Among Vampires - Love / Deception

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Vampires - beautiful, strong, mystical and in possession of the most valuable drug on earth: their blood. Hunted almost to extinction by humans, because the blood gives them ultimate highs, the vampire population has been slow to recover since a peace treaty with humans in the early 20th century. Arya, a young dhampiress, strives for professional recognition and success. She wants to play in the upper league and usher in new, more feminine times among the old vampires. She does not care for love - she avoids any form of distraction. Edmond, a vampire of high standing and a coveted bachelor, has already burnt his fingers thoroughly on love. He keeps his heart firmly closed. But in order to uncover a conspiracy, he needs an official partner - someone who wants nothing to do with love...

Fantasy / Romance
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Introduction - Author's note

Dear readers and followers,

I’ve always wanted to write a vampire book and voila: here it is.

Finally it’s ready. I have completely plotted “Among Vampires”, characterised the characters and finished all the preparation that is necessary to start this new story.

As I’ve mentioned before, I didn’t do that from the beginning with the ‘Aristocracy series’ and it blew right in my face. As it has turned out in the meantime, I am not a “gardener” who just writes wildly and smooths it out afterwards, but I create a detailed construction plan for myself, similar to an architect.

But that is enough for the process of creating this book. Let’s get back to the essentials.

What you can expect:

1. An exciting and romantic story with a continuous thread and vampires/dhampirs who definitely have character and do things that will evoke different, hopefully strong, reactions from you.

2. A female protagonist who doesn’t need a prince in shining armour but can stand up for herself and save herself if need be.

I think we all hate infodumps at the beginning of a book, but there’s one thing I have to explain to you straight away, because it’s a basic construct of the book:

In ‘Among Vampires’, no humans are turned into vampires because it’s simply not possible in this cosmos. Only dhampirs who already have vampire blood flowing in their veins, may be lucky enough to be turned into a vampire.

I won’t tell you any more at this point. The rest will be deliciously prepared and served to you in small bites.


As I already mentioned when I announced this book a little more than a fortnight ago, I would like to apply for the Wattys 2021 with ‘Among Vampires’. Let’s see what happens. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Now something regarding me:

I finally managed to get myself an Instagram account. It took a long time, but now it’s done: @MJStephanos.

Please take a look, I’m looking forward to seeing you.

But now I’ll say goodbye and give you the opportunity to dive into my new vampire world.

Have fun reading!

Best regards,

your MJ


All Rights Reserved 2021

Under no circumstances is this story to be replicated, translated and/or distributed in any way, without the permission of the author.

Any similarities to people, events and places are unintentional and coincidental.

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