The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Chapter Five

At the New York City Airport, Titus smiled while he walked in, his phone at his ear. “Excellent. I’ll meet them there.” He then thought of something. “Is Elizabeth with them?” He asked.

“No.” The golem said.

Titus sighed with relief. The last thing he wanted to do was face the vampire. He knew that she had hated him since the Salem Witch Trials. “Good.” He then hung up.

As Titus got onto the plane, he dialed a friend in England. “Hello Dear. I’m on my way home. Call Malcom. Tell him I’ll need his help.” He said. There was a brief pause. He then smiled. “I love you too Abigail.” He then hung up and leaned back in his seat. Titus had sent Abigail to England during the Great Depression. It wasn’t exactly better than America, but at least she would be able to get a job. He had stayed behind to keep D.L. Incorporations from falling into ruins. After the Great Depression, when Titus decided to bring Abigail back, she had news for him. She had started up a D.L. Incorporations in England for him. He then had two countries under his watch. Titus looked outside of the plane. It was over the Atlantic Ocean. He looked south towards New Jersey. He began concentrating on the golden child’s aura. A minute later, he could see a golden spot. He smiled. It was the child.

Carver was looking out his window when he saw a black spot off in the distance. He turned to Nichallo. “Is Titus following us?” He asked.

Nichallo looked up from his book and turned to him. “It’s possible.” He answered.

Carver then realized something. “Did you call Cassidy’s parents? Or even mine for that matter?” He asked.

Nichallo nodded. “While you were locking up the shop.” He answered.

“What did you tell them?” Carver asked. This had to be good.

Nichallo smiled. “Just that I was taking the two of you to help me for a little while with collecting things for my shop.” He answered.

“And they were all okay with that?” Carver asked. He was surprised by that. He thought for sure that Cassidy’s parents and his parents would have called child services. He then wondered if Nichallo had used magic to convince them.

Cassidy looked at them suddenly. “When do we get back?” She asked.

Nichallo looked at her. “Maybe in a week. It depends on how easy it’ll be to get your training done.” He answered.

Cassidy looked down. She then looked up. “What are Dark Lords? You were talking about them with Elizabeth.” She asked.

Nichallo was silent for a little bit as he looked around them. Satisfied once it was clear that no one would be able to hear them talking, he looked at Cassidy. “They’re an evil race from over a thousand years ago.” He then frowned. “Didn’t I tell you that?” He asked.

“No. You just said I would face them. You didn’t say what they were.” Cassidy answered.

Nichallo nodded. “That’s right. The Dark Lords are all sorts of creatures. Some look human. Some don’t. They’re all dangerous. Even the oldest ones.” He told her.

Carver looked at Cassidy. “Nichallo. She doesn’t have a weapon and she can’t keep conjuring one up.” He reminded Nichallo.

Nichallo smiled. “The first one of my friends will give her a weapon.” He answered.

“Who is this friend of yours?” Carver asked.

“You’ll find out who he is soon enough.” Nichallo answered.

In London England, at a giant manor on the edge of the city, a limo pulled up. The driver got out and went to the back right door. He opened it and a lady came out. Her brown hair was brushed down. She had a red suit on. She smiled as she went to the door.

The door opened to reveal a butler. “Mrs. Smith. The master is expecting you.” He told her.

Mrs. Smith smiled. “Thank you Spencer.” She told him.

Spencer led her upstairs to two large closed doors. He opened it. “Mrs. Smith is here to see you Sir.” He said.

A man was at a big desk. He had a gray suit on. His hair was gray and combed down. His beard was a few inches long. His blue eyes were piercing. He smiled when he saw Mrs. Smith. “Abigail. It’s been too long.” He said. He motioned to the seat across from him. “Please sit down.”

Abigail sat down. “Malcom. It’s been one hundred and fifty years since we last met.” She said. They were both immortals. Malcolm was an immortal since Fourteen Ninety-Two.

Malcolm laughed. “Quite right. Now you said you were here for Titus. What can I do for my old friend?” He asked.

Abigail smiled. “You know of the signs that mean the Dark Lords are rising, right?” She asked.

Malcolm nodded. “Naturally. All of the servants have heard of them.” He answered. He had studied the old texts that spoke of the Dark Lords’ return.

“In New York City, Titus found something is very important.” Abigail leaned close. “The golden child.” She told him.

Malcolm’s eyes widened. “Did he destroy her?” He asked hopefully.

Abigail leaned back before she shook her head. “No. That sorcerer Nichallo and some boy apprentice saved her.” She answered.

Malcolm nodded. He had come across the sorcerer, or the Guardian now, several times and he hated the man. “But why would he need me? Couldn’t Titus finish him up?” He asked, dreading the worse.

“The sorcerer, his pet, and the child are coming here.” Abigail answered, confirming Malcolm’s fear.

“Do the masters know?” Malcolm asked, referring to the Dark Lords.

Abigail nodded. “There’s a small army of elemental warriors waiting ten minutes away. Titus is to lead them against the sorcerer but he wants your help with the police.” She answered.

Malcolm looked outside. Titus knew that he was in charge of the British police and that he had connections to Interpol. “I’ll tell the police about the three, but it’ll be no good unless I have a picture.” He told Abigail.

Abigail smiled. “Excellent. I’ll call Titus and let him know.” She told him. She then left.

Malcolm stood up and went to the window. He waited and watched her leave. As soon as her limo was gone, he went to the bookshelf next to the window. He took a large book out and opened it. “The last sign that needs to be revealed. The silver aura.” The page showed a little girl with a silver outline. He smiled as he thought about the silver aura.

As Abigail’s limo pulled away, Abigail looked back at the mansion. She had a feeling that Malcolm was up to something. He didn’t agree to help out with something that had to do with the legendary sorcerer unless there was something in it for him. She looked ahead at the drive. “Call Necrolyn. Tell her I need a few vampires to keep an eye on Malcom.” She told him.

The driver removed his shades to reveal eyes as black as night. “Her older sister is Vampela, Malcom’s master.” He told her. “Your point?” Abigail asked, unconcerned.

“You may get Vampela as an enemy if you continue with this plan.” The driver told her. He wasn’t scared of Necrolyn but he was terrified of Vampela. She had wiped out most of his family before she had been sealed away.

“Vagon. Remember that Titus is more powerful than Titans and that his master is very powerful.” Abigail reminded him.

Vagon smiled. The message was clear Titus’s master would protect Abigail from Vampela. As you wish.” Vagon took his phone out and dialed a number. A few minutes later, he began talking. “Hello? It’s me. Mistress Abigail needs a favor from you. She needs a few spies to watch Malcolm. Yes she knows. Thank you.” Vagon hung up and put his glasses back on. “Good news. Necrolyn has agreed to do what you want.” He told her.

Abigail smiled. “Excellent. I’ll call my husband to tell him the news.” She took her own cellphone. She called Titus. “It’s me. Malcom will meet you at the gathering army. I’m on my way to the airport.”

Vagon looked at Abigail in the rearview mirror. He still remembered when he first met her in Nineteen-Sixty. She had come across him by accident when he was fighting one of the Guardian’s friends. It was thanks to her that the friend was gone. He had pledged allegiance to her since then.

Abigail then hung up. “He’ll be waiting at the London Airport.” She told him.

“When will he arrive?” Vagon asked.

Abigail looked at him. “In an hour and a half.” She answered.

Vagon nodded. “Yes ma’am.” They drove off.

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