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Your P.I.

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Kira is a very special private investigator. Her clients? Lycanthropes. The last case brought to her by her fellow shifters is no other than the mysterious streak of kidnapping. Will she find who is responsible without losing herself?

Fantasy / Romance
M. Syrah
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I was looking at pictures of the victims. They were all looking back at me with smiles larger than life. That was what their loved ones brought to me and I could find no point in common among the vitcims. They were females, males old and young. The only common point was that they had been abducted and they were shifters.

First, they would be abducted and a few days later, we found mutilated bodies all over the city. I sighed as I looked at the happy faces again before pulling back my long ashen blond hairs.

That makes no fucking sense. At all.

I put the pictures back down on my wooden desk and racked my brain trying desperatly to find a connection. Maybe I should go ask my friend at the police station if they found new evidence. I could use the break. P.I. and police did work together often enough for me to have friends on the inside. They were even furry like me which was a bonus.

I took the keys of my car inside one of the drawers and left my office in town.

I drove until I reached the station. The day was hot so many people were wearing shorts and tanks as I walked inside. They all turned their heads lazily to see me enter. They were probably here to declare stolen goods or rat their neighbours out. I hated when they did that. I had enough of people who came to me for petty reasons and waste my time.

I looked at the counter and saw that I was in luck today. My good friend and werewolf was behind the desk. Lucky me.

He lifted his hazel eyes to look at me and a smile graced his lips. He was wearing his uniform proudly. That meant something for us lycanthropes who were trying to blend in. I was really happy for him.

I knew he hated being behind the desk because he prefered field work but so close to the full moon, it was safer. Humans could never know that we existed. Werewolves and weretigers such as yours truly, were myths to humans and it was for the best.

I waited until he was done with a typical soccer mom to move forward and smile at him.

"Hey puppy." I greeted him.

"Hey kitty. What can I do for you?"

"I was hoping you had more information on our current investigation."

Jacob looked at me and I could see that he was not pleased with me. I offered him my best smile but that just made him sigh. Meanie. He shook his head and fixed his hazels back on me.

"Kira, you know that I can't give you that kind of info."

"Please Jake! Except the fact that their nature is the same, there's no link between them. I'm starting to get desperate."

"We don't have anything new anyway. The guys who did this are very methodical and don't leave any evidence behind. It's like they're ghosts."

"Not ghosts but I have this wild feeling that they might be hunters." I said low.

"Really?" He arched a brow visibly not believing me. "Is that the best you can come up with? We never had trouble in this city and we know that they only come when our leaders can't keep their shit together."

"I know but it's the only thing my guts are telling me."

"Did you ask the lions? They would know if hunters were in town."

I knew why he asked that. Werelions were known mercenaries so they could get contracts together with hunters. That actually happened before. Although they were humans, hunters were particularly skilled in killing all supernatural.

"No." I sighed. "I don't really want to go see them. You know that my best buddy in the world will probably be there."

He chuckled and threw me a knowing smile.

"Nathaniel would love to be your best buddy in the world."

"He would love to be my best fuck buddy in the world." I chuckled.

"Definitely." Jacob said wiggling his brows.

"Thank you puppy. I'll tell you what I find."

"I know you won't." He sighed.

"You're right, I won't." I chuckled.

He smirked and I knew that I would regret chuckling. He was about to say something that I did not want to hear and I had an idea about what that could be.

"I saw Aiden this morning." He said dealing the fatal blow to my heart.

I narrowed my eyes to show him what I thought about that comment. I fucking knew it. He was going on this very sloppy terrain.

"What did you have to discuss with my fiancé?" I asked coldly warning him about what he was about to say.

"Aiden was on his way out of the gym and to his office when I saw him. He made me promise to tell you to call him. Said he had something important to talk to you about."

I sighed. I knew exactly what my mate wanted. It has been the same topic for a few months now.

"Ever since we found out that we were... engaged." I said using the human word for mates. "The entire streak has been bugging us to get married and pop out kids. I don't want that. I want to be able to do my job in peace."

"It's been five years Kira." Jacob sighed. "You didn't even ask the guy for his opinion."

"That's not true." I frowned. "He agreed to take our time."

"You're right but now you're avoiding him. Although you guys are neighbours."

"Bullshit. We go out once a month."

This time Jacob was done with my shit. I could see it clearly by the way he held himself. He was tense and his brows were furrowed so much that they were almost forming one line.

"Kira. He's your fiancé. Can't you give the guy some credit?"

"I do." I pouted but even that sounded lousy to my ears.

"You better do because he puts up with your shitty attitude."

It was my turn to sigh now. He was right. He was so damn right. I knew he did it because he seriously liked Aiden and it was quite the achievement considering the relationship between cops and lawyers but Aiden deserved better than what I was giving him. Even if I really loved my freedom.

"Fine. I'll call him."

"Good." Jacob smiled. "You need to fuck him more often too. Look at you, you're always on edge."

"That's none of your business." I scowled. "I'm... I'm not myself when I'm with him and that scares me."

"That's because of your bond. If you stopped fighting it, it would be awesome."

"I wouldn't be me then." I laughed dryly.

"Too true. Come on, get out of here and call him. I have still some people to hear out as you can see."

I looked at the people waiting behind me. Right. The humans were slowly glaring at me for taking all the attention of the police officer.

"See you puppy."

"See you." He chuckled.

I waved at him as I exited the station. The heat assaulted me as soon as I stepped out but I was used to it by now. I walked to my car before entering it and starting the engine. I sighed before using the call button on my wheel to call Aiden.

Aiden was a weretiger just like me but more than that he was a golden tiger same as me and my true mate. We learned that we were fated to each other at the age of 20. We both agreed then, that it was too young to settle down so we chose to live our lives the way we wanted to.

He chose to go to law school so he was currently a young lawyer working for a big law firm. While he was studying like a mad man, I passed my P.I. test and succeeded on the first try. I now had my own practice and my clients were the entire lycanthrope's community in town. They trusted me more than they trusted the police so I had a comfortable life.

He picked up on the third tone and I swallowed hard feeling nervous all of a sudden.

"Aiden." He said with his deep voice.

That was it. The problem with our mate bond was that it was making me want him and I became a mushy idiot every time he was around. I knew it did the same to him but I just found that annoying as Hell. I cleared my throat to clear my thoughts but it did little to nothing and I was still longing for him hard as I said.

"It's me."
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