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The Shattered Trinity

By Mikail Persson All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Fantasy


Krohl is a cybernetic humanoid created as part of an experimental military project purpose-built to save the fledgling kingdom of Yhaar from the warlord Atul and his invading hordes. During Krohl’s testing, his brain is hijacked by a mysterious hacker who tells him that he has seven months before all life is consumed by an immensely powerful being called the Star Devourer. He must find three objects called Life Runes which will grant him the power to save the universe. Guided by the mysterious hacker, Krohl leaves his home planet in his search to start acquiring the Life Runes, oblivious to the deadly secrets which lie beyond his world. Will Krohl be able to recover them all in time? Is the mysterious hacker to be trusted? Journey with Krohl as he learns the shocking secret.


We are all destined to die once, and after this, face judgement.

-Excerpt from Ayun’s Breath

Intrusive colour crashes through my head. Aching sensation jolts across my body. Painful, unsympathetic noise crackles in my ears. Life furiously wrenches me from nothingness.

My mind is unable to grapple with the information pouring in. I hate this feeling of having no control. Movement, words, purpose are all smothered by a haze of light and fear. I’m unable to react in any way; I am so helpless.

In this instant, I feel everything and nothing.

Every emotion and thought is splashed together and I cannot tell them apart. Focus, disruption, forwards, upwards, inside, outside, all mean nothing. I can’t tell the difference between me and what is the world outside.

There is only my desire. I must have order. I must have purpose.

Someone, anyone… I want out of this. Please.

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