The Legend Of Silver And Gold

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Chapter Seven

John drove the group up to a large school building.

Cassidy looked at the school name on the arch over the door. “Winchester Academy. Robin works here?” She asked. It didn’t look like much.

John smiled. “You can bet he does. He thinks it’s a good way to hide in public.” He parked in the parking lot. They got out of the car. “Robin is on the top floor. He teaches medieval history and mythology. He always said the two make a perfect match.” John told them.

Carver looked up at the building. “The fifth floor?” He asked in a nervous voice.

John nodded. “That’s the top. Robin always did like heights.” He said.

Cassidy looked at Carver and noticed he looked pale. She wondered if he was afraid of heights. She didn’t think he was afraid of anything.

Nichallo looked at John. “Is he expecting us yet?” He asked.

John laughed. “He told the headmaster that you’re thinking of sending your kids here for school.” He replied. It was a good cover story.

Nichallo smiled. “That is an excellent cover up story.” He said.

John laughed again. “He thought you would need a cover up here. A man with two children that are not related to him. It’s a bit suspicious.” He explained. They then went in. John led them into the office. There was only a lady in her fifties there. She had glasses and her hair was in a bun.

The woman looked at John and smiled. “Hello John. Here to schedule another concert for the school?” She asked. She then noticed Nichallo and the two kids.

“You must be Mr. Pensar. We have been expecting you.” She shook Nichallo’s hands. “I’m Mrs. Paine. The secretary.” She looked at Carver and Cassidy. “We do hope you’ll consider the academy. We teach the best stuff.”

Nichallo laid a hand on the two kids’ shoulders. “They’ll think of it. We also need to see an old friend of mine. His name is Mr. Robin Hood?” He asked.

Mrs. Paine nodded. “Fifth floor. Room Five-Ten. It’s on the right.” She told him.

John looked at Nichallo. “Go ahead. I’ll catch up with you later.” He then turned to Mrs. Paine. “Now, when is the best time to do another concert here?” He asked her.

Nichallo smiled and ushered the two kids out. The three went to the top floor. Nichallo looked down the hallway both ways. He then pointed to the right. “It’s this way.” He told them. As they went to the door of room Five-Ten, a bell rang. All the students came out of their rooms. Nichallo looked at his watch. “They must be going to their next class. It’s still afternoon time.” They entered the room.

“Actually, the school day is over.” A man said. The three looked to the front of the classroom to see the man at his desk. The man had black hair. He was in a normal shirt and pants. The unexpected part was that he was in a wheelchair. He rolled his wheelchair up to them. “Nichallo. It’s good to see you.” He said.

Nichallo shook his hand. “You too Robin.” He said.

Vagon drove Abigail and Titus to the north edge of London. As they pulled up to a stop, the three got out of the limo. Titus raised his hand and said. “To the Dark Lords.” He used an old Celtic language that had been forgotten in time.

Abigail and Vagon looked around. “Are you sure they’re here?” Vagon asked.

Titus smiled as he heard movement ahead. Several warriors came out of the forest. Abigail and Vagon stepped back, shocked, and looked at Titus. He looked calm. The warriors looked human except for a few differences. A few were red-skinned. They had fire for hair and armor. Their backs had wings. A few were blue and had water armor and a fishtail. A few were brown. Their skin was muscular. The rest were white. They had wings of clouds.

One of the fire warriors stepped forward. “Our masters told us you were coming.” It told Titus. Whether they were men or women was hard to tell.

“Is Malcom here yet?” Titus asked.

“No. He called to say that he’s investigating something else.” It answered.

A water warrior stepped forward. “When do we attack?” It asked.

Titus looked at the sun. “At midnight. They’ll be asleep. The city will be quiet. They won’t be expecting it.” He answered. It would be a swift victory. He then looked at the warriors. “How many of you are there for tonight’s attack?” He asked.

“One hundred and fifty.” An earth warrior rumbled.

Titus smiled. “Excellent. That should be enough.” He went to the trunk of the limo and opened it. He took his suitcase out and closed the trunk. He opened the case to reveal a sword.

It was a sword that looked like it was made of stone. The sides were smooth and flat. The blade was three feet long. The hilt was two fists long. The warriors, Abigail and Vagon backed away as Titus took the blade out.

“You have Ragnarök?” Abigail asked. She didn’t know that her husband had the dangerous sword.

Titus smiled. “Yes Dear. I found it five hundred years ago at Stone Hedge.” He answered.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Abigail demanded.

Titus laughed. “I didn’t tell anyone, not even my master. They would have told me to destroy it.”

One of the fire warriors stepped forward. “Why do you have it?” It demanded.

Titus looked at it then at the blade. “The power it possesses could bring Nichallo and the child to their knees.” He answered. He had never tested that theory before but he hadn’t wanted to show his hand to Nichallo until the child of legend had been found.

The warriors looked uneasy. With that kind of power, Titus could destroy the Dark Ones. They couldn’t allow that. As one, they decided to keep an eye on Titus. He was too dangerous.

That evening, Nichallo, Carver, Cassidy, John and Robin were at Robin’s house. Nichallo and Robin were in Robin’s study. Robin had just finished listening to Nichallo’s story. “Nichallo my friend, you are indeed a lucky man.” He then frowned. “At getting into trouble.” He added.

Nichallo laughed. “You’ve gotten into trouble with how many princes? The last time you did that, this was the result.” He motioned to the wheelchair.

Robin raised a finger as if to do a comeback but just laughed. “Touché.” He just said.

Nichallo knelt in front of him. “Robin. We all knew that this time would come. The Guardian of the past wanted us to train his heir.” He told him.

Robin rolled over to the window facing the backyard. He saw Carver, Cassidy and John talking and playing catch with a baseball. “Are you sure she’s the child?” He asked.

Nichallo joined him and looked at Cassidy. “I’m sure. She’s the only golden aura I’ve come across since the signs began.” He answered.

Robin turned to face him. “There’s only one sign left to find before the Dark Ones break free.” He told Nichallo.

Nichallo looked surprised. “What sign is that?” He asked. He thought that he knew all of the signs.

“The silver aura. One equal to a golden aura.” Robin answered in a grim voice.

It was as if the air had become cold. Darkness came down. Neither man spoke. The silver aura was rare. Those who have had it had become the worst villains in history. If the darkness got this one, it would become evil.

Nichallo blinked. “We’ll have to get this silver aura before the Dark Ones do. Now back to what we began. Will you train Cassidy or not?” He asked.

Robin thought it over a few minutes then looked at Nichallo. “Yes. Then I’ll get you all away from here.”

Outside, the three were still talking and playing catch when Nichallo and Robin came out. The three stopped and turned to the two. “Cassidy. Robin had agreed to train you in using a sword and how to use earth magic.” Nichallo told her.

Cassidy went to Robin. “We’ll go to my study. It’s private there.” Robin said. He then looked at Nichallo. “You can keep watch out here with Carver and John.” He told them. Once he began teaching Cassidy how to use earth magic, servants of the Dark Lords would come to find them.

Nichallo nodded. He knew what Robin was talking about. Titus’s allies could attack at any time.

In the study, Robin closed the door behind him. He turned to face Cassidy. “Nichallo has asked me to train you and train you I shall.” He went up to her. “We’ll begin with the sword.” He motioned to the glass case by the window. Cassidy turned to it. Inside was a sword. It was made of stone like Nichallo’s sword. This one was light blue. The hilt was two fists long. The blade was three feet long. “That is Excalibur. You may know the legend of it and Ragnarök. Though they say Ragnarök was small and became a spear, it’s the same size sword.” Robin told her.

Outside, Carver looked at Nichallo. “When we’re done here, where will we go next?” He asked.

Nichallo looked at him. “We’ll be going to Paris France. The master of the fire element lives there.” He answered.

“Is he known as someone famous to Earth?” Carver asked. After finding out that Little John and Robin Hood were real, Carver wondered if this person was famous.

Nichallo laughed. “No. This person keeps to the shadows. No one knows of him.” He told him. He then stopped laughing. “His name is Cedric.” He added. Carver then realized something. “There are ten sorcerers in the legend. There are you, Robin, Cedric and two others that mastered the elements. What of the other five?” He asked.

“My other friends will reveal themselves when the time is right.” Nichallo answered, ending the conversation.

At Titus’s little base, Titus was looking at the sunset when one of the elemental soldiers ran to him. It was a fire soldier, Titus decided, feeling the heat on the back of his neck. “What is it?” He asked.

The fire warrior knelt on the ground. “Malcolm has arrived.” He told Titus.

Titus turned around. “Where is he?” He asked. It was about time that Malcolm showed up. If he had been any later, the plan would have been ruined.

“At the entrance of our little base.” The fire warrior answered. Titus smiled and went to the entrance.

Malcolm was there. “Sorry I’m late but I had to do a little search for something important.” He told Titus.

In the shadows of the forest, Anubis overheard Malcolm telling Titus about something important. He was originally going to get the warriors to make Titus look like a fool but this thing that was so important was hard to resist. A new plan was forming in his mind.

He would get Malcolm to help him locate the important thing then steal it from him. He would go to the Dark Ones and give them it. They would make him their new top warrior. Anubis smiled he thought the plan through his head.

“When do we attack?” Malcolm asked.

“At midnight. They’ll least expect this attack.” Titus answered. He drew his sword.

Malcolm looked at it. “Is that Ragnarök?” He asked enviously. He had wanted the legendary weapon for a long time. He couldn’t believe that Titus had the sword. He was a bit jealous of Titus.

Titus laughed. “Yes. It is. With it, the golden child shall die.” Titus answered.

Anubis blinked from his hiding place. Titus had the sword called Ragnarök. That meant he could destroy the Dark Ones. Anubis looked at Ragnarök. He had to get his hands on it before he got Malcolm to help him make Titus look bad. He would keep it for himself then after the two men attacked and failed, he would report it to his masters then get Malcolm to help him. And as a way to show off, he would destroy the golden child. That would make him a top warrior.

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