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Her One and Only Love

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Cydney meets her mate at her Aunt Dee's house. She is human and does not know anything about who her mate is or what he does. He will do anything to protect specially when Harry breaks into the guys penthouse knowing Mathe and Cydney are there. He tries to attack Cydney and take her but she does not know this as Mathe comes from his room and rescues her from her demise. She meets a new friend who loves what she does. Will the pack slip up and let out their secret or will she figure it out on there own?

Fantasy / Romance
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We came home to be with mom and live with her so that I could take care of her once again. Now I had more hands on deck to help out besides my brother. Things would work like clock work as Conall can work from home or anywhere he choses.

As soon as we got home I put in my two weeks at my part time job since all my debts were paid off now and always will be from this day forward. I also started teaching at my new school in second grade. All my dreams coming true and I could not even believe it.

All my brothers came with me and I would have a dinner party of some sort to introduce them all to the family after the dust settled a little. Quinn, Conall and I had a lot to talk about the future of the house and mom. We were planning to buy the house and keep it for us for when we come back to visit we would have some place to stay instead of getting a hotel.

We got together and sat down with Quinn and went over quite few things that had happened when I was away. Conall was with me which this now affects him since he is part of the family and is mine.

We purchased a huge home and redoing it to our taste. It is all brick two story with three bedrooms up stairs two down stairs and one in the basement. Three of the bedrooms has and en-suit to them. There was a building out back that could be made into a guest house but we made that into our office. It was painted with both our favorite color blue, although we could not completely decide the exact color but compromised on a dark ocean blue with white trim and mahogany desks and comfy chairs.

Cassie came by to check the new digs out but when she laid on Mathe and he laid eyes on her that was the end. All Mathe could say was “Mate.” She ran into Mathe’s arms wrapped her legs his waist whilst they hugged and kissed each other endlessly. Her Aunt Dee could not believe this and her mouth was gapping like a fish trying to talk. But she was happy for her friend. But she worried about how Cassie would react when she new the truth of our kind. She just does not know or understand what is in store for her from this day forth.

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