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The Imperial Warrior

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If nerds taking over the world, betrayal rooted deep in bloodlines and teenage angst is your kind of a thing, this book is just for you! Meet Kyle Jones, a seventeen-year-old teenager with a painfully ordinary life filled with his father, 3 best friends, and school. He wanted to keep it that way. Until it wasn't. Plagued with an age-old curse on a forlorn species he finds out he is a part of, his entire life turns upside down. And he needs to decide: Is losing the people he loves worth keeping them safe, especially when he is becoming the very thing they need protection from.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Author's Note

Hey guys,

A few things I wanted y’all to know before you start reading this book:

1. I’ll try to keep a regular updating schedule of every day or every other day. So, keep a lookout for the next chapter, it might come sooner than you’d think!

2. The chapter titles are all song names. Songs that would play in the background if this were a movie. Yes, I’m that extra, indulge me.

3. This is only the first draft so there might be more than a fair share of editing left. Feel free to point out any and all errors. And while I heartily take criticism, I will defend my characters to death.

4. Speaking of death, there is a lot of that in this book. So, um, what is that you experienced peeps say, yes, TRIGGER WARNING: Death.

5. This is my first book, and writing it has been a blast, so there are definitely more to come.

Now, I’m going to get out of your hair.

Please proceed. (self-high-fives-because-i-am-really-excited)

I shall see you all on the other side!


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