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By the time Elissa managed to make her way back through the ruins of Helltown, as she was calling it now, and back into the shithole The Darkness resided in, Elissa was exhausted almost to the point of fainting. Staggering inside the shack, The Darkness sat waiting in that same rocking chair, slowly swaying back and forth.

“My beer,” the figure demanded, the moment she staggered in through the door.

“I’m sorry.” Trying to bow in apology was too much for her, causing Elissa’s head to spin and her vision to blank, and she collapsed in a heap onto the ground. Her hand bled slightly from where she tried to catch herself and slammed it into the edge of some worthless junk lying scattered in the floor. “I failed.” Elissa barely managed to get the words out, her mouth was so dry.

“Then you face the consequence,” The Darkness hissed evilly as it slowly rose and approached her. With spots dancing across her vision, Elissa tried to agree that she was willing to accept any punishment, but no words would form in her dry and parched throat – not that they would’ve mattered.

Cackling wildly, The Darkness tossed itself upon her weakened form and roughly pulled Elissa’s arms above her head. In her almost delirious state, boarding on the edge of heat stroke and exhaustion, she couldn’t even muster up the strength to attempt to resist. With a harsh shove, The Darkness forced his knee between hers and then pushed them apart.

‘Is this how I lose my chastity?’ Elissa mused, heartbroken and helpless. ‘Where’s my prince in shining armor to come save me when I need him the most?’ Closing her eyes, she struggled to stay conscious. Even if it was a nightmare, it was still her first and she had always wanted to remember such a special moment.

Harshly, and completely uncaring about her discomfort or wishes, The Darkness ripped the tattered loin cloth from her waist and began groping, kissing, fondling all over her. Too weak to do anything more than simply lie there and accept it, Elissa slowly drifted in and out of consciousness as she was pushed, pulled, posed, and taken dozens of times in dozens of different positions over the next several hours.

In one rough session of pure debauchery, all her precious ‘firsts’ were stolen from her. Her first kiss. The first man to touch her breasts. The first man to break her purity. Her first taste of a man’s seed across her lips and down her throat. Not even the inner recesses of her ass, nor the mounds of her breasts were spared, as they were sprayed and filled with the hot warmth of a man’s seed for their first time as well.

Violated and used as nothing more than a limp living doll, Elissa passed out being violated and when she regained her senses, she was still being violated. For countless hours, her ravishing continued – regardless of her state of being or awareness – and when The Darkness finally quit the sun had set and darkness had settled all around.

“Bitch,” The Darkness spat on her; not that it mattered since she was already so covered in his sweat and his seed; “next time you’ll do as you’re told. Fail, and I’ll just have to punish you again.”

The wild cackling of a madman was the last thing Elissa heard as she gratefully slipped off into unconsciousness for the rest of the night.

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