his own.

Carver took his dagger flute out. “Let’s go then.” He said. “Cassidy lead the way.” Cassidy nodded and led them.

Nichallo and Korgan were still fighting. “You’ve grown weak old man.” Korgan said.

“You haven’t changed at all.” Nichallo replied.

Korgan was about to say something when Titus’s master spoke to him in his mind. “Korgan. Leave them. I need the child train. You’ll gather servants of evil.”

Korgan stopped. “We’ll meet again old man.” He said before leaving.

Nichallo watched him as he put his sword away. “Count on it.” He told Korgan.

Cassidy, Carver, and Elizabeth ran to Nichallo. “Where’s Korgan?” Elizabeth asked.

Nichallo sighed. “He’s gone.” He answered. Elizabeth’s sword vanished. Carver put his dagger flute away. “Let’s leave while we have the chance.” Nichallo said.

At the Greensville Airport, Nichallo, Cassidy and Carver were putting their clothes into their bags. Elizabeth watched them. The three finished up and went up to her. “Are you sure you won’t come?” Nichallo asked.

Elizabeth nodded. “I have to keep the darkness from spreading here.” She had to do her part to help them with the fight.

Nichallo sighed. “Good luck with that.” He said.

Elizabeth turned to Cassidy. “Good luck on your quest.” She told her. She then hugged Cassidy. Elizabeth shook Carver’s and Nichallo’s hands, then left.

Nichallo led the two in. “Keep calm and act normal. But be aware of anything unusual.” He told them. By this point, he was quite certain that the airport was being watched closely.

Carver looked around. He then spotted four grey colored humans. “Golems.” He whispered. “Titus must know we’re leaving.” Nichallo said.

The four looked at them. “Why aren’t they moving in to stop us?” Cassidy asked.

“I think Titus wants them only to watch us.” Nichallo replied.

Carver nodded. “Titus doesn’t want to lose us.” He explained.

Cassidy looked at them. “What if he knows that we’re going to England and is on his way?” She asked.

Nichallo smiled. “It’s a good thing then that I have a friend waiting for us at the London Airport.” He answered.

The two kids looked at him. “When did you do that?” Carver asked.

Nichallo looked at him. “When you were asleep.” He answered. “It was the best time to plan what to do after we get to England.” Nichallo added, obviously pleased with himself.

“What if it doesn’t go according to plan?” Cassidy asked.

“There’s always Plan B.” Nichallo answered. They approached the boarding hallway. Both kids looked behind them. America was their home. New York City was the place they grew up in. They realized that this was the last time that they would be in America for a while, if not forever. They then turned around.

Nichallo cleared his throat. He knew what was going on in the two kids’ minds. They weren’t related but their thoughts were the exact thing. “Shall we get on?” He asked.

“Is it too late to go back?” Cassidy asked, uneasily.

Nichallo looked at her. “Not really. You can try, but you’ll be followed and possibly attacked by the Dark Lords.” He answered.

Cassidy sighed. “Okay. Let’s do it.” She said. They boarded the plane.

Behind them, a golem took out his cellphone. “They’re on.” He told Titus.

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