The Blue Circle

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→→→"Open..." He said but Adi gave it a small kitten lick instead. His bulge twitched in surprise and she continued licking all around before fully opening her mouth and slowly sliding him in. "Shit..." He swore under his breath as he started thrusting half his length in her. He held her head firmly and thrusted his hips forward and back. "Open your throat Adi." He growled and Adi immediately gagged as he shoved the rest of his long and rock hard length down her throat. He gritted his teeth as he started thrusting faster and he looked down at the gagging mess that was staring up at him. Her eyes were covered in tears and he licked his pinkish lips at the mesmerizing sight.←←← →`★°•*`★°•*`★°•*`★°•*`★°•*`★°•*← Addison and her best friend Dove have been born and lived in the most dangerous place in existence. When Dove finally convinced her to explore the deadly blue forest surrounding the island, they find more than just trees. They find a dead body and three vampire men. And those men were more than happy to take Adi for themselves. When one of the vampires fall in love with her, it seems tricky when a deadly spread of ferals get in the way of romance. What happens when another vampire falls for her as well? Can the three end the deadly disease, the rivalries, wars and finally be together as per destiny claimed? +18 Mature content Genres: Drama, fantasy, erotica, romance

Fantasy / Erotica
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The Blue Circle

"Come on Adi, aren't you tired of being locked in your house everyday? I know I am." Dove said pleading with Addison to do the most ridiculous thing ever. Going to the 'blue circle' at midnight. Now that was brave and naïve thing to do. Either way, no one was going to come out of there alive.

Adi lived in a very dangerous place, a place you can't enter or exit. If you're born there you die there, no cuts and corners. It was a big city in a small island called 'Blueia Forestona'. The reason it being was because most of the place was forest, but not any random forest.

From a bird's eye view, you could see that the forest was a perfect circle surrounding the city with no entrance or exits. As if that wasn't scary enough, the forest had a dark undescribable blue colour. Thus the name of the forest, the 'Blue Circle'.

For years and years, thousands of stories varied about those woods regarding that ghosts, werewolves, ferals and even vampires existed there and nobody would dare set foot near them. Only the brave dared to, but the brave never survived. Adi didn't want to be brave, no she did not.

"You've lost your mind." Is all that Adi said to her friend Dove. Dove was a fan of horror movies, and she was indeed a curious mind. But in a place like this, it was a horrible combination. She broke every rule the leaders of the city made, rules to keep them safe and alive. Dove pulled on her long red hair and fixed her glasses. "It'll be fun, don't you want to know what killed all those people? I mean look at this..."

She grabbed Adi's laptop from the counter and opened a news app. Immediately hundreds of articles popped up on disappearances of people who were even just a kilometer away from the blue circle. Some bodies were even found and they all had big scratch marks and bites and missing limbs. Adi looked away in disgust ,"Get that away, seeing it is bad enough, I can't imagine my parents finding me like that because of your small bird brain Dove."

Dove groaned and flopped on Adi's bed. "It won't just be us silly, I'm not stupid. There'll be like eight of us. Some guys from school want to tag along, and they're all hot." This time Adi groaned. Another issue with Dove, her mind revolved around two things...danger and boys. Adi wasn't particularly not into the boys from her school, she just never found anyone to sweep her feet away.

She wanted someone dominating. Someone that could protect her from anything and everything and love her like she was the only girl in the world. A feared, powerful man that you can only read about in fanfictions. And that's exactly what that man was, a fictional character in her mind. He wasn't real so she didn't even bother looking.

"Hello? Earth to Addison, are we going? You know I won't let this go until you agree. No creature in there would be gullible enough to attack 8 people."

Adi facepalmed, "And what would prevent a wild animal from ea— you know what I give up on you." Adi stood up with her hands in surrender. There was no way she would risk her life, no way.

Before Dove could try to persuade Adi some more, the door opened and Adi's mom peeked her head in. "Dove dear, it's almost 6pm, time to go home. We wouldn't want you to travel after or you'd be in trouble." Dove nodded acting as if she wasn't asking to break the law a few minutes ago. She looked at Adi and winked at her before waving goodbye and walking out like an innocent little girl. Adi wondered what she had done to get such a reckless friend. A friend that ignored laws. The laws made by the leaders of the city clearly state:

1. No citizen is to set foot anywhere near sight of the 'blue circle' especially after midnight.

2. Every house is to have gates, high fences, lockable doors and windows.

3. Every citizen is to be locked home from 6pm till the sun appears. Reports have been made that predators from the blue circle leave the woods and go into the city at night.

4. Schools will only proceed at 9am to 1pm on Tuesdays to Thursdays.

5. Every citizen over 18 is advised to have a car especially in needing to escape a predator.

Out of all 100 of rules made by the leaders, rule number 6 spoke the most:

6. Everyone is responsible for themselves.

Adi's phone vibrated. For a forcefully underpopulated city, the place was pretty advanced in technology. There was everything you'd find in other parts of the world. Cellphones, WiFi, cars, tall buildings, schools and colleges, malls, parks and items that made up furniture. The place was also beautiful on it's own with statues and monuments of unknown people who inhabited the place in the past. The place would've been a huge tourist attraction if the 'blue circle' didn't exist.

She picked up her phone. It was an alarm reminding her that it was now 6pm. Adi closed and locked her window and pulled her curtains closed. She could hear her mother locking doors and shutting windows both up and downstairs. Adi switched on her bedside lamp and sighed. This kind of life was depressing, not knowing what could try to kill you at whatever time was frustrating and scary. Adi tied her curly, long brown hair into pigtails and wore her pink silk pajamas. She walked over to the mirror to look at herself...she was beautiful.

With tan smooth skin, brown eyes, a beautiful clear face and body, the seventeen year old looked beautiful enough to be a model. But of course she didn't believe that. She shook her head and put on a robe before walking downstairs to have supper with her parents. "Perfect timing sweetheart, come set the table while I get your father." She left without waiting for an answer. Adi didn't mind helping her mom from time to time. She would sometimes clean, cook and bake. It was okay, as long as her mother was happy.

Her father was alright, he didn't really put much of an effort to communicate with his daughter but he did love her and try to spend time with her. He was a quiet man that worked as an accountant so and her mother was a veterinarian so money wasn't a problem in the family. Adi sometimes got paid to watch her neibours cute puppy just for her own extra cash.

Adi hummed a song to herself as she placed the final plate on the table and sat down. Her parents joined after and they had dinner, engaging in conversations here and there. "So're turning 18 in a few days. Are you excited?" Her mother asked taking a sip from her juice. Adi nodded slowly, "Yeah, I'll finally be able to get my driver's license, which will be easy since Dad already taught me how to drive." She chewed on her salad. Her parents nodded in understanding.


Dinner had ended and Adi had already went to sleep and it was currently 11:49pm. Adi was at her best state of mind. Warm, comfortable and reserved. She was at her best when she was asleep. Even if she wasn't trying to, her mind would automatically plan what she'd do the next day and she always stuck to her planning. At 10am she would b—

Buzz buzz

Adi groaned at the interruption of her beauty rest. She knew very well who it was...Dove freakin McHenry. She moved her hand around her counter trying to get ahold of the loud phone as she kept her eyes closed. She finally grabbed it and placed it on her ear, not even aware it was upside down.

"What!" She said with a groggy voice.

"Hell, you are not in bed right now! I'm outside your gate."

"Then leave..." Adi said sleepily. She could hear the chattering of other people on Dove's end.

"Who are you with?"

"I told you I got five hot guys here and two other girls who wanted to tag along."

"Okay bye—"

"One of the guys really likes you and he really wants to see you. Plus it's dark outside so we won't see you two make out or something. Come on Adi, get some of this jock cake."

Adi opened her eyes and cringed. 'Jock cake'? That almost sounds...temping. Adi does like cake...maybe just maybe this stupid idea will be fun. Dove always survived all the crazy things she did, what would stop Adi from surviving? She's better than Dove in the physical category anyways.

"Fine, I'll come once."

"Yes! She's coming Monty!" She shouted. Monty must be the 'jock cake' Adi was meant to be receiving tonight.


Adi tied the laces of her white Converse before undoing her pigtails and making them into one tight ponytail. Her beige tracksuits would've contrasted her brown eyes if it wasn't so dark. This was Adi's first time breaking a law so she was super scared, nervous but slightly a bit excited. It's been a while since she'd gotten a kiss or a 'shag' from a guy too. She quietly and slowly slid her window open before climbing out and crawling to a tree right next to her window.

The chattering of teenagers was now clear in the distance and feint lights from phone torches were visible from outside the gate too. She grabbed onto a branch and like an expert, swung down forgetting it was even nighttime. Landing on her feet, she bolted to her homes' long wooden fence where they threw a rope over for her to climb on. Attempting to get down she was caught bridal style by someone who obviously wasn't Dove. Someone stronger and much bigger.

"Hey..." The deep male voice holding her said.

"Hey..." Adi said blushing unexpectedly. His face wasn't visible but his voice was so attracting.

"Okay lovebirds, can y'all make out later please?" Dove's voice said making the rest of the group laugh. Adi climbed off him still blushing in embarrassment. They all started walking and that's when Adi realized.

"Hold on, the circle is at the edges of the island, it'll take hours to walk there. Probably even a full day."

"We parked some really fast cars right" One of the boys said causing everyone to come into a halt. It was late at night but the moon shone bright enough for the cars to be visible. Expensive, sports cars to be exact. "Why's there four of them?" One of the girls with them asked.

"Well, each car is a two seater and there's eight of us so do the math and pick a driving buddy." The attractive deep voice came again. He shifted closer to Adi and held her wrist making her blush again. Maybe this idea wasn't so bad after all, Adi thought to herself.


So then they were off, driving into the night to their possible doom, this trip being the most interesting thing that's happened in Adi's whole existence. The smooth sound of the speeding car grinding the tar and gravel on the road, soft music playing in the radio and the soft feeling of Monty's hand on hers. She barely knew Monty but he certainly got her attention more than all her past boys did. His voice was already an attraction but seeing his handsome face when he switched on the car lights was another story.

His beautiful blue eyes, fair skin with a small pink mouth and neatly pushed back blonde hair, he was surprisingly really cute.

After a literal hour of driving, they finally arrived a few minutes after 1am. It was at that moment that Adi realized that she was very far from home and very close to death. The cars parked side to side infront of the Blue Circle. They all stepped out looking at the vegetation infront of them, already getting uneasy feelings. Adi's eyes widened...

This looked nothing like those pictures.


A/N:hey guys so this is my first fantasy and since I've planned it till the end, i can say it'll probably the best book I've ever written. So keep reading, like vote and comment!

What do you think of living in a place like this↑?

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