The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Chapter Six

Later that day, Nichallo, Carver and Cassidy entered the airport. Cassidy looked around before asking, “So where’s this friend of yours?” She asked.

Nichallo smiled and closed his eyes. “He sent a friend of ours to get us.” He then pointed to a man that was standing near a set of restroom doors. The man was in a pair of blue jeans. His shirt said: LJ754. His hair was shoulder length. Several people were around him. As the three approached him, the man said to the people near him. “Here you go. Tell your friends about my concert this Friday.” Four kids left him. The man then turned to Nichallo. Nichallo. My old friend.”

The two embraced. “It’s good to see you too.” Nichallo said. “It’s been too long.”

The man laughed. “I’m younger then you so it wasn’t too long.” The man said.

Carver and Cassidy looked at each other, then at Nichallo. “Who is this?” Carver asked.

The man bowed to them. “At your service Sir. I’m Little John, the famous rock star.” He answered.

Cassidy and Carver looked at each other. “Little John?” Carver asked. Carver’s mind went through English History.

“Yes. I’m Little John. But you can call me John.” John said.

“From the story of Robin Hood?” Carver asked. He wasn’t expecting to meet someone from that legend.

John smiled. “Yep. He’s my friend and a master of hunter but that’s his name.”

Cassidy turned to Nichallo. “Is your friend Robin Hood? The one who’s going to train me and give me my own weapon?” She asked.

Nichallo laughed. The surprised look that Cassidy had on her face was priceless. “Yes. He’s the one that I’m bringing you to see.” He answered. He then looked at John. “A rock star? Why that profession?”

John smiled. “Let’s go to my vehicle. I’ll tell you on the way if you really want to know.” He told them. As they went outside the building, John began his story. “I started the career of being a rock star a few years ago. It began with just a few songs, but then I got stuck doing it.” He continued. “Robin thought it would be a good disguise. Who would think that a rock star is a warrior?” John added.

“So you still do a robber thing?” Nichallo asked.

John looked at him surprised. “Of course I still do. Robin says only do it as a last resort though so it doesn’t happen that often.” He explained.

They got to the vehicle. “Robin will want to see you as soon as possible. The fact that two sorcerers that are powerful are here now will alert nearly every servant of the Dark Lords.” John told them. He knew that there were a lot of servants of the Dark Lords nearby.

Nichallo hesitated then looked at John. “Robin and I aren’t the only ones who would be able to sense the servants.” He then leaned in towards John. “I’ve found the golden child. I want Robing to train her in using earth and give her skills of a warrior.” He whispered.

John looked behind at Cassidy. “So, the legend is true.” He said He looked at Nichallo. “Robin will see what he can do about this. No doubt he’ll be getting ready for a battle after he sees her. Titus probably will have his wife get allies.” He told him.

Nichallo looked back at the two kids. “I hope not.” He didn’t want to face Abigail again.

John started up the vehicle. Nichallo and the kids got in and John drove away.

A bit away from where the four drove off, a limo pulled up. From the back seat, Abigail watched them leave. “It seems like the Guardian already got a friend with him. This could be hard.” She said.

Vagon looked back. “Should I call Malcom to go after them?” He asked.

Abigail waved the idea away. “No. We need him with our small army.” She answered. She then looked at her watch. “Titus should be here any minute now.” She looked up at Vagon. “Go inside and wait for him to show up.” She told him.

“Yes ma’am.” Vagon then got out and left.

Suddenly there was a knock at her door. Abigail jumped a bit then looked outside. She couldn’t believe her eyes and quickly opened the door. A human-size creature got in. He looked human except his nails were claws. His head looked like a jackal’s head. He had small glasses on.

“Anubis! What brings you here?” Abigail asked, surprised.

Anubis laughed. Whether he was an Animon or a Dark Lord was unknown. He was a mix. In Egypt, he was treated like a Dark Lord though as the Lord of the Dead. But he wasn’t sealed away like the other Dark Lords. “I heard that Titus was coming here.” Anubis said. There was disgust in his voice.

Abigail wasn’t surprised. Anubis and Titus never got along. Not to mention that Titus started the rumor that Anubis was a mix between two kinds of creatures. “Why would you be interested in that?” Abigail asked.

Anubis looked at her. “I want to see whether or not he’ll fail to kill the sorcerer and to capture the golden child. If he fails, I want to be ready to capture them.” He answered.

Abigail looked like she wanted to kill him. “You want to make my husband look bad.” She said.

Anubis nodded. “He’s been on the top for too long now. It’s time for a new favorite.” He explained.

Abigail smiled. There wasn’t any end to the servants’ rivalry. “You need to leave now. My husband will be here shortly.” She told him.

Anubis shrugged. He had delivered his message. That was important. He got out of the limo.

As Anubis left, Abigail watched him. He wanted her to betray her husband for him. Fat chance. She was loyal to Titus no matter what. She then smiled. Titus would be interested in Anubis’s plan. He might even get it to backfire. That would teach Anubis a lesson. She began laughing at it.

Inside, Titus entered from the plane. He looked around before finally spotting Vagon. He went up to him.

Vagon nodded to him. “Mrs. Smith is in the limo waiting for you.” He told him.

Titus smiled. “Is the sorcerer here yet?” He asked.

“Yes Sir. He left as we pulled up.” Vagon answered, leading him out. At the limo, Titus entered.

Abigail smiled. “Titus. It’s good to see you again.” She said.

Titus smiled as he gazed at his wife. “Yes. It’s been too long.” He told her.

“How are things in America?” Abigail asked.

Titus put his hands together. “Things are good. The Animons are gathering up under the Dark Lords’ orders.” He looked at Abigail. “What about here?” He asked.

“Malcom is up to something again. Anubis wants to make you look bad.” Abigail answered.

Titus laughed. “That’s not new to me. Malcom’s been like that for over centuries. As for Anubis, he never did like me.” He said.

“He has a plan to make you look bad.” Abigail told him.

Titus smiled. “Well then, I’ll have to be careful.” He then looked at the driver. “Vagon. Do you know where Nichallo went?” He asked.

Vagon shook his head.

Abigail smiled. “I know of a possible location. Before I went to Malcom, I did a little search for immortals in London. There’s only four. Malcom, Robin Hood, Little John and me. Robin and John are Nichallo’s friends.” She explained.

Titus smiled. He knew where Nichallo was going. “Excellent. Let’s go.” They drove off.

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